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Hayate Reflections: Watercolor Painting Nagi Again

I've been absent for quite a while due to IRL stuff. Anyway, I haven't had much time to continue my fiction mini-series (conclude, actually) but that might change this weekend. For now, I hope you'll settle for this short video. Finished product at the bottom Berkeley Watercolor Pad. I don't think this is artist grade, but I have no idea what brand of watercolor paper I should use anyway.

The Tale Of The Prince's Bride Chapter 6: Listen To The Voices Inside

November 11 is Hayate Ayasaki's birthday, btw. Happy birthday, ex-butler and Nagi's lover. It is very confusing in the forest of lies. It is different for everyone who ends up inside. It is a forest that reflects the inner truth – the ones that most people try their hardest to hide. At this point in the prince’s journey to find his would-be bride, he found himself in the deepest part of the Forest of Lies. He had been walking for quite a while with his trusty steed by his side. Finally, he understood the words relayed by the knight of red and white. “Listen to the voices inside. This forest is fickle and it whispers ever so slight.” The voices were quiet at first – ever so slight, but slowly, they grew louder, like insect wings in flight. “Who do you love?” The voices asked in mischievous delight. “It is none other than the princess in black attire.” Was the prince’s prompt reply. “Why do you love her? This princess in black attire?” “It should be quite