Monday, October 6, 2014

PS Vita Nagi Sanzen'in Wallpapers and Startscreen

The latest 3.30 PS Vita update comes with something new -- themes. I got pretty excited when I heard about this, so I went ahead and made a new startscreen and a few wallpapers featuring my Nagi-centric fanart in preparation.

Of course, I was a bit disappointed to find out that you couldn't actually make your own custom themes and you had to buy the ones that Sony offers on PSN if you want to use a different theme.  Well... screw that. I'd like to be able to make my own themes -- make it happen, Sony.

Anyway, it wasn't a total loss and I finally got around to customizing my Vita with some homescreen wallpapers and a new startscreen. Here are some screenshots:

And for those who are interested in using the wallpapers I'm showing here, these are the images I used. Feel free to put them up for download in your website for non-commercial use, but please credit me if you do, k? The character/s belong to Kenjiro Hata, the art is mine.


Homescreen wallpapers:

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