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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 544: Great Stygian of Abyss -- Review and Synopsis

Isumi's revenge... coming soon~
Synopsis:  Awright, we start with the same scene from last chapter of Mikado telling Hayate and Athena to destroy the King's Jewel in order to restore her powerz... with a little something different that's not worth bothering with. To continue...

So Sakuya is with Isumi at her house (sakuya's presumably) and she informs them over the phone that there's been an intruder and they took Athena's butler along with the stone. So she be investigating it with Isumi and she's wondering if they have any clues who it might be and sends them a pic.

Hayate sees the pic and goes all "eh?"

Hayate recognizes it as Hisui's maid while Athena remembers that she's the one they fought in the Violet Mansion with Isumi, Hayate and Tama.

So anywayz, Mikado goes all "ZOMG! Hisui has a stone! This be bad for the Sanzenin inheritance and stuff."

Hayate tries to act all cool and goes "daijobu! It ain't over yet!"

He says he gonna go over to Hisui's to take back teh stone also so he can destroy it and return A-tan to her original form (lol! he can try)

So sakuya tells im to be careful and stuff coz Hisui ain't an easy opponent.

Meanwhile, upon realizing that it was Housen whom she fought before in the violet mansion, Isumi says she's goin too coz she wants some revenge for the last time.

At Hisui's lair, she and Housen be brainstormin how to get the old explosion of negative emotions.

Anywayz, Hisui dun believe that the loto key is really in the royal garden coz there's not enough info for now and
A-tan and Hayate in a chopper:
wtf is the royal power anyway?

So A-tan wants to talk a bit about the royal power. So she asks Hayate if he knows about the legend of the King's Ear and the Donkey's ear.

Anywayz, he says he forgets the details. She changes the question and asks him if he knows the meaning of the donkey's ears. So he dunno so we go storytelling time with A-tan.

Tis a story from a long time ago from... Phrygia.

So a long time ago King Midas REALLY loved gold so he was greedy and I mean like real greedy like he wanted all the world's gold.

So one day, by total chance, some stupid god decided to help im out...

So this god decided to grant him one wish.

Midas asked for (ya know that legend) he asked for everything he touched to be turned to gooold.

Anywayz, that was a biiig mistake by old midas and he turned his daughter (who looks an awful lot like Yozora Housen) to gold.

So he asked the god to retract his wish.

But in return for this, he would get donkey's ears attached as a symbol for being a stupid animal.

So anywayz, there's also that kind and the barber story, but the important part stars here.

So King Midas thought.... ya know what, I want the God's power for myself.

So he used his wealth to gather STAR POWER and then tricked the god.

So this girl's power was sealed in a castle. This be the royal garden.

King Midas sealed her in the castle. And the god slept inside a coffin in the deepest part. That be the royal power.

He used the power of the stars in exchange for fifty years of his life to grant any wish...the book of Orumzuto Nadja

It's effin Housen!
Review: Well, we're back to the King's Jewels plot... so huzzah for ya people who like that sort of thing. Anyway, a few big reveals this chapter, but personally, I found Isumi's desire for a revenge match with Housen to be the best part of this chapter.

I'll let you guys figure out the implications of Athena's story. Go ahead and discuss it in the comments coz I sure don't feel like it. I am sad coz mai waifu is not on panel this week. If anything, we found out that the god that Midas tricked is actually a goddess based on what Athena said... unless I misinterpreted that -- which is very likely coz I dun feel like reading Japanese when mai waifu ain't around.

Speculation Corner: Yeah, we've got one of those today. So Midas' daughter in the flashback looks suspiciously like Yozora Housen. Gotta give credit to Bill Plunderbones for this -- he called it some time ago. Now we don't have any official confirmation on this, but it looks quite likely.

Also, it would seem that Athena might actually be the "god" or "goddess" as the case may be who gave Midas his power. Either that or it's someone else entirely. Also no idea what that book is all about at the end of this chapter. It's worth noting that Nadja is Nagi's verbal sparring partner in those 4koma panels though.

Fanart Corner: Yeah, I've got one. This is still lacking in some details, but  here ya go. Also, see ya next week!


  1. Seems like the story starts spinning after a slow start...
    I'll wait for the final translation, so just some remarks.

    - Housen referred herself as 'royal' in one of the previous chapters, and also said to have > 100 years age
    - Hayate and Isumi never went all-out against Housen so far!
    - There are three big 'foreshadows' left as I count them
    - If one wanna' find a goddess in the story then maybe Nagi's mother would be a better candidate
    - Maybe Hisui is just a puppet? If so it can backfire against Housen easily...

    1. Yeah, Housen ran away when Isumi was about to get serious. As for Nagi's mother being a goddess, I suppose it could be, but she did want to return the power to the god (or now it seems it was a goddess all along.) I guess we'll have to retcon years of translations because of this? :D

      I like that last theory. One more twist would be that Hisui was on Nagi's side all along.

    2. All along would be too much I think.
      But Hisui would surely end up stabbing Housen in the back if betrayed. That fits her completely.

      And one foreshadow were that due some strange circumstances Isumi will win. (Of course we don't know when and what will she win...)

  2. read this for more info

    1. Thanks for the info. I didn't think it was actually that Nadja, but it seems it is.


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