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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 464: A Story of Needless Breasts -- Review and Synopsis

I see Makise-chan is significant enough to warrant a fanservice cover
Synopsis: The details don't seem all that important in this chapter, so I'mma do this synopsis from memory.

Okay, so our penniless butler is in quite a bit of a dilemma since he doesn't think he can get past the mario-like dungeon with his physical prowess alone, so he has to get the key from one bikini-clad cutie named Makise Konoha who is apparently being paid by Mikado to hide the key from him.

Hayate asks her to confirm that the key really is on her person somewhere and she answers in the affirmative. After some thought, Hayate deduces that the key could only be hiding in her giant breasts (which are not as large as A-tan's according to Hayate, by the way.)

This leaves Hayate with only one choice to get the key - grope her breasts to get them. However, he looks at his digital watch while he's thinking and Makise asks what he's doing. When he says he's checking how much time he has left to escape, she suddenly destroys the watch with a stun gun (which she must have also hidden in those giant breasts... lol!)
Uh... shippers rejoice?
Makise totally guilt-trips Hayate once again and tells him that she needs the money to buy a multi-use pencil case for her kid brother whose birthday is coming up and that if he leaves early, she can still buy some cake for her sick mother. Hayate says that he can't give up, so she asks if he's going to grope her and he starts shipping himself with Nagi in his mind again and suddenly slams the wall with his hand right next to Makise-chan and goes: If I have to, I will grope you for Lady Nagi's sake!
Hayate... stahp!
Of course, Makise guilt-trips him some more, which sort of shakes his resolve. Various thoughts go through his head even as his hands go for the girl's breasts. He then receives some advice in his head from the "Love Master" who tells him that he already knows how to deal with a person with a decent chest. After sifting through the possible candidates, he realizes that "Love Master" was referring to Yukiji Senei whom (if you still remember) Nagi bribed with money.

Following this example, Hayate stays his hand and bribes Makise-chan to part with the key for 30,000 yen.
Apparently, he thinks he can grope Athena at will.

Finally, he emerges from the Secret Bridge Control Room back to Father Radiostar and shows that he got the key using the secret technique that he learned from his master, Lady Nagi... for 128,500 yen. (Where'd he get that money?) because Makise-chan is a pretty good negotiator.

Review: Curse you for foiling my prediction once again, Hata. I'd thought that someone would come to bail him out of this one, who'd have thought that butler-boy would actually resolve this problem on his own, huh?
He WILL grope you for his lady's sake, ok?
Anyway, this chapter was mostly internal conflict involving Hayate and to what lengths he'd go to in order to win back Nagi's inheritance. Apparently, he actually did consider groping an innocent (well, not that innocent since she did voluntarily place herself in that situation no matter how you look at it) girl's breasts for Nagi's sake. Fortunately, even if he did consider it, the fact of the matter is that he actually didn't sink that low for Nagi since he was able to find a less unethical way of resolving this problem on his own -- with some help from the voices in his head.
Don't look so smug when you've probably just made your debt even larger
Over-all, this chapter was filled with suspense -- even though it still retains the light-hearted, humorous nature of this current arc.

Speculation Corner: Man, I haven't been inspired to draw fanart lately... but that'll change by next week since I do have at least two ideas lined up just waiting to be drawn.

Now for the actual prediction: I'm going to say that this will be the arc wherein Father Radiostar finally says goodbye for good. It's a perfect way to send him off if you think about it. By having him beat this man-made  video game-like dungeon together with Hayate, his existence will have come full-circle since he died trying to construct an underground man-made RPG-style dungeon himself.

Of course, do take note that my predictions have a way of NOT coming true, so don't take them too seriously.

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