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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 454: About The Younger Brother -- Synopsis and Review

Nagi cover strike three!

Synopsis: Alrighty… Hayate has a little chit-chat with Ikusa. It’s mostly about his resolve to protect Nagi no matter what happens and his reason for doing so – which is because she saved his life. Ikusa calls Nagi a midget early in the conversation, which really ticks her off, but Hayate ignores it because he thinks that Ikusa might have something more important to say. Nagi starts throwing sand at Hayate in a comedic way. Which is pretty funny considering that he’s having a serious conversation with Ikusa while this is happening. Ikusa also reveals that he’s been huddling together with Hina on that island and doing “all sorts of lewd things” as Ikusa would put it. This ticks off Ayumu as well and she and Nagi decide to throw sand at Hayate together. 

While removing sand from his shoes, Hayate explains why he’s so devoted to Nagi, but Ikusa asks him if he can die for someone and advises him to cast aside his memories and the people he finds important in his life so that no one would be sad if he died. He then leaves and points the way to take out the trash.
Dat Tsundere personality
Nagi is suspicious as to whether Ikusa has really lost his memories or not and adds that she doubts that Hayate would ever need to risk his life. In any case, the competition is still on.
I'll throw sand at you!
Back at the hotel on the next day, Hina is feeling under the weather and the little wisps around her suggests that it might have something to do with a curse from some of those ghosts on that island. In any case, she can’t help out at the seaside restaurant and neither can Maria who will be looking after her. Neither can Kayura and Chiharu who had been staying up all night at the arcade – as pointed out by Athena, who is now back in her Alice form. Alice says she can’t help out either because she has something else to do, which leaves Hayate with team café donguri: Nagi and Hamster.
Good idea, girls. Do it! Do it!

After a bit of contemplation, Hayate realizes that he can’t win with this team and gives up on the competition altogether. We’ll have to wait for the next chapter to see what happens next.

Review: No big reveal yet for this chapter. Ikusa still didn’t clearly say why this competition was “no longer a joke” after last chapter’s cliffhanger. I suppose it's implied that he's testing Hayate's resolve to see if he can live up to his promise to protect Nagi. At least Hayate has made it clear in this chapter that he’s not protecting Nagi because of his financial debt to her – as the anti-Nagi crew would have you believe. It’s still not an “I’m in love with her,” but it’s a step in the right direction, at least.

Sure thing, Archer. They've gotta give this guy Archer's voice if he's ever animated.

The humor was spot-on again in this chapter. Hata’s really gotten back in touch with his humorous side with this latest arc. Nagi is especially sensitive about her height and she resorts to funny, mischievous behavior just to get back at Hayate – although maybe it’s Ikusa she should be throwing sand at, but he looks too mean to play around with. The little interactions between Nagi and Hamster were also funny – although I must admit, not as funny as Athena x Hinagiku.
Dawww moment
It’s heavily implied in this chapter that Ikusa deliberately “cast out” his memories of his life in order to become a hero who can save everyone. Really, this guy – his arrogant attitude, his personality, he acts exactly like Emiya Archer from Fate/Stay Night. (go read the VN, by the way. If you’re only familiar with Archer from the anime version, you’ll find that there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye in the VN. Of course, the UBW anime movie was pretty spot-on except for a few shortcuts.)
There's your lovely, caring, selfless A-tan.
Speculation corner: Anyway, no speculation corner this week as Hata hasn’t revealed enough info for me to make any speculations about anything at all. Made a new Nagi fanart based on Cuties though. Also, just in case you haven’t heard, the first of the 2014 OVAs are out and features Nagi and Hina, as expected. The bigger reveals are that Hina’s chapter features an abbreviated version of the Golden Week Arc and finally animates teenage Athena and that there’s apparently a teaser for the Izumi alternate universe ending comic at the end of the OVA. Well, I haven’t seen it yet myself (I’ll rectify that tonight), so this is all second-hand info based on the discussions in Doughnut Gunso’s blog.

I suppose one thing I can speculate on is that my fanart of Ikusa in a mask and kidnapping Nagi thereby triggering Hayate's demon mode might not be so far-fetched. I wouldn't put it past him to go that far just to test Hayate's resolve. He might be in for a surprise if Hayate pulls out the titular Hayate no Gotoku!
Btw, did I get that Kanji right? I'm like terribad at Japanese, ya know. Nagi: I am always ONLINE! Scrolling... Judging...

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