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My Digital Art Process (2): Visual Novel Style Nagi

Here's something a little bit more advanced. I make lots of solid blocks of color and then erase with a big soft brush to get this effect. Also, lots of small bits of white. And of course, here's the finished product.

The Long Walk From Villa To San Agustin (Revisited)

Back in 2018, I tried walking from my house to San Agustin while taking a few pitstops along the way. It was quite an enlightening and mostly rewarding experience. Iloilo's Esplanade Footwalk is Beautiful... Now that our car has been under repair for almost three months, I had a reason to try this again and I actually thought it would be more pleasant this time around with the newly constructed Esplanades 3-4 that I could use to get to JD and straight to San Agustin without having to deal with the perils of the endlessly reckless and disrespectful drivers of Iloilo City... and boy was I wrong. Therefore, I'm not going to talk about the walk in detail this time around. Instead, I'd like to use this opportunity to point out a very severe problem with Iloilo City -- specifically, the footwalks/sidewalks or lack thereof from Villa to Molo, Iloilo. What I noticed was that somewhere where Villa transitions to Molo, there is a total lack of walking space for pedestri

Video of My Digital Art Process

I finally have a PC that's at least powerful enough to video capture while I work without lagging. (It's actually not very powerful, but it gets the job done.) I've recorded another video where I use a more painterly art style for digital art -- and that's coming up soon.