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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 456: I Can't Do What I Can't Do -- Review and Synposis

I have to admit, this cover makes Fumi look kinda hot. Synopsis: Picking up from where we left off in the last chapter, Fumi and Sharna follow Ikusa around the beach and Sharna is curious as to what he does for a living. Isumi suddenly pops up from out of nowhere to offer an explanation and tells them that his name is Ikusabe Yamato, he’s a lifesaver, 28 years old and has a strong sense of justice. Look who's back! Fumi goes straight to the point and asks Isumi if he’s single since she’s readily volunteering information and Isumi responds with a totally disgusted face. She offers to help out anyway and just goes up to Ikusa and asks him if he’s single because Fumi wants to date him. LOL! DAT face! Ikusa tells them that he’s not seeing anyone right now nor does he plan to, but that he would probably fall in love with someone who holds the same ideals of saving anyone who is in trouble just like him. At this Fumi decides that she needs to become a lifesave

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 455: Love Stories Happen Surprisingly Suddenly -- Review and Synopsis

Hamster cover this time. She actually looks nice with the new art style. Synopsis: Left with only Nagi and Hamster to help him out at the seaside restaurant, Hayate says it would be better to just give up, but with one huge slap from Nagi and some words of encouragement from the hamster, he declares that their determination has reached him and they go on and open the restaurant anyway. Hit him harder, Nagi. He needed that! The restaurant is packed and it seems like all is going well with the three of them working together, but after only an hour, both Nagi and Hamster are exhausted and decide to go back to the hotel and support Hayate by watching over him... from the hotel bed. He should have seen this one coming given Nagi's stamina. We leave our desperate butler alone for a bit with his predicament and revisit two characters who haven't made an appearance in this manga since forever, Fumi and Sharna. Anyway, Fumi wants to go to the beach and thinks up some co

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 454: About The Younger Brother -- Synopsis and Review

Nagi cover strike three! Synopsis: Alrighty… Hayate has a little chit-chat with Ikusa. It’s mostly about his resolve to protect Nagi no matter what happens and his reason for doing so – which is because she saved his life. Ikusa calls Nagi a midget early in the conversation, which really ticks her off, but Hayate ignores it because he thinks that Ikusa might have something more important to say. Nagi starts throwing sand at Hayate in a comedic way. Which is pretty funny considering that he’s having a serious conversation with Ikusa while this is happening. Ikusa also reveals that he’s been huddling together with Hina on that island and doing “all sorts of lewd things” as Ikusa would put it. This ticks off Ayumu as well and she and Nagi decide to throw sand at Hayate together.  While removing sand from his shoes, Hayate explains why he’s so devoted to Nagi, but Ikusa asks him if he can die for someone and advises him to cast aside his memories and the people he finds import

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 453: About The Brother -- Synopsis and Review

Huzzah! Another Nagi cover... dun really like the new art style though. Synopsis: Continuing on from where we left off in the last chapter (thankfully). Nagi realizes something about the name of the hotel and dashes off somewhere. Meanwhile Hina has finally returned from the island and she says that she and Hayate finally found the “secret spice” There's a SFX for realization? The group (without Nagi) return to the seaside restaurant where Hayate is furiously working on making curry using the so-called secret spice that they found on the island. He claims to have a secret cooking technique even if it’s just boxed curry… which turns out to be nothing more than a sleazy restaurant owner’s cost-cutting, profit-maximizing scheme of using nothing but boxed curry and making it seem like freshly-cooked curry. Hina's back and kinda pissed off. Athena, who is now in Alice form once again, says she’s tired and leaves Hayate to his sleazy business. Ayumu chooses to

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 452: I Like The Strawberry Haagen -- Review and Synopsis

What a totally defenseless pose. Synopsis: Leaving Hayate, Hina, A-tan, Ikusa and their "serious business" for a while, we check back in with Nagi and the others left behind at the hotel. The chapter opens with a pure fanservice scene of Chiharu together with Kayura in the Hotel's public bath. Hamster thinks this is happening. Hamster is a bit worried that Hinagiku might have already confessed to Hayate and that they are now sharing a nice little romantic moment on that island, but Chiharu says they're probably fighting ghosts and pirates right now - to which Nagi agrees given that apparently, both of them have terrible luck, but Hina just hides it with her athleticism. Coming out of the bath, Chiharu is greeted by a very lazy Nagi who wants some Haagen Daazs but is too lazy to go and get it herself. She tells Chiharu to go and buy some for her, but Chiharu refuses -- so Nagi suggests that they play a game called "object shiritori" which she just