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Hayate The Combat Butler 545: Kimi No Na Ha -- Review and Synopsis

Kimi no Copyright Infringement... more like. Synopsis: Ta-dah! You can always rely on lordcloudx fail translations to get it almost but not quite right... on with the transcript: Listen, Mouthful Nadja san Chiharu: I seeeee that old house legend is interesting eh? Nagi: Yearh, but it's only a legend anywayz Nagi: HOWEVER! After mommy kicked the bucket Dun cry little Nagi~ Nagi: Some unknown spaz talked to me Totally Nadja: Waz wrong? Yukariko's little princesss Totally Nadja: I can't go back with ya crying, so lemme tell ya the castle's secret~ Chiharu: himitsu? Nagi: sou. Someone: Blah blah Nadja's book. Use it and you trade 50 years of your life for a wish and stuff, but it seems I gotta use it without the 50 year lifespan trade-off thing coz the fans dun want to see an old hag Athena. Hayate: So that means... Athena: blah blah something about the usage of the king's jewels and the royal power Athena: (let's see she said something like...) King

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 544: Great Stygian of Abyss -- Review and Synopsis

Isumi's revenge... coming soon~ Synopsis:  Awright, we start with the same scene from last chapter of Mikado telling Hayate and Athena to destroy the King's Jewel in order to restore her powerz... with a little something different that's not worth bothering with. To continue... So Sakuya is with Isumi at her house (sakuya's presumably) and she informs them over the phone that there's been an intruder and they took Athena's butler along with the stone. So she be investigating it with Isumi and she's wondering if they have any clues who it might be and sends them a pic. Hayate sees the pic and goes all "eh?" Hayate recognizes it as Hisui's maid while Athena remembers that she's the one they fought in the Violet Mansion with Isumi, Hayate and Tama. So anywayz, Mikado goes all "ZOMG! Hisui has a stone! This be bad for the Sanzenin inheritance and stuff." Hayate tries to act all cool and goes "daijobu! It ain't over yet!&q

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 543: Us Within The Present -- Review and Synopsis

Ya ship Wataru x Nagi? I feel sorry for you after this chapter LOL! Synopsis: Nagi and Wataru's promise Chapter 543: Us within the present Wataru: You know, I have something to talk to you about but... Nagi: Something to talk about? Wataru: Yeah Wataru: I won't marry you. Nagi: look of contempt Mai waifu so pretty~ Nagi punches Wataru Nagi: What's with that bossy tone of yours? Are you sleepwalking? Wataru: That's not it. It's just that you and I were engaged once ENGAGED.That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Nagi: Ah? Nagi: That was still a thing wasn't it? Wataru: Eh? Of course. I was seriously worried about it, wasn't I? Nagi: That was just a poorly planned idea by our parents wasn't it? Besides, the ones who planned that are dead and your house fell into poverty. Wataru: That may be so... but there's that promise we made when were little. Wataru: That's why, take this... (hands her the King's Jewel). "This is a gu