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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 470: Santa's Red Is A Blood-Colored Hell 2014 -- Synopsis and Review

This is actually an updated version of a Hayate cover from 10 years ago. Hata posted comparison shots on his twitter account. Synopsis: It's Hayate The Combat Butler's 10th anniversary chapter! Huzzah! I'm liking Nagi's updated outfit. It's a lot simpler but it actually makes her look more attractive IMO. We start things off with some colored pages featuring a redrawn remake of the first chapter of the manga using Hata's current art style, but just as we're getting to the part where Hayate finally meets Nagi, Nagi cuts in by breaking the 4th wall and declaring that she'll have none of that. She and Hayate have a little chit-chat and she believes that featuring her manga is a much better idea because she's evolved quite a lot ever since the mangaka arc. Hayate promptly dismisses that idea though -- much to Nagi's protest. Maria looks creepy with those eyes Suddenly, Maria cuts in and shocks Hayate and Nagi by using her appea

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 469: Recycling Day Can Be Easy To Forget -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Hata basically used this chapter to fill in some plotholes in the manga. It starts with Himegam and a young Yukariko Sanzen'in in front of the tomb that was in the Royal Garden and later found in the secret room of the Violet Mansion. Himegami explains that their family has safeguarded the royal power for generations and that a King's Jewel is needed to activate it. Except that Himegami refers to himself as Himegami Aoi... which probably means that this is an older relative of Himegami Akane -- who was Nagi's previous butler. It all turns out to be a dream sequence from Nagi. When she wakes up, she tells Hayate all about it and says there's something off about the dream. The Sanzen'in trio basically break the fourth wall while trying to figure out King's Jewel-related business. Maria also conveniently explains away her own origin by casually mentioning that she was taken in by Mikado at a very young age as a genius to decipher the inscriptions on

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 468: See You Again, Hero -- Synopsis and Review

That is one incredibly short dress she's wearing... not that I'm complaining. Synopsis: It has only been three months since Nagi has been living in the Violet Mansion -- the same three months that she has been away from her affluent life in the Sanzen'in estate, but already, she has begun to realize just what it is she has lost by regaining her inheritance and therefore, the right to move back into the Sanzen'in estate and retake her former billionaire heiress lifestyle. Shh... character development in progress The mansion is big and luxurious -- a little bit too big for one lonely little girl. Just as she is coming to terms with this, Maria and Hayate return. She wants to help out with their respective tasks, but Hayate gently chases her away and Maria won't have any of her "help" given her track record -- which she just made even worse with her enthusiasm by breaking a few expensive ornamental decors here and there. Dinner is served and while

PS Vita Nagi Sanzen'in Wallpapers and Startscreen

The latest 3.30 PS Vita update comes with something new -- themes. I got pretty excited when I heard about this, so I went ahead and made a new startscreen and a few wallpapers featuring my Nagi-centric fanart in preparation. Of course, I was a bit disappointed to find out that you couldn't actually make your own custom themes and you had to buy the ones that Sony offers on PSN if you want to use a different theme.  Well... screw that. I'd like to be able to make my own themes -- make it happen, Sony. Anyway, it wasn't a total loss and I finally got around to customizing my Vita with some homescreen wallpapers and a new startscreen. Here are some screenshots: And for those who are interested in using the wallpapers I'm showing here, these are the images I used. Feel free to put them up for download in your website for non-commercial use, but please credit me if you do, k? The character/s belong to Kenjiro Hata, the art is mine. Startscreen: