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This is Justice - A Short Rhetorical Story

There was once an earnest young woman from a very, very poor country. At a young age, she managed to stow away on board a merchant vessel in an effort to escape her miserable situation. When the crew discovered their uninvited guest, they took pity on her. Therefore, instead of letting her off at the next port, they decided to train her as an honorary member of their crew. The woman began working as an assistant in the ship’s kitchen. At first, they had her do odd jobs such as cutting the meat and vegetables, beating the eggs and of course, cleaning up the pots, pans, dishes and other kitchen utensils after use. She remained as an honorary member of the crew for the next five years. Of course, during this time, she learned various recipes and cooking techniques until eventually, she had gained the competence of a full-time chef. Because she proved to be very diligent and helpful, she was paid a minimal allowance for her services. It was a very small amount when compared to what

That Time I Was Almost Suspended

Perhaps this may seem unthinkable for the snowflake generation. THEY may view it as a product of more “primitive times.” After all, snowflakes have become so culturally dominant right now that they believe they can validate their glorified public-shaming lynch mobs by simply possessing the loudest and most annoying voices and drowning out all dissent – BUT, there was a time a little more than a decade ago when our culture was vastly different and primitive, misogynistic, unkind, practices and beliefs were just viewed as… well… normal. In some ways, I think the paradigm shift has been moving in the right direction – that is, until you realize how much society has devolved into progressive retardation and tyrannical kindness, but I digress. My dissatisfaction with the current state of society aside, this is a story that takes place a little bit later in life compared to my previous adventures. It was about midway into the year 2000. The threat of the Y2K bug had been successfully thwarte

Samantha and the Pieces of a Heart Chapters 6-7

  And so the story ends. Thank you for all those who have come this far. The app version is still available on Google Play if you wish to support me. If you have any questions about my thoughts on this story, feel free to ask in the comments. See you in future stories to come.