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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 467: Daily Life -- Review and Synopsis

Hey... I think she grew a little bit taller!
Synopsis: This is a two-part chapter. In the first part, A-tan explains how the Royal Garden works to Mikado using varied illustrations that range from Amateurish to semi-pro level. She even draws a shoujo manga version of herself escaping the place. Basically, the Royal Garden is a seal created by King Midas for his power so that even if power comes out of the garden, it automatically returns to it. However, ten years ago, the Shirozakura, which was one of the garden's largest sources of power was taken out when she escaped -- which is why the Royal Garden just has about four months left until it is destroyed and the Royal Power is unleashed upon the world. With her explanation complete, she makes a standing offer to Mikado to negotiate with her if he wants another King's Jewel.

Athena is 100% better as a character with her memories back while still in Alice form.
The second part is about Nagi leaving the Violet Mansion. All the tenants are present and are taken aback by her announcement that she would be going back to her original mansion. Hinagiku notes that it's going to be lonely and the hamster suggests having a farewell party, but Nagi refuses since she says that it's not like they won't see each other again, they just won't be living together from now on. With that, she takes Hayate and Maria and leaves for the Sanzen'in Mansion.
A-tan reminds me of a cross between Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night and Kuchiki Rukia from Bleach here.
Once they are back at the mansion, Nagi herself is impressed by just how majestic the place is. She jumps onto her bed and then gets up and immediately goes for her PS5 on a huge HD Screen! Hayate tells her not to overdo it and takes his leave to help out Maria. Left alone, Nagi appears to be overjoyed now that she's able to play games on an HD screen once again, but with every action that she takes in the game, she remembers bits and pieces of her life in the Violet Mansion together with the others. The chapter ends at this point.
Shut up, fool! Athena-chan is drawing.

Review: Naturally, I love every Nagi chapter. In fact, any story with tons of Nagi is a good one! (see here, if you don't get the reference :)) I do mean it, though. 
You have an effin PS5, Nagi! Stay true to your otaku roots! You need no friends! Haha! Just kidding, of course.
Athena really is all about the plot and we finally get confirmation here that she does indeed have her memories back in chibi form. She even refers to herself as "Athena-chan" in her drawings. The illustrations were pretty funny, especially the varying levels of effort that she puts into each drawing and her Kuchiki Rukia-like expressions looking so proud of her artwork.
That sparkle! But... authentic shoujo style uses multi-lines, A-tan!
While we apparently had confirmation that Hata was dumping CTMEOY with the appearance of the Kurotsubaki in the previous chapter, it appears that this current chapter actually reinforces its canonicity. It's just circumstantial evidence but remember how in CTMEOY episode 1 (I think) that Chiharu tells Nagi that she already knew what it was like to lose something? Well, this chapter seems to be connected to that moment, which I'll take up in the speculation corner.
Nagi: I'm outta here! kthxbai!
Anyway, while some individuals might take this opportunity to get dismissive of Nagi's behavior in this chapter and claim that she has once again reverted to her old ways, I wouldn't be so quick to judge based on the last page. I think it's pretty clear that she's just putting up a front... which leads to the speculation corner.
She's in denial
Speculation Corner: In ep 1 of CTMEOY, Chiharu tells Nagi that she should already know what it's like to lose something important and Nagi has a panning flashback of the Violet Mansion. I believe that this current chapter is connected to that event in that Nagi will realize just how much she misses her old life with her friends there -- which is why they have that setup in CTMEOY and Cuties wherein she spends the weekends in the Sanzen'in estate, but spends most the weekdays together with everyone else in the Violet Mansion. 
Totally in denial!
Nagi's been growing bit by bit with each chapter and these are permanent character changes that we're seeing here. I don't see why anyone who has been following this manga would deny that unless it's just a one-sided blind hate for the character out of cognitive dissonance... you know it, she's gonna win! >) :) :P 

No fanart for this week. I get tired too, ya know. Anyway, looking forward to the next Nagi-centric chapter. (presumably)


  1. I get the feeling this is where Athena leaves Yukari-chan House as well, based on her exit from Mikado. I get the feeling that she may have returned to Greece, but she may have another place in Japan since she is the headmaster of Hakuo Gakuen.

    But yeah, I agree with you -- this sets up Nagi hanging out a lot at Yukari-chan House. I'm looking for Klaus to be assigned there soon.

    1. Klaus taking turns with Hayate in serving the ladies of the mansion has already been confirmed early in the beach arc when Nagi states her plans to reclaim her heiress status though. All that's left is to actually show him actually doing so, I guess.

      Also, yup. Athena's notably absent in CTMEOY, so she might be off doing something else... I just dunno what exactly.


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