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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 502: The Plan Is Proceeding As Scheduled -- Review and Synopsis (Japanese Raws)

The most beautiful ADULT woman in the series!
Synopsis: Synopsis: Chapter Title: The plan is proceeding as scheduled.

Hayate: Whoo! This is really Las Vegas ain't it? 2009 Las Vegas! (it's still 2006 in the timeline... I think)
These breaking the 4th wall jokes are getting old.

Nagi: -_- yearh.

Aika: THE fuck is up with this competition? Even those that win don't win!

Aika: Anywayz, if you came up here, then you just came here to witness mai victory!

Hata really likes showing Nagi in that smug, talking with her back turned to you pose.

Hayate and Nagi: Somehow, Aika just became really scary.

Aika: (secretly assessing everyone's power levels over 9000... except Izumi)

Aika: So if I can't beat Nagi, Hayate, Hinagiku, Izumi and Yukiji, I can't win this thing.

So she decides to form an alliance with the weaker survivors of the school trip including Izumi and Kayura.

Everyone: But Izumi is usless.

Aika: S'awright, being useless has its advantages.

Izumi: CHOTTO!

Aika: You got 250,000 yen left, so you can gimme 10000 yen, right?

Yukiji and Sistah: Oooh, Rasu Begasu is naisu, desu ne?

Yukiji: But ya know what Las Vegas is really famous for? Casino! Casino!

Sonia: Anyway, we gotta win this competition nao so concentrate!

Aika: Hoho, but you dun have any money right now, right? Here, 10000 yen for the Casino!

Yukiji: ZOMG! Awesome!

Aika: SHe's going to be a useful ally.

Yukiji: Man, I blew that 10,000 yen, but I dun have any money other than this... wait! This card (the cowcow credit card)

Yujiji to man in black: Hey, can I use this card to get 10,000 yen?

Man: Of course

Yukiji: Yeah? Then how about 100,000 yen?

Yukiji: (with wads of cash in hand) Woo hoo!

Aika: The interest rate is going to kill you.

Sonia: WTF have you done?

Yukiji: oh noez? What should I doooo?

Aika: I'll take on your debt for ya, Sensei... you just gotta retire right now for me.

Sonia and Yukiji: 0_0

Review: Due to my half-baked knowledge of Japanese, I find that my chapter summaries are getting more amusing every week. Anyway, not much Nagi in this chapter, so meh. 

It's an Aika chapter and as foreshadowed earlier, it seems Aika will be having a pivotal role in the final half of this Level 5 Orientation Arc. This is the most amount of character development that Aika has ever received since she was first introduced into this manga -- and as we can see, far from the unperturbed, cool girl that she purports herself to be, she is actually quite stubborn and determined in her own way; a trait which Hata-sensei seems to favor and encourage.
Clearly not enough Nagi in this chapter.
In any case, she takes a rather pragmatic approach since she knows that Hayate, Nagi (with Hayate), Hinagiku, Yukiji, and Isumi are very formidable competitors -- and she can't win against them by herself, so she sets up a winning strategy for herself by first removing Yukiji as a threat and then subsequently turning her into a powerful ally.

Which is nice... but I dun really care about Aika nor Yukiji -- so anyway, she apparently has a good chance of winning right now as a wildcard in this competition, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Fanwork Corner: I'm just going to share (again) this BIASED TRAILER for the nonexistent Golden Week Arc that I've made earlier since I haven't drawn anything new recently. 

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Biased Trailer: Hayate The Combat Butler: Golden Week

Haha I've done it! It's a biased trailer, not a very honest one. In any case, just to make sure, I don't own Hayate nor any of the clips I've used here -- both official and fan-made ones... nor do I own any of the soundtracks used here, which are both from the Touhou games.

Anyway, enjoy!

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 501: Everyone Gets Their Due -- Synopsis and Review (Japanese raws only)

Speakin of Kenjiro Hata, looks like Ayumu received an upgrade... lookit dem Hatas... okay, bad pun.

Terrorist Leader-San deduces that there's a "cowboy" operating alone.

Ok... so Yukiji and Sonia have commandeered a radio communicator from one of the terrorists.

Yukiji hatches some kind of weird scheme and calls the leader and identifies herself as Hayate Ayasaki, the strongest butler and that he wants to face the leader one on one on the 5th floor.

Back to Hina and Hayate, they have a little discussion which basically boils down to: MUST HELP EVERYONE. Go to LOBBY. Hayaku!

So while Mr. Leader is away, Yukiji and Sonia use this opportunity to PWN the terrorists left behind and free the hostages.

Everyone's grateful for Sensei Yukiji for helping them out and Yukiji says that of course she'd help them... now everyone press your damn completers coz you totally owe me one!

She deserved that.
Suddenly, a wild Hina appears and smacks her from behind with a paper fan. Ok, so she and Hayate have also made their way to the hotel lobby where the hostages were being kept.

So they have a little reunion and Hina has an argument with her sister... suddenly, Sistah tries to take Hina's head off with a kick... and totally misses.

Anyway, since the terrorists have been taken care of, it's now time to make everyone RETIRE... at least that's what Sonia and Yukiji are thinking.

Yukiji tries to talk Hayate into turning over to her side and Hayate actually considers it... but Hina quickly glares that idea out of his head.

Anyway, Hina and Yukiji argue a bit more when suddenly, Mr. Terrorist returns.

Yukiji tells him to shut up coz she's busy now and shoryukens him.

With their leader defeated, the terrorist go all "fission mailed"

So outside the hotel, Hayate is reunited with Nagi and she asks if he's okay. He says he's fine but wonders if the school trip will still go on.

Kananiwa: I'm fabulous and I know it!
Kananiwa herself appears and says it's totally gonna go on... in Las Vegas!

Just allow me to say that despite her meager panel-time, I really like Kananiwa as a character so far.

Well, there is not much to review about the actual chapter, but there are several implications worth mentioning here.

First of all, Hayate's indecisive personality really shines through here. I think it shows just how conflicted he feels at the moment when he's actually thinking of betraying Hina in order to side with Yukiji so they can take out the "strongest opponent" first by ganging up on her and then making everyone else press their completers. To be honest, I think he was being a total asshole here and I don't care if he was doing it for Nagi's sake... he shouldn't even be considering such a thing. Anyway, he didn't go through with it, so huzzah for him.

Next up, woo hoo! Vegas! If you've been following this series, then you know what that means. Several things, actually. There's the fact that we'll probably see Ruka again since her concert is being held there and it also tangentially matches up with Can't Take My Eyes Off You's Vegas setting. Now we can definitely say that this is the manga's version of Can't Take My Eyes Off You... and it's pretty damn good so far.

Finally, I think that the chapter title has strong implications. The actual title goes: 人にはそれぞれ正義があってという so basically, unlike my translation, it mentions seigii, which is literally "justice" in English. To make a more literal translation, it would be: Everyone meets their individual justice... but well, y'know how that TOTALLY makes sense in English, right? Anyway, to continue, I think it applies to this manga as a whole and not just to this chapter (actually, I fail to see how it really applies to this chapter) -- and it's a good thing.

Clearly, there is not enough of mai waifu in this manga nowadays.

I believe that no matter what the final outcome of the manga will be (especially the ship wars), that everyone will get what is due to them in the end -- so we can at least look forward to this series ending on a happy note for each of the characters we've come to love.

Fanart Corner: Because of the one week break, I had time to do lots of fanart. Of course, I probably won't be doing one for next week because I'm totally doing this HONEST TRAILERS thing!

Someone requested this. Totally copied the pose from the artwork from Heaven is a Place on Earth.

Dun like her? You've got NO taste, son!

Went for VN-style colors again. Also took a clue from Hyperdimension NepNep for the background card thing.

My motto

Honest Trailer: Hayate The Combat Butler Golden Week (test video)

Just trying something out. This is something I threw together real quickly in like an hour or less. Anyway, I plan to make a longer script or something with more content in it, but for now, enjoy!


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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 500: You Can Make Another Anime If You Want -- Synopsis And Review

That's the way it's done, Hata!
Synopsis: This chapter is all about indulging Nagi and finally showing her manga like Hata promised her.

Anyway, she shows a new manga starring Britney called "Love Important." I can't make sense of the story at all. It's all about Britney from Magical Destroy who lives in a castle and then she encounters someone who looks like Maria who talks about peppers and then Britney sees a cursed laptop and talks about Katanas? Then she encounters someone who looks like Chiharu and they have a little conversation and the Chiharu character says that she likes Katanas and then Britney decides to make some vague yaoi reference

Everyone else's faces look too long with the exception of Nagi
Chiharu then smacks Nagi on the head and they have a little argument about the manga. Maria says that this was a pointless chapter, but Hayate says that such a story is also important. End of chapter.

Hata sure loves those triangle lips.
Review: I actually read the Japanese raws first and didn't bother adjusting my review for the English release... so pardon any inconsistencies in the synopsis.
Ah! What a glorious, Nagi-tastic chapter this was! That's more like it, Hata! It should be all Nagi all the time!
Surely I can't be the only one who finds this pic of Nagi sexier than the magazine cover, right?
Anyway, while this does nothing to advance the plot, I'm just happy to see lots of Nagi in it -- oh and she looks great in that school swimsuit, by the way.

I was amused to see her reaction to Sore Ga Seiyu's anime and her lackluster response to the 500th chapter release.

Nothing to review here, unfortunately. Nagi's manga is still as incoherent as ever and she should really stop using Britney.

With that said, it seems volume 45 of the manga comes with Nagi's practice manga -- Good. Also, Hata will apparently be launching a new series that will run alongside Hayate no Gotoku! Not sure if I'm really all that interested, to be honest. No Nagi no like.

Also, it seems the level 5 competition is coming to an end soon. This should be interesting. I'm expecting a lot of things to happen, but I won't say anything about it here yet, or I might jinx it. Truth be told, my luck is just as bad as Hayate's.

A little note on the art, I still don't like the elongated faces, but Nagi looks just fine because of her child-like facial proportions. Also, anyone noticed that Nagi's not looking so flat anymore in that magazine cover? Anyway, next chapter will be out on the 22nd, so watch out for that!

Fanart Corner: Ah, got quite a few today. Some sketches and one complete CG. First off though, senpai noticed me! I got a reply from Hata on twitter. It's not much, really, but I have to admit that it's a great feeling to be acknowledged by someone whose work you admire.

I still plan to line and color Supergirl Nagi there.
Next up, this one is related to real life. I've started graduate school recently because of REASONS. Anyway, I'm using a sketchbook instead of a regular notebook so there's a sketch of Nagi on every page. 


Finally, this is the crossover sketch from last week featuring Nagi x Keima and Hayate x Haqua. I've made a few errors here and there and the shadows could use a lot more work, but I'm pretty satisfied with how it looks over-all. I changed Hayate's expression a bit.
Also, I'm very envious of Keima right about now.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chatper 499: Bruce Willis With Hair -- Review and Synopsis

She doesn't look too bad as an action girl, really.

Athena and Ayumu remind us that they're still part of the story and watch Die Hard while Hayate and Hina have temporarily teamed up and speculate that Yukiji is using the terrorists to herd in the students and press their completers.

Of course, Sonia and Yukiji are NOT behind the whole setup and it appears there really is a group of terrorists with a leader who looks like M. Bison (or Vega if you prefer) from Street Fighter who wants to overthrow the government or something.

Anyway, Hayate gets into a scuffle with some of the terrorists and emerges victorious with more than a few bruises -- man, even Yukiji and Sonia did better.

Anyway, the terrorists panic a bit coz one of their group was lost.

Review: Well, this chapter came out fast but it is sorely lacking in Nagi... boo! Anyway, Die Hard references yeah! RHS didn't even give me a chance to so much as glance the raws this time around before this chapter came out. Good job!

I sometimes forget that Hata is older than me lol! Okay, so uh... this chapter... this chapter was sorely lacking in Nagi! Oh wait, I already said that.

Well, let's see... wow! Hayate really sucks at fighting if these terrorists gave him trouble. What has he been doing? Yukiji and Sonia made these guys look silly.

Anyway, this is obviously a setup for some kind pseudo sister vs sister showdown... so I guess that leaves Hayate to deal with Sonia? Well, whatever... not interested. Where's Nagi?

Also, there's this thing:

Important announcement huh? The end is near? Hmm... maybe a new anime? Golden Week Arc at last? Hayate and Nagi are getting married for real? Yeah? Yeah?

Sorry, dun really feel like taking screenshots today when mai waifu is not in this chapter.

Fanart Corner: Haha! Been watching TWGOK lately. It's very nice. Anyway, a friend is currently writing a crossover fanfic with this scene in mind and I just had to draw it. I still plan to line and color this, by the way.
Keima x Nagi seems like a good ship. Otaku for otaku


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