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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 498: Tough Teacher -- Synopsis and Review (Japanese raws only)

Even she looks like Nagi now.
Synopsis: Hina's about to lay down her theory on Chiharu about "the criminal,"

My translation of the title: Tough Teacher
Chiharu: STAHP, I need to get dressed first!
Hina: Yearh, fine. Go get dressed quickly, you silly glasses girl.

Suddenly, the completers go off and it's not Hayate. Hina thinks it's strange since it should be just one person working alone.

Anyway, we see that "Yukiko" (masked Yukiji) has teamed up with Sistah Sonia and Sonia compliments her for doing a neat job. They've entered into an agreement to split half the prize if they win. Yukiji says to believe in her coz she's a teacher, but Sistah doesn't buy it.

Yukiji: Well... I can't believe you're a Sistah either! 
Imouto's here to save the day!
So anyway, they're plotting to gangbang gang up on Hina... when all of a sudden, they run into some wild guerillas in the Elevator... no, really. No wait, they're terrorists speaking in Engrish... the japanese chapter even has Engrish text and the terrorist is named Mike. Anyway, they be in deep trouble now.

Suddenly, imouto Ruri Tsugumi is back and she goes up straight to Nagi's room. She warns Nagi of a problem due to an irregular occurrence. Nagi asks if this is part of the school trip thingy too and Ruri says it's not.

Back to Chiharu's room, there's a commotion outside and Hina and then there's a huge sound form somewhere in the room, so Hina says she'll check inside and she asks Chiharu to check outside.

So... Chiharu runs into Mike the terrorist.

Anyway...WTF Hina actually knew it was Hayate, but he's escaped through the air duct. Hina shouts out for him to wait coz he ain't gettin away.

Anyway, she actually goes into the air duct after him and actually sees him trying to get away, but Chiharu suddenly shouts from outside.

Back to Sonia and Yukiji... well, do you really think these two would lose to some random terrorists?

Anyway, Mike the terrorist has snuck into some random girl's room and goes, "why japanese people? Why?"

Yukiji catches him and totally KO's him. The girl thanks Yukiji, then she asks if she's injured and to let her see... of course, she totally takes this opportunity to press the girl's completer.

Anyway, Nagi runs into Izumi outside since this terrorist attack isn't part of the school trip. The men in black are busy herding the students to safety. Risa is also there and asks where Hayata is. Nagi says he's probably still inside and fiercely fighting while looking at her completer.

Inside, Yukiji and Sonia are still busy offing other competitors and Sonia notes that she really can't believe that she's a teacher. Yukiji goes STFU NEXT!
Not enough of Nagi's cutieful face again.

Review: I waited for you, RHS-kun... I really did!

Well... Hina actually knew it was Hayate all along -- which explains that silly grin on her face from the previous chapter. Anyway, stuff happens here and there are armed terrorists and stuff all of a sudden. While a lot was happening here, there were no concrete events that I can really comment on for now.

Also, I have no idea how Hina knew it was Hayate except we'll just have to admit the fact that she has really good instincts.

Also, still not enough panel time for mai waifu this week.

Fanart Corner: Started watching The World God Only Knows lately and I really liked it. Hina's outfit here is a request from a friend who got me into the series. (thanks Haqua/Hayate1). Of course, the actual scene I drew was inspired by this post from Doughnut Gunso's blog. Be glad I didn't draw the other scene he suggested :).
This should really have been the winning shot. (Note: I do NOT support animal abuse. I just like to poke fun at stuff)

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