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Orca Toys Nagi Sanzenin Cat Version HAS ARRIVED!

Dat sexy back~ OMG! My happiness cannot be contained right now. I've just been to the post office and VOILA! Cat Nagi has arrived!  She looks every bit as beautiful as the early pics from Orca Toys! I'm dumping some of my best pics of her here right now. I might add some more later if I can find some place with better lighting. But wow... she is so cute, adorable, lovely, pretty, beautiful, sexy, moe AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! I'm dying~ For now... enjoy~ Wow... so senpai noticed me again~ .... YAY! Added some new pics~ RTありがとうございます先生    

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 557: What A Wonderful World 9 - to the beginning --Review and Synopsis

Ok, before we start this transcript, lemme just say that I did not fully grasp a lot of what Himegami was saying. Corrections are welcome. And if you're looking for accuracy on the King's Jewels portions, wait for DKThias scanlations to do the job right. Anyway, Himegami sure is proving himself to be one creepy Yukariko stalker. Hisui wasn't wrong in her assessment of him... as you're about to find out: Presenting the unceremonious return of the Sanzen'in SPs. Synopsis: Himegami: I couldn't confirm the existence of this stone. It's a good thing you found it. Hayate: Himegami san! Mikado: Ah, so you've come as expected. Hayate: As expected? Mikado: You can tell he's a stalker from just his appearance. I thought Himegami looked pretty cool here... Himegami: Eh? Anyway, I've got something good to talk to you about. Someone: You don't worry about the details, do you? Mikado: You might really die this time. Defend yourself. Himegami:

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 556: What a Wonderful WOrld 8 -- Forbidden Resistance - Review and Synopsis

Before we begin this transcript I'd like to say HELLO ANIMESUKI! Thanks for the mention, lucas and Astronerdboy. Actually, I'm a lurker, first class.  Anywayz, let us begin. Some parts may be shady, so as always, wait for DKThias to do the full scanlations if you want quality. I just want to hug Nagi from behind... and stuff~ Synopsis: Nagi: That is.... :'( that is... Nagi: Ah... mother! Yukariko?: nosebleeds Nagi: 0_0 Nagi: Eh... are you ok!? Yukariko?: Eh? Yeah, I'm ok, I'm ok. I'm the type of person who vomits blood every three hours or so, that's why. Nagi: That's definitely NOT OK! Yukariko?: I'm not fine with the surgery so I decided to escape from the hospital. But I don't know the way home. Nagi: Rather than that, get back to the effin hospital! Nagi: Anywayz, I'll guide you so where's your hospital? Yukariko?: Eh, you'll accompany me? NOT-Yukariko: I dunno who you are but thanks! ^_^ Nagi: ..... Nagi: No, it's fi

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 555: What A Wonderful World 7: The Wrath of God, in All its Fury -- Synopsis and Review

A Wild Yukariko Appears! Synopsis: What A Wonderful World 7: The Wrath of God, in All i ts Fury The Girl's Last Wish Date: 10/31 Then... please. (seems to be submitting Nagi's manga) Chiharu: You've completed it somehow. Nagi: Yeah Chiharu: The award is at the end of the year, right? Nagi: I wonder what's going to happen. I'm not sure. Nagi: But, I gave it my all. Chiharu: IKR? Chiharu: But... aren't you going to stop Maria? Nagi: Trying to stop her is useless, isn't it? Once she's decided it's hard to change her mind. Chiharu: Yeah, it can't be helped. Nagi: However... Nagi: I'll have Hayate by my side. That's why it's ok Chiharu:.... um you know... IT's NOT OK! Redev Guy: I told you there's someone living there. A forced eviction is useless! Chiharu: It's that guy from before... Nagi: Some redevelopment manager guy, is it? Redev Guy: Ah, we meet again. Sorry about that. Chiharu: Not at all. Redev Guy: My boss is k