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Manila Trip 2019 - Day 1

Hey there! lordcloudx here typing from my phone turned pseudo laptop. Just in case you're confused, check out the pic of my setup on top. Basically, I connected a USB otg converter into a USB hub and then connected my mouse, portable HDD, and keyboard to it. Anyway, back to the trip. As you may know if you follow my travel blogs, I take a trip with my mother to Manila every year at around this time. Our flight was pretty early. We left Iloilo at about 5:55 AM and arrived in Manila 30 minutes early. It was a very smooth flight and even my cousin who was taking her first plane ride wasn't shaken -- although she did admit to being surprised by the initial speed during takeoff. (I'm sure it gets to everyone at first). I passed the time during the flight by watching a few episodes of Tate no Yuusha and the latest ep of One Punch Man S2. After claiming our checked in baggage without a hitch, we simply booked a grab car (works like UBER) to our hotel in Makati. We stayed at th

Hayate Reflections: Tackling Logical Arguments Against Hayate x Nagi

Hey there! After a long time, here's a normal Hayate Reflections episode. So as we all know, not many people can accept that Hayate had romantic feelings for Nagi at the end of the manga, even though there is actually sufficient evidence from the author himself that this is actually the case. With that said, I've already mentioned these pieces of evidence multiple times before, so there's really no need to talk about them again in this video.  Instead, today, I'd like to talk about two of the more reasonable arguments put up by the people who never wanted Hayate and Nagi to end up together. So let's get started. 1. There is no romantic development between them. First of all, I don't disagree -- at least, I don't disagree depending on how you perceive this term "romantic development." If by romantic development, you mean that there was no hint at all on the part of Hayate that he had any inkling of romantic types of feelings for Nagi u

Painting My First Mural (Hayate x Nagi)

We had the concrete fence walls outside our house repainted with pure white recently and my mother had this idea of having me paint a mural outside of my own design. Now this seemed like a pretty challenging idea since the biggest thing I’d ever painted so far was a 12x16” acrylic portrait of Nagi. Still, I’ve been doing digital art for over a decade now and in all types of traditional painting media such as acrylic, oils, and of course, my favorite watercolours, so I didn’t think it was beyond my capabilities at all. Of course, I had to think this through carefully if I were to go through this project, such: what kind of design would I paint? What kind of paint should I use? What do I use for making an initial sketch in order to ensure that the actual painting is accurate? These were all questions that I needed to have a ready answer to if I were to paint my first mural. Painting The Scale Model Watercolor scale mdoel To ensure that I had a handy reference to paint

lordcloudx (digital/traditional illustrator) Open For Commissions!

Just quit my job today, so I'm opening up commissions for a while. I have plans to take the civil service exams as well as go for grad school. The full details are in the video above. For now here's my portfolio and pricing. Special discount: Only $15 Instead of $20 for full body watercolor (colored pencils available too framed) or digital art for the first two customers. Payment is via PayPal. I work pretty fast. PM me for any other requests via twitter @violent_cloud or email me at lordcloudx at gmail. Click on the images for a bigger version.