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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 501: Everyone Gets Their Due -- Synopsis and Review (Japanese raws only)

Speakin of Kenjiro Hata, looks like Ayumu received an upgrade... lookit dem Hatas... okay, bad pun.

Terrorist Leader-San deduces that there's a "cowboy" operating alone.

Ok... so Yukiji and Sonia have commandeered a radio communicator from one of the terrorists.

Yukiji hatches some kind of weird scheme and calls the leader and identifies herself as Hayate Ayasaki, the strongest butler and that he wants to face the leader one on one on the 5th floor.

Back to Hina and Hayate, they have a little discussion which basically boils down to: MUST HELP EVERYONE. Go to LOBBY. Hayaku!

So while Mr. Leader is away, Yukiji and Sonia use this opportunity to PWN the terrorists left behind and free the hostages.

Everyone's grateful for Sensei Yukiji for helping them out and Yukiji says that of course she'd help them... now everyone press your damn completers coz you totally owe me one!

She deserved that.
Suddenly, a wild Hina appears and smacks her from behind with a paper fan. Ok, so she and Hayate have also made their way to the hotel lobby where the hostages were being kept.

So they have a little reunion and Hina has an argument with her sister... suddenly, Sistah tries to take Hina's head off with a kick... and totally misses.

Anyway, since the terrorists have been taken care of, it's now time to make everyone RETIRE... at least that's what Sonia and Yukiji are thinking.

Yukiji tries to talk Hayate into turning over to her side and Hayate actually considers it... but Hina quickly glares that idea out of his head.

Anyway, Hina and Yukiji argue a bit more when suddenly, Mr. Terrorist returns.

Yukiji tells him to shut up coz she's busy now and shoryukens him.

With their leader defeated, the terrorist go all "fission mailed"

So outside the hotel, Hayate is reunited with Nagi and she asks if he's okay. He says he's fine but wonders if the school trip will still go on.

Kananiwa: I'm fabulous and I know it!
Kananiwa herself appears and says it's totally gonna go on... in Las Vegas!

Just allow me to say that despite her meager panel-time, I really like Kananiwa as a character so far.

Well, there is not much to review about the actual chapter, but there are several implications worth mentioning here.

First of all, Hayate's indecisive personality really shines through here. I think it shows just how conflicted he feels at the moment when he's actually thinking of betraying Hina in order to side with Yukiji so they can take out the "strongest opponent" first by ganging up on her and then making everyone else press their completers. To be honest, I think he was being a total asshole here and I don't care if he was doing it for Nagi's sake... he shouldn't even be considering such a thing. Anyway, he didn't go through with it, so huzzah for him.

Next up, woo hoo! Vegas! If you've been following this series, then you know what that means. Several things, actually. There's the fact that we'll probably see Ruka again since her concert is being held there and it also tangentially matches up with Can't Take My Eyes Off You's Vegas setting. Now we can definitely say that this is the manga's version of Can't Take My Eyes Off You... and it's pretty damn good so far.

Finally, I think that the chapter title has strong implications. The actual title goes: 人にはそれぞれ正義があってという so basically, unlike my translation, it mentions seigii, which is literally "justice" in English. To make a more literal translation, it would be: Everyone meets their individual justice... but well, y'know how that TOTALLY makes sense in English, right? Anyway, to continue, I think it applies to this manga as a whole and not just to this chapter (actually, I fail to see how it really applies to this chapter) -- and it's a good thing.

Clearly, there is not enough of mai waifu in this manga nowadays.

I believe that no matter what the final outcome of the manga will be (especially the ship wars), that everyone will get what is due to them in the end -- so we can at least look forward to this series ending on a happy note for each of the characters we've come to love.

Fanart Corner: Because of the one week break, I had time to do lots of fanart. Of course, I probably won't be doing one for next week because I'm totally doing this HONEST TRAILERS thing!

Someone requested this. Totally copied the pose from the artwork from Heaven is a Place on Earth.

Dun like her? You've got NO taste, son!

Went for VN-style colors again. Also took a clue from Hyperdimension NepNep for the background card thing.

My motto


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  2. hey that artwork copied from heaven is a place on earth....... which girl from hayate series resembles that girl in the photo... very admirable artwork..... she suits more in that photo tha nagi of course......... :) :) :) :)

    1. That girl is Haqua Du Lot Herminium from The World God Only Knows. She's not part of the Hayate series. Also, my artwork is nowhere near as good as Hata-sensei's, but thanks a lot. Furthermore, Nagi looks better, in my opinion.

  3. Yay! Another Ayumu cover! I was worried about her being forgotten about during this arc, but glad to see she is still part of it in a way. Although it is curious that she has been the cover 2 times in a row, not counting the 500 chapter milestone. Especially since she doesn't even appear this chapter. Makes me wonder if she is gonna gain importance later in tbe arc.

    1. Well, you said it yourself some time ago. Hata has been known to use characters for chapter covers even though they have nothing to do with the chapter. Maybe he just felt like drawing her. On another note, I got the chapter title all wrong because I was looking at the wrong text LOL!


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