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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 543: Us Within The Present -- Review and Synopsis

Ya ship Wataru x Nagi? I feel sorry for you after this chapter LOL!
Synopsis: Nagi and Wataru's promise

Chapter 543: Us within the present

Wataru: You know, I have something to talk to you about but...

Nagi: Something to talk about?

Wataru: Yeah

Wataru: I won't marry you.

Nagi: look of contempt

Mai waifu so pretty~

Nagi punches Wataru

Nagi: What's with that bossy tone of yours? Are you sleepwalking?

Wataru: That's not it. It's just that you and I were engaged once ENGAGED.That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Nagi: Ah?

Nagi: That was still a thing wasn't it?

Wataru: Eh? Of course. I was seriously worried about it, wasn't I?

Nagi: That was just a poorly planned idea by our parents wasn't it? Besides, the ones who planned that are dead and your house fell into poverty.

Wataru: That may be so... but there's that promise we made when were little.

Wataru: That's why, take this... (hands her the King's Jewel). "This is a guide." She said.

Wataru: It came from the Sanzenin's colleagues. It's probably very expensive.

Nagi: Is that ok? It's some kind of guide to fulfill a dream?

Wataru: I don't need something from my mother to help me out, that's why.

Wataru: My Akihabara shop is doing well. In addition, I want to make it the best in the world.

Mai waifu so lovely~
Wataru: Together with Saki... definitely...

Wataru: That's why this belongs to you.

Wataru: Definitely, what you are aiming for is far from me.

Nagi: I see...

Wataru: You've been drawing your manga, right?

Wataru: This time, it's no longer doujin. You're aiming to be a pro, right?

Nagi: So... so what?

Wataru: Do your best!

Wataru: Someday, your manga will be published and I'll advertise it in my shop.

Wataru: That's why... do your best.

Nagi: Fu~n, you don't have to tell me that.

Wataru: You never change, do you?

Wataru: Then, do your best... my original betrothed.

Nagi: Yup, you too.

Nagi eyes teh Jewel she got from Wataru inside the Sanzenin mansion.

Chiharu: WTF is up wid dat stone, ho?

Nagi: Oh? This?

Nagi: It's a stone handed down from the Sanzenin family. It has a mysterious power.

Chiharu: Fu~n it looks like a power stone.

Nagi: A long time ago, I was told by someone that this was a stone of bonds.

Chiharu: oooh, that's nice, isn't it? It fulfills a love... it gives me that kind of feeling.

Nagi:... there is a castle.

Chiharu: Castle?

Nagi: This stone originally belonged to that castle where a God lives.

Nagi: The royal power... a mysterious power.

Hayate in Mikado's mansion: Wtf is this royal power?

Mikado: ....

Hayate: Like I said earlier, Yukariko friggin hid the loto key inside the Royal Garden.

Hayate: If ya don't have a King's Jewel, ya kin not getz in.

Hayate: We gotta get to that castle knowing that Hisui's group is after it as well.

Hayate: That way, we can beat em to it. The power is also the Sanzenin family's heritage.

Mai waifu so cutie~
Athena: However, there's no way I can believe that.

Athena: You're so irresponsible you won't even tell me how to get back to my original form.

Mikado: How about "jumping chance?"

Athena: Ha?

Mikado: Like I said. Jumping chance. I'll tell you how to get back to your original form if ya give me a stone. I give you my word.

Hayate: Mataku...

Athena: It can't be helped, can it?

Hayate: Here, have a stone.

Mikado: Whut? Really?

Hayate: yeah

Mikado: Hah! I get it. You plan to take the stone as soon as I tell you.

Hayate: So pleaz tell us.

Mikado: Destroy it.

Athena: Eh?

Mikado: Your power has been sealed. Destroy the stone and you will return to your normal form.

Athena: Eh, izzat so? With such a simple thing>

Mikado: Yup, no doubt about it.

Hayate: Ain't that nice, A-tan?

Athena: Yeah, the stone is with Machina therefore.... (oh fudge... I ain't so smart after all)

Mai waifu so... HNNNNG! I must hug her!
Isumi calls (wait... she knows how to use a phone?)

Athena: Yellow?

Hayate: Well, this has been settled but...

Athena: Eh?

Hayate: Doushitano?

Athena: The friggin king's jewel is gone.

Hisui: Fu~n.

Hisui: what the fudge is up... with this Royal Power, I mean.

Well, let's get the best news out of the way first, shall we? Anywayz, for those hoping for a rekindling of the Wataru x Nagi ship after seeing that chapter cover... LOL! Ain't it sad? Not gonna happen, son! Also, that was an awesome way to kill this ship for good~

Nagi's reaction to this chapter cover.

I mentioned in the previous review about how the Wataru x Nagi ship has been subtly sunk... well, now it's been explicitly sunk so HUZZAH! Also, now Nagi has a King's Jewel... we'll get to that later.

K, so we find out in this chapter that Nagi seems to know some stuff about the royal power from her mother, but she's never seen any of that stuff in action so she just thinks of it as a fairytale.

Also, Hayate really could take lessons from Wataru in how to be a MAN! I agree with Doughnut Gunso when he says that Wataru is a lot more mature than Hayate. Yes he is! Yes he is! Screw you, Ayasaki! Grow up already!

Finally, Hayate and Athena are consulting with Mikado for some reason and finally get him to tell Athena how to return to her original form. Problem is, the stone was with Machina, which was stolen by Hisui and her battle maid/vampire/succubus.  Anywayz, epic battles await.

With that said, this was a pretty straighforward chapter. Everyone's been provided with different motivations and the side characters have been sidelined leaving room only for the key players. Tis time for Drama. With Nagi having a King's Jewel and without Hayate's knowledge, it's a ticking time bomb of negative emotions waiting to happen. But it's FINE. This has been a long time coming and I'm quite confident that this is actually the best way for my ship to finally set sail... and for Hayate to realize the error of his ways and grow up.

On to the next chapter! No break next week... but it could be a filler~

Fanart Corner:
Ok, here ya go. Traditional art time again.

A request from someone. Nagi as Kikyou.

She'd probably hurt herself if she tried to use that whip. That's not a good way to use your precious hair, ojou-sama!

Mini canvas and easel set from DAISO Japan. Gonna have to take a better picture of this for next week.


  1. All this time, (literally years) I've been wondering what the point of Wataru having a stone was, since he obviously wasn't going to be a major player in the end. Honestly I figured he was just gonna get mugged at some point. This is much better!

    Not much else to say, with Nagi having a stone, Athena a way to get her power back etc, things are moving smoothly towards the finale.

    By my count though, we need two more stones to be destroyed. Nagi needs one to enter the RG, as do Hsui and Hayate. I think probably Athena will destroy her stone and Hsui will steal Mikado's, but that leaves Hayate with two so one more "accident" is probably planned.

    1. Interesting prediction. I think Athena is unlikely to be able to destroy Hisui's stone though. Hisui and Housen just seem too capable so far from what we've been shown -- especially Housen who trumps just about everyone in combat.

  2. Finally we are getting somewhere. Thanks as always for translating.
    Nagi looks cu~te as Kikyou. I am definitely into cosplay.

    1. No prob. Good to know someone appreciates these early amateur translation hack jobs of mine despite the frequent errors. Heh, I love drawing Nagi cosplaying... actually, I just love drawing Nagi -- but I didn't need to point that out, did I?


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