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Narcissu Side 2nd - Guest Review by Mid-tier Guard

The following review is by a friend of mine named Mid-tier Guard who was reading this story for the first time through my stream. These are his comments, raw and unfiltered taken directly from the videos and formatted to be readable. Thanks for the very long, detailed review, Mid-tier Guard. Good reading. Good writing. Let's just dive in, yeah? Side Characters There was something you told me the other day. It was about how Narcissu 2nd is able to explore more themes and show off  more scenery because Side 2nd has more characters. It's quite striking to have as many characters here in Side 2nd compared to Narcissu. While watching the replays, I attempted to collect my thoughts on each of them, particularly the side characters: Chihiro, the child, and Yuka. Some brief thoughts: Chihiro- Chihiro's a good girl. I'll talk about her in the religion section. Yuka- to put it bluntly, Yuka's presence is pretty weak. Her loyalty to Himeko is commendable, and both the perfect