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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 502: The Plan Is Proceeding As Scheduled -- Review and Synopsis (Japanese Raws)

The most beautiful ADULT woman in the series!
Synopsis: Synopsis: Chapter Title: The plan is proceeding as scheduled.

Hayate: Whoo! This is really Las Vegas ain't it? 2009 Las Vegas! (it's still 2006 in the timeline... I think)
These breaking the 4th wall jokes are getting old.

Nagi: -_- yearh.

Aika: THE fuck is up with this competition? Even those that win don't win!

Aika: Anywayz, if you came up here, then you just came here to witness mai victory!

Hata really likes showing Nagi in that smug, talking with her back turned to you pose.

Hayate and Nagi: Somehow, Aika just became really scary.

Aika: (secretly assessing everyone's power levels over 9000... except Izumi)

Aika: So if I can't beat Nagi, Hayate, Hinagiku, Izumi and Yukiji, I can't win this thing.

So she decides to form an alliance with the weaker survivors of the school trip including Izumi and Kayura.

Everyone: But Izumi is usless.

Aika: S'awright, being useless has its advantages.

Izumi: CHOTTO!

Aika: You got 250,000 yen left, so you can gimme 10000 yen, right?

Yukiji and Sistah: Oooh, Rasu Begasu is naisu, desu ne?

Yukiji: But ya know what Las Vegas is really famous for? Casino! Casino!

Sonia: Anyway, we gotta win this competition nao so concentrate!

Aika: Hoho, but you dun have any money right now, right? Here, 10000 yen for the Casino!

Yukiji: ZOMG! Awesome!

Aika: SHe's going to be a useful ally.

Yukiji: Man, I blew that 10,000 yen, but I dun have any money other than this... wait! This card (the cowcow credit card)

Yujiji to man in black: Hey, can I use this card to get 10,000 yen?

Man: Of course

Yukiji: Yeah? Then how about 100,000 yen?

Yukiji: (with wads of cash in hand) Woo hoo!

Aika: The interest rate is going to kill you.

Sonia: WTF have you done?

Yukiji: oh noez? What should I doooo?

Aika: I'll take on your debt for ya, Sensei... you just gotta retire right now for me.

Sonia and Yukiji: 0_0

Review: Due to my half-baked knowledge of Japanese, I find that my chapter summaries are getting more amusing every week. Anyway, not much Nagi in this chapter, so meh. 

It's an Aika chapter and as foreshadowed earlier, it seems Aika will be having a pivotal role in the final half of this Level 5 Orientation Arc. This is the most amount of character development that Aika has ever received since she was first introduced into this manga -- and as we can see, far from the unperturbed, cool girl that she purports herself to be, she is actually quite stubborn and determined in her own way; a trait which Hata-sensei seems to favor and encourage.
Clearly not enough Nagi in this chapter.
In any case, she takes a rather pragmatic approach since she knows that Hayate, Nagi (with Hayate), Hinagiku, Yukiji, and Isumi are very formidable competitors -- and she can't win against them by herself, so she sets up a winning strategy for herself by first removing Yukiji as a threat and then subsequently turning her into a powerful ally.

Which is nice... but I dun really care about Aika nor Yukiji -- so anyway, she apparently has a good chance of winning right now as a wildcard in this competition, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Fanwork Corner: I'm just going to share (again) this BIASED TRAILER for the nonexistent Golden Week Arc that I've made earlier since I haven't drawn anything new recently. 

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