Monday, May 13, 2019

lordcloudx (digital/traditional illustrator) Open For Commissions!

Just quit my job today, so I'm opening up commissions for a while. I have plans to take the civil service exams as well as go for grad school. The full details are in the video above.

For now here's my portfolio and pricing. Special discount: Only $15 Instead of $20 for full body watercolor (colored pencils available too framed) or digital art for the first two customers. Payment is via PayPal. I work pretty fast. PM me for any other requests via twitter @violent_cloud or email me at lordcloudx at gmail. Click on the images for a bigger version.


  1. Are you still taking commissions? I'm nostalgic about your art since I played several VNs you either created or illustrated when I first discovered LSF in 2009.

    1. Sure. I hardly get any commissions nowadays anyway. Might take some time to complete the request depending on what you want me to draw though.

    2. I was thinking of Yumemi from Planetarian, digital full body, but I haven't decided on hard or soft shading yet.

    3. Sure, sounds good to me. She has a pretty detailed costume, so it should be a bit of a challenge for me as well.

    4. Do you have a few links to examples of your soft CG style handy? I saw a pic of Nagi somewhere on here with gradient hair and thought it was pretty, but I can't find it now.

      And do you want to be paid before, after, or in two parts?

    5. Sorry for the very very late reply. This got buried in my inbox. Payment is after I deliver the full drawing. Here's a sample of my soft style: also, if you're still interested, best to contact me via gmail at lordcloudx at gmail dot com


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