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Eyelis - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Hayate no Gotoku! CTMEOY OP) Subbed by Animax

Here is the opening theme for Hayate no Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You as translated by Animax. Based on my very limited Japanese knowledge, the translation is pretty accurate. The video was captured using an Eazycap USB video extractor. I'm not sure if it's because of the USB-based video capture card or if it's just my laptop, but there's a slight delay in the audio.  I love this opening song, by the way. I believe these are the lyrics written by Hata himself.  Unfortunately, Dailymotion rejected my video in seconds. Here, have a mediafire link: Gawd! Didn't even see that. Thanks to mad mac and thebrawlbro for pointing out the broken link.

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 431: Fireworks - Synopsis and Review

Look what I found while window shopping inside the Mall. Cute pic of Nagi on the cover, eh? (snickers) Synopsis : Continuing from where they left off in the last chapter, Hayate and Ruka spend a little alone time chatting with each other while holding hands. After demanding for some ice cream, Ruka mentions the bucket list that she’d talked about before with Nagi and Chiharu back at the Violet Mansion. This makes Hayate curious and he asks if he can see it. Ruka’s reaction is priceless! So… I’ll just let the pic do the talking. This was cute and funny. After some playful teasing, Hayate suddenly stops with a forlorn look on his face. Ruka moves closer and rests her head against his chest. Hayate says that she shouldn’t be doing this if she plans to return to being an idol. Ruka suddenly blurts out that they could just throw everything away – but as if denying her plea, the fireworks display begins and the noise cuts her off mid-sentence. Gimme ice cream or I'll scre

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 430: Shining Brightly - Review and Synopsis

Look who's back! Synopsis: The long day is finally over. Nagi, Hina, Chiharu, Kayura and Hamster go off to find a place to see the fireworks display. Ayumu suggests going to the top of a high-rise apartment building, but Hinagiku is against the idea because they can’t just enter a building just because it has a good view. These moments are why I like Nagi.   Surprise! The building belongs to Izumi’s father and she’s there together with the rest of the student council trio, Risa and Miki. At the top of the building, everyone admires the view and Hamster asks where Hayate is. Hina replies that he’s seeing Ruka’s parents off together with Kurosu. Hamster wants to call them and tell them to head to the apartment building afterwards, but Nagi stops her and tells her not to be insensitive and to give her some time alone with her parents. Hamsters can be so insensitive, eh Ojou-sama? Meanwhile, Hayate is speaking with Ruka and she proudly declares that she’ll treat

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 429: Ten Years From Now - Review and Synposis

Nagi cover FTW! Synopsis: Ruka and Nagi discuss how things played out during the competition. Nagi is predictably insightful and points out that Ruka lost on purpose because having just one copy left is a little too convenient, but Ruka says she lost because of the mask that Isumi gave her. She makes up a cockamamie reason that between a mysterious masked person (Ruka) and a cute little girl (Nagi), you’d definitely buy the cute little girl’s book. Best reason evar! Ruka then brags that she won in terms of book quality and this urges Nagi to challenge her again. Ruka suggests that they should do this again in ten years since that would be just the right time for her to quit being an idol and pursue her dream of being a mangaka again – to which Nagi makes a bold claim that she’ll keep working hard during those 10 years so that Ruka will be so far behind her that she won’t even see her back. Bold claim for someone who'll start playing video games as soon as s

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 428: We Will Race into the Sky - Review and Synopsis

Fanart by me. Inspired by Doughnut Gunso's chapter 427 review. Hayate's monologue taken from said review What would Hayate say just in case Nagi lost? Doughnut Gunso thought up some pretty hilarious lines in his chapter 427 review and this inspired me to draw the above fanart. Hayate with sparkly eyes down on one knee shamelessly spouting all kinds of cheesy lines... anyway, on with the synopsis and review! Synopsis: While Hayate, Hina, and Dr. Kurosu wait outside of the Comisun area, the identity of the mysterious suit person is revealed first thing in this chapter. As I predicted, it’s not Hayate. As I did not predict, it’s also not Atsumari but turns out to be Ruka’s father together with her mother. We finally find out what Hayate, Hinagiku and Kurosu did in order to “make Ruka happy” and it was basically just fetching her parents. It turns out that her parents got into an accident in Hokkaido after forcing their debt on her and running away. They were