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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 463: Dede de de de de! De!! Myon myon myon -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Presumably outside of Mikado's estate, it seems Isumi and Athena are in on the plan as well, but they can't provide any direct support. Also, Isumi states that the place is too well-guarded even for the both of them -- and that's definitely something considering that they're two of the most powerful characters in the manga so far. However, Athena is confident that Hayate can pull through.

I'm liking the new character designs. I mean, how can I hate them when everyone looks like Nagi now?

Back inside, Hayate is almost killed by a pit booby trap filled with spears. He discovers that despite Nagi taking care of the electronic locks, there are also tons of non-electronic traps inside Mikado's secret treasure vault. He checks his digital watch and discovers he's only got 45 minutes left or he won't make it out alive, so he summons Father Radiostar by dropping some gravure photo on the ground.
Super Mario reference makes me think he'll find a note saying: Sorry Hayate, the Jewel is in another castle.

The ghost priest immediately appears in front of him and Hayate bribes him with another photo if he'd help him out by letting him borrow one of his will-o'-the-wisps as a flashlight and doing a few odd jobs for him.

Hayate encounters a non-electronically locked door which needs to be opened by punching a cute looking puppy in order to get the key. Hayate hesitates and has a little banter with Father Radiostar. He resolves that he must do it for Lady Nagi's sake (because he's a lolicon and he won't admit it... yet), but while he's doing this, the puppy has now transformed into a giant humanoid rpg dungeon boss behind him with giant claws and all. He gets all fired up because now he doesn't have to hold back.
Only panel of Nagi in this chapter... but she is as cute as ever!
After a grueling off-screen battle, he somehow emerges victorious and manages to take the key. He and Father Radiostar now find themselves in a deathtrap room that is strangely reminiscent of a castle level from Mario. Hayate even says so: "What kind of Mario Galaxy is this?" and Father Radiostar wonders if Bowser is waiting up ahead.

Fortunately, there's a room labeled "Secret Bridge Control Room" right next to them, so they enter hoping to find an easier way to beat this level. Father Radiostar warns Hayate that it's most likely a trap, but Hayate spouts all kinds of Nagi-shipping lines and goes in anyway.
That face on this "puppy." LAWLZ!
He finds a half-naked cutie in a swimsuit inside who is standing next to a picket sign with an arrow pointing at her saying that she is hiding the button for the secret bridge -- except there's really nowhere on her that she could possibly hide said button except in unmentionable places.

The girl explains that she is Makise Konoha and that she's doing this as a part-time job and begins to feed Hayate her sob story about needing the money for her tuition and that her family is poor, her brother is sick and stuff -- totally trying to guilt-trip Hayate... and that's the end of this chapter.

Synopsis: Ok, now we've got more semi-serious funny business in this chapter. This arc or mini-arc as it might turn out to be, is vaguely reminiscent of the Segawa arc wherein Hayate fought against just about everyone -- including Hatsune Miku, seriously!

With that said, I am enjoying it very much. The puppy turning into that monster dog with that ridiculous drooling tongue totally had me laughing. I was also amused at Hayate's reaction and how he was all game to take on a giant monster rather than punch a cute-looking puppy.

It was nice to see Father Radiostar again, as I actually kinda like his character -- even if he gets so little screentime. It was also great to see Isumi and Athena involved here as that indicates that this arc might be more "serious business" than it seems to be. 
Yeah... but "only as her butler." Ho... hum... find some new lines, haters.
Naturally, I loved the Nagi shipping panels with Hayate mostly shipping himself with Nagi. Of course, naysayers (killjoys, actually) will keep using the "only as his master" clause for all eternity until Hata proves them wrong, so I'll just leave it at that.
It seems women are Hayate's true weakness and not his bad luck which he can offset with pure skillz
 Anyway, looks like Hayate's run into some girl problems again and this time, it's a cute one and a new character! Not too sure how large of a role she'll play in the manga or if she's only a one-shot character, but it will be interesting to see how Hayate plans to find his way out of this "trap." Of course, it would be quite easy to have say Hina or even Hamster just pop up from out of nowhere to deal with this "trap."

Speculation Corner: I'm calling it now: Hayate's totally on a fool's errand and the King's Jewel won't be where he's expecting it to be. Sure, Nagi will probably still end up back with her inheritance after this arc is done, but given Hata's track record, it will probably have nothing to do with Hayate's perilous journey into Mikado's treasure vault. 

Anywayz, great chapter and looking forward to the next one!

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