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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 466: Time of Destruction -- Review and Synopsis

This watch...
Synopsis: Hayate and Radiostar make it out of the dungeon in one piece. Hayate takes the clock as a 
souvenir and lo and behold! It really is the Kurotsubaki (or Black Camelia if you prefer) because it clearly says so in its case.

Anyway, reports back to Nagi, who has just finished watching the final episode of Love Live (I think) in tears. Hayate is a bloody mess, but he is successful in his mission.

Nagi finally confronts Mikado with the King's Jewel and he's all like "No...," but he has no choice but to reinstate her as heiress so huzzah for that. Mikado warns Nagi that now that she's been reinstated, there'll be trouble since Hisui won't just sit still and apparently, she's all serious business. Nagi says to bring it on coz she'll crush them all... using Hayate (bwahaha!)
After Nagi's party leaves, Mikado is confronted by Athena and he tells her that it was all part of his plan to reinstate Nagi as heir and stuff, but as he's playing with his King's Jewel, Isumi makes like a sniper and destroys the King's Jewel from some camping hotspot outside of the castle.
Well, in one piece anyway.
Athena proposes a truce and that she'd tell him where he can find a new King's Jewel since he doesn't have much time until the Royal Garden is going to disappear in December... as long as he tells her how to regain her true form permanently. (Good job, A-tan.)

Review: Well, we've got some major developments here. First off, the clock really is confirmed to be the Kurotsubaki. With that said, I still don't think that's enough to throw CTMEOY out the window just yet. I don't think it even really contradicts the anime because there is still time for the clock to somehow end up in Las Vegas... although the only problem with that is Nagi should recognize the clock when she sees it... still, there are some plothax ways to explain that away.

With that said, what really concerns me more is the text at the end that "time advances toward December." Does that mean we're going to get a time skip and move on ahead to the final arc? Actually, it seems this story itself was part of the final arc all along.

I am also interested in how Shin Hayek will be introduced into this manga since his story of stealing the Kurotsubaki doesn't make sense now that the clock has been shown to still be in Mikado's possession until Hayate took it just now.
Gotta love Athena's expression here.
Also, it seems that Isumi really has a personal agenda with those King's Jewels with her making like a sniper to destroy them twice in a row now. Athena's "just as planned look" was pretty funny.

Over-all, this chapter really did a lot to advance the plot forward. Like, it advanced the plot in one chapter more than the entirety of Ruka's arc did. Still, does this mean that Ruka has been permanently cut out  from the manga now since she'll be in her concert tour and away from the rest of the crew? Anyway, we'll see... but I'm not ready to call it quits on CTMEOY just yet until the manga's timeline finally reaches September and totally contradicts it.

By the way, the manga is already contradicting itself since Nagi specifically referred to the anime as canon in the first few pages of chapter 400. Go look it up.

Speculation corner: Hmm... so, that was probably a mini-arc-ender, so nothing to speculate for now. I'm not really into this King's Jewel plot business, so I'll leave that to the experts on that subject out there. I guess I'll just throw in one thing... Nagi will win anyway! 

I am now also skeptical about the manga ending in December. I used to think that it would be the perfect way to end this, but with the endgame drawing near and Hayate's promise to Ikusa that they'd be back next summer, I wonder if the manga will actually extend to a second year and a new school term just like the season 1 anime did?

Also, Himegami still hasn't even received any significant role in this manga even though he is supposedly connected with this entire King's Jewel business.

Fanart corner: Well now, I just finished this one this week. With the Holy Grail Wars Servant x Master wars looming in the horizon, isn't this quite appropriate? With that said, do you think Nagi can even lift her sword?
Now isn't this fanart appropriate for this chapter?


  1. Not trying to be picky, but explaining Kurotsubaki to have been stolen by Shin to the US is a tough task in the manga now... unless we say that Mikado would bribe the LV police into telling a made-up story.

    1. Well... let's see. The manga could just say that the Kurotsubaki that Mikado has is a fake. Mikado could have one of his ninjer henchmen just sneak it into Shin's belongings and well... Nagi just forgot about it (ok, not likely... but y'know maybe she just doesn't care enough about some dumb old clock and Hayate might not just mind it. Or... umm... full-grown Athena just uses her powers to mind-wipe everyone. Haha! Just throwing in ideas from out of nowhere. I'll be more convinced if I see the CTMEOY exclusive characters like Ruri Tsugumi introduced differently.

    2. I think it will be handled like that one light novel was handled (or even the Lifesavers manga) -- it will be mentioned, and if needed, a limited amount of explanation will be done.

    3. Speaking of handling such things... was the game "Nightmare Paradise" ever referenced? It's supposed to have taken place sometime in season 2's timeline, but my Japanese is too terribad to understand the whole story except that everyone sorta fell into a dream and Hayate has to save them one by one coz of some spirit girl thing.

    4. I'm not sure. What volume/chapter do you think that would have been referenced in?

    5. I actually have no effin clue except that it should be sometime before the Golden Week arc since Nagi's still filthy rich.

  2. The phrase of the cover "That is the pair to the king's sword Shirozakura!?" make me remember "Chapter 182" because of something Athena mentioned about a relationship between Kurotsubaki and Shirozakura... I wasn't that far.. maybe Kurotsubaki is the counterpart of Shirozakura (If Hata decides to quit on CTMEOY)

    Hata Troll ..

    1. Yeah, I think A-tan calls the Shirousakura the Houkou (translation issue?) and says it's the counterpart to the Kurotsubaki.

    2. I think in the Viz version, they called it Shirozakura. I'd have to look.

  3. Take 2.

    I disagree that this is the Kurotsubaki, I think it is a replica, placed there by Shin. What I think Hata-sensei is doing is try to muddy the waters a bit, as he did with Nagi's doujinshi contest with Ruka. In the anime, that had already been resolved, and the anime ultimately had the cover of Nagi's manga and more, none of which the manga had even begun to tell yet.

    As to the manga ending in December, considering that the manga is believed to be in August at this time, four months would put it in December. ^_^

    1. That's true about Ruka's arc. That's why it seems a bit off to me that Hata would choose to just throw CTMEOY into the trash bin now with all the work he did to make it seem canon with those little hints in Ruka's arc.

      Also... pardon me if you don't get the reference but... REPLICAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    2. Sorry, I don't get it. ^_^;;;;;;;;;

    3. First youtube link via google search for "replicaaaaa." It's actually a reference to a scene from Tales of The Abyss (the PS2 rpg). Pretty obscure stuff, I guess.

    4. Well, some folks would get it. I just didn't.


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