Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hayate The Combat Butler Chatper 499: Bruce Willis With Hair -- Review and Synopsis

She doesn't look too bad as an action girl, really.

Athena and Ayumu remind us that they're still part of the story and watch Die Hard while Hayate and Hina have temporarily teamed up and speculate that Yukiji is using the terrorists to herd in the students and press their completers.

Of course, Sonia and Yukiji are NOT behind the whole setup and it appears there really is a group of terrorists with a leader who looks like M. Bison (or Vega if you prefer) from Street Fighter who wants to overthrow the government or something.

Anyway, Hayate gets into a scuffle with some of the terrorists and emerges victorious with more than a few bruises -- man, even Yukiji and Sonia did better.

Anyway, the terrorists panic a bit coz one of their group was lost.

Review: Well, this chapter came out fast but it is sorely lacking in Nagi... boo! Anyway, Die Hard references yeah! RHS didn't even give me a chance to so much as glance the raws this time around before this chapter came out. Good job!

I sometimes forget that Hata is older than me lol! Okay, so uh... this chapter... this chapter was sorely lacking in Nagi! Oh wait, I already said that.

Well, let's see... wow! Hayate really sucks at fighting if these terrorists gave him trouble. What has he been doing? Yukiji and Sonia made these guys look silly.

Anyway, this is obviously a setup for some kind pseudo sister vs sister showdown... so I guess that leaves Hayate to deal with Sonia? Well, whatever... not interested. Where's Nagi?

Also, there's this thing:

Important announcement huh? The end is near? Hmm... maybe a new anime? Golden Week Arc at last? Hayate and Nagi are getting married for real? Yeah? Yeah?

Sorry, dun really feel like taking screenshots today when mai waifu is not in this chapter.

Fanart Corner: Haha! Been watching TWGOK lately. It's very nice. Anyway, a friend is currently writing a crossover fanfic with this scene in mind and I just had to draw it. I still plan to line and color this, by the way.
Keima x Nagi seems like a good ship. Otaku for otaku



  1. I was surprised to see them going back to the people left behind, in a good way. (Probably because Hamster is my favorite.) and those terrorits designs look like something out of JoJo's bizzare adventure, and I think I saw M. Bison in there.

    1. Also, that cover is making me think of Ayumu going Yandere and killing everyone for Hayate.

    2. Haha! But there's no way the hamster would ever do that. It does make me want to draw her that way though.

  2. That M. Bison/Vega business is confusing as Hell. I never get their names right on my first try...

    1. Guess that's why they just call em "boxer" and "dictator" in the fighting game scene. I think he was originally called Vega in Japan and then they changed the names around in the U.S. version because the boxer was M. Bison and it sounds a little bit too much like Mike Tyson.

    2. Your reasoning is true, but it turned out to be more complicated than that. Somehow the US version dragged Balrog (the wire net crawler) into the mess as well. So the boxer (M. Bison) became Balrog, the crawler (Balrog) became Vega, and the dictator (Vega) became M. Bison.


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