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ハヤテの秘密な命 Hayate's Secret Life Episode 1 - A Guest Hayate Fanfic

This fanfic was not written by me (lordcloudx), although I did help out as a proofreader/editor. The original authors are credited at the bottom.

One typical morning, the butler and his mistress were riding to school on Hayate’s bike. As usual, Lady Nagi had a grumpy look on her face. Nagi might be a genius, but she never did like school very much and she never would. After all, school eats up way too much time; which could be put to better uses such as playing video games, reading manga, and watching anime.
 At that moment the blue-haired butler looked back behind him at his cranky little mistress.
“Is there anything wrong milady?”             
“Nothing is wrong. Keep your eyes on the road. I hate school.” She replied rather matter-of-factly.
“Ah definitely, I cant afford to add hospital expenses my debt.” Hayate smiled sheepishly as he said this.
“What about the debt? I mean if you want, I could just… arrgghh! NEVERMIND!”
As oblivious as Hayate was to the opposite sex, he couldn’t help but notice that there was something sad… almost mournful in Nagi’s tone.              
“I said it was nothing! Now watch where we’re going!”
“Ah, nagi and hayate-kun. Good morning!”
“Morning…” Nagi greeted back at the ever-energetic Hinagiku Katsura who was walking to school on her own today.
“Oh Hinagiku-san good morning too. Hinagiku-san is looking cute as usual today.”
“Eh?” The student council’s president blushed a rosy shade of red at the butler’s casual, unwarranted compliment. “What did you just say?”
“Ah, the road! Hayate, watch it!”
The bike crashed straight into a certain purple-haired individual sending Nagi flying into the sky.
Fortunately, her fall was cushioned by some soft bushes on the side of the road.
“Ahh!! Idiot! I told you to watch out!”
Hayate: ahh, Milady!
“Ahh! Ouch!” Kotetsu Segawa, the certain purple-haired individual whom they’d bumped into exclaimed in pain.
“Wahhhh! Oh no! a-are you okay?” Hayate, who had made use of his acrobatic skills to prevent his bike from falling over, quickly rushed to his lady’s side.
“A-Ayasaki? Is that you?”
“Oh! Hayate Ayasaki” Suddenly, Kotetsu Segawa’s eyes turned into hearts. “My love!”
“What?” A faint streak of red crossed Hayate’s cheeks upon hearing this.
Nagi, who was just recovering from her bruises was awestruck. “K-Kotetsu, what did you just say?!”
“I-I love you Hayate Ayasaki!” The purple haired butler shouted even louder at the top of his lungs.
At this moment, Hayate Ayasaki was clearly furiously blushing… something which did not escape Lady Nagi’s keen eyes.
“S-stop saying stuff like that!”
“K-Kotetsu!!! Y-You perverted idiot”
Despite her frail form and clear lack of martial arts training, Nagi drove an axe drop kick dead-center into Kotetsu Segawa’s face.
The kick was actually powerful enough to knock the considerably well-built Kotetsu into the ground.
“M-Milady! Thank goodness you are okay”
“Grrr! That perverted idiot. I hate him!” Snorted Nagi.
Hayate glanced at Kotetsu who was still sitting on the ground and reeling in pain from Nagi’s assault.
“Oh no! Kotetsu, are you alright?”
Kotetsu’s eyes turned into sparkles.
“Ugh, I-I'm alright, Hayate...“
However, before Hayate could get any closer to him to check if he was really alright, Nagi grabbed Hayate by the arm and pulled him away.
“Leave that perverted idiot! He deserved it.”
“B-But milady…”
“Shut up! We’re late and we have to go to school.”
“Nagi’s right, Hayate-kun.” Hinagiku, who had been watching the whole thing from the sidelines, suddenly interjected.
Still, Hayate couldn’t help but take one last worried glance at Kotetsu before riding off to school with his lady in tow.
“What are you looking at? Let’s go now!” Nagi growled.
“O-Ok milady.” Hayate replied hesitantly.

“H-Hayate-kun, Why were you so worried about Segawa-san?” Hinagiku couldn’t help but ask with a look of concern on her face.

End of episode 1 part 1

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Kotetsu stalks the butler and mistress pair
Kotetsu grabs Hayate
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About the Authors:  Hi! my name is Hayate Ayasaki and Nagi Sanzenin Ayasaki my labs (loves n LOL! xD). For more info, add us in fb and like also our fan page

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