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Orca Toys Nagi Sanzenin Cat Version HAS ARRIVED!

Dat sexy back~
OMG! My happiness cannot be contained right now. I've just been to the post office and VOILA! Cat Nagi has arrived! 
She looks every bit as beautiful as the early pics from Orca Toys! I'm dumping some of my best pics of her here right now. I might add some more later if I can find some place with better lighting. But wow... she is so cute, adorable, lovely, pretty, beautiful, sexy, moe AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! I'm dying~

For now... enjoy~

Wow... so senpai noticed me again~ .... YAY! Added some new pics~

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 557: What A Wonderful World 9 - to the beginning --Review and Synopsis

Ok, before we start this transcript, lemme just say that I did not fully grasp a lot of what Himegami was saying. Corrections are welcome. And if you're looking for accuracy on the King's Jewels portions, wait for DKThias scanlations to do the job right.

Anyway, Himegami sure is proving himself to be one creepy Yukariko stalker. Hisui wasn't wrong in her assessment of him... as you're about to find out:

Presenting the unceremonious return of the Sanzen'in SPs.

Synopsis: Himegami: I couldn't confirm the existence of this stone. It's a good thing you found it.

Hayate: Himegami san!

Mikado: Ah, so you've come as expected.

Hayate: As expected?

Mikado: You can tell he's a stalker from just his appearance.

I thought Himegami looked pretty cool here...

Himegami: Eh? Anyway, I've got something good to talk to you about.

Someone: You don't worry about the details, do you?

Mikado: You might really die this time. Defend yourself.

Himegami: My, my... calling me a stalker hurts my feelings. You and Hisui are really cruel, old man.

Himegami: Anyway, I didn't come all this way just to fight.

Mikado: Nani?

Himegami: I've got a proposal that will bring happiness to all parties involved.

Mikado: Proposal?

Himegami: Sou.

Himegami: How about this? The Sanzen'in inheritance goes to Nagi and the Royal Power goes to me

Hayate: ....... 0_0 Hah?

Himegami: Ayasaki Hayate, you don't have a wish for the jewel do you? Neither do Nagi and Hisui.

Himegami: However, it's dangerous if the power and inheritance both fall into Hisui's hands.

The other day, Yozora gave her a power boost after all.

Himegami: Also, that power originally belong to us anyway.

Hayate: Us?

Himegami: Yup. It belonged to Yukariko.

Now he just looks plain creepy.

Himegami: it was in order to help a goddess. Yukariko appeared before me with a stone.

Himegami: It was love at first sight, which is why I wanted to draw her feelings in.

Himegami: I showed her the place where the royal power was kept.

Himegami: Even in exchange for 50 years of my life, I wanted to draw in her feelings.

Himegami: She was very surprised.

Himegami:  But there was no regret.

Himegami: This is why I promised her.

Himegami: "Someday, when you arrive at that castle where the goddess power resides, I will grant your wish."

Himegami: "Right now, I have a foolish wish that I really wish to be granted."

Himegami: The castle can grant a wish in exchange for a lifespan. But if you do that, you can't get out.

Himegami: But it's ok.

Himegami: I will help out.

Himegami: For the wish that hasn't been fulfilled, I can touch the King's jewel's again.

Himegami: Then, I will always come to help.

Himegami: Next time... inside that castle... I will.. As promised, until Yukariko reaches that castle.

Himegami: However, her wish was not fulfilled.

Himegami: Using the royal power. She used it for something else.

Himegami: I wonder if our promise was forgotten.

Isumi's grandma: A woman who fell in love at first sight cannot forget everything. What are you saying about touching the King's Jewels?

HImegami: Ginka oba-sama

Ginka: You never change, do ya? Dark guy?

Himegami: It was wrong to touch it. I never knew you couldn't turn back if you touched it.

Himegami: What's wrong? Just a little bit more.

Himegami: With the royal power, I can meet Yukariko again.

Himegami: That way, everyone will be happy. Even Nagi won't be lonely.

The face that launched... about 3-4 ships give or take. Seriously, girls. You can do better than this guy.
A-tan: But Midas held the same hopes. Your body may remain, but that is still death. Wandering as a ghost forever inside the castle.

A-tan: You want to get back the one you love in such a form?

Himegami: But you can't be killed!

Himegami: That's why it's ok, there is a way.

Himegami: That's why listen to my proposal! Yukariko can once again be.

Hina: However, even if you do meet her again, that person will not love you.

Hina: Your feelings will not reach her.

Himegami: This is the end of our negotiations.

Himegami: Fine then, no matter how much you prepare. Right now, Hisui is the strongest

Himegami: As originally planned, the power will go to Hisui.

Himegami: Everything will go to Hisui and I!

Mikado: WTF are you doing? Get after him! (to SP's)

Ginka: I think it's useless.

Hina: It seems pretty difficult right now.

Athena: With that said, all we can do is move forward.

Hayate: Hai!

Hayate: ......

Nagi: That Hayate. He isn't coming home today as well, isn't he?

Maria: Yeah, he's pretty busy at school today too.

Nagi: Fu~n

Nagi: But this kinda feels like a year ago.

Maria: Eh?

Nagi: When Himegami went away and before meeting Hayate. It was just you and me, Maria.

Nagi: I think... it was fun as well.

Maria: Then, because it's just the two of us... shall we do something fun?

Review: So, this is a bit of a transition chapter, but it does have a few highlights worth mentioning.

With Himegami's statements here, can we now put the theory that Yukariko=Kanzaki to rest? I know it doesn't sit well with most of you that Kanzaki was just some no-name individual only there for plot convenience 3.0, but I think that's just how Hata rolls (and trolls).

Mai waifu just wants to chillax a bit.
Himegami just went from cool and bad-ass to needy, whiny, creepy Yukariko stalker in like a single chapter. Now I'm not sure what he really said regarding the details of touching the King's Jewel and his promise with Yukariko and stuff, but what I am sure of is that he has a huge thing for Yukariko to the point of wanting to use the royal power to revive her. Of course, it seems that there's a catch, because she can only live on as some kind of undead ghost inside the Royal Garden -- at least according to Athena.

What is amusing is that with a deranged look on his face, Himegami declares that he's totally fine with this. Of course, Hina bursts his bubble in the end and he resigns like a defeated child sour-graping all the way and proclaiming how strong Hisui is and how everyone's gonna get wtfpwned all coz they wouldn't agree to his selfish proposal.

Seriously, Himegami. Go home and admire your custom-made Yukariko figures and cry on your Yukariko hug pillow or something. Give it a rest, dude.

Well, here's a plot-based theory: perhaps Himegami is meant to be an analog for Hayate. A sort of deranged future version of Hayate -- a mere shell of a man who has failed at something very important to him before. Yes, I can definitely imagine Hayate going down this route if he doesn't get his act together. In fact, all the signs are there right now. Hayate's been slowly self-destructing since the start of this arc -- but his road down the depths of depravity really began when he started considering using failed love as a means to open the path to the Royal Garden. Now don't get me wrong and take this literally. I don't mean that Himegami = Hayate. I mean that Himegami is a parallelism to Hayate just like how Wataru x Isumi's parting words were meant as a recurring motif to really make the words "I loved you" strike home and its corresponding implications.

Now let's talk a bit about the butler boy. So many people are eager to criticize the Nagi ship nowadays, but people have become so caught up in the debate of "who deserves Hayate," that we often fail to consider, "does Hayate even deserve anybody?" At this point, I would say that my ship, Nagi, definitely deserves someone better than Hayate. Hayate hasn't really done anything worthy of note that would warrant him deserving someone like Nagi -- or anyone for that matter, at least considering that rescuing Nagi from kidnappers and such is pretty much the norm for someone with his abilities

The other shippers often talk about reciprocity in order for Nagi to deserve Hayate -- I believe that's a flawed argument. I agree that there must be reciprocity on Hayate's part, but that's in order for him to prove that he is worthy of Nagi and not the other way around -- of course, I think Hata's working on this. There just needs to a bit more build-up towards the bomb and of course, Hayate's own emotional breakdown -- which really must happen at this point for the plot to make good storytelling sense.

I mean, just look at his pathetic face in this chapter. He's definitely thinking of a lot of things, but since we have zero insight as to what he is thinking most of the time, there's not even enough material to form some really concrete theories.

Finally, there's Maria initiating "something fun" together with Nagi. One has to wonder what this might be all about. Is it one last act of motherly care for Nagi? Beating Nagi at games as per usual? Or perhaps she plans to test out how far Nagi has become in a serious game of chess with something important on the line -- who knows?

How about this, though? What if Maria plans to give Nagi a bit of a makeover. Ya know, girly stuff. Let her hair down a little. Add a few more mature adornments on her than usual. Maybe even a little bit of lip blush. Cut her hair down to shoulder length, maybe? I personally prefer a long-haired Nagi, but it might be a good way to symbolize her ongoing maturity. Just like how Garnet cut her hair to symbolize her indpendence and new identity in FFIX.

Well, anything is possible with Maria, but it does add a bit of intrigue to things. I really like the way Hata is handling Nagi's dialogue nowadays. We still see a little bit of that ojousama snark from her every now and then, but she is definitely, and very certainly more mature than she was back then -- and that is concrete, tried and tested CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT based on actual events that happened in the manga. Yes, that last statement was aiming at certain remarks made online.

Fanart Corner: You know, I started out this week being bit sore at all of the anti Hayate x Nagi comments directly attacking my ship, but I realized that's the wrong attitude to take. Seriously, all this criticism is just a whole lot of cognitive dissonance -- or to use a simpler, more appropriate term, "salt." So here's a reactionary fanart from me~

If you're angry, that's because she's talking about you right now.

By the way, my Nagi cat version figure has been shipped. Can't wait to receive it~. She should arrive by this week.
I waited for nearly a year for this figure thanks to delays from Orca Toys... she's gonna be sooo worth the wait though~


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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 556: What a Wonderful WOrld 8 -- Forbidden Resistance - Review and Synopsis

Before we begin this transcript I'd like to say HELLO ANIMESUKI! Thanks for the mention, lucas and Astronerdboy. Actually, I'm a lurker, first class.
 Anywayz, let us begin. Some parts may be shady, so as always, wait for DKThias to do the full scanlations if you want quality.

I just want to hug Nagi from behind... and stuff~

Synopsis: Nagi: That is.... :'( that is...
Nagi: Ah... mother!

Yukariko?: nosebleeds

Nagi: 0_0

Nagi: Eh... are you ok!?

Yukariko?: Eh? Yeah, I'm ok, I'm ok. I'm the type of person who vomits blood every three hours or so, that's why.

Nagi: That's definitely NOT OK!

Yukariko?: I'm not fine with the surgery so I decided to escape from the hospital. But I don't know the way home.

Nagi: Rather than that, get back to the effin hospital!

Nagi: Anywayz, I'll guide you so where's your hospital?

Yukariko?: Eh, you'll accompany me?

NOT-Yukariko: I dunno who you are but thanks! ^_^

Nagi: .....

Nagi: No, it's fine...

Nagi: (I was mistaken huh)

Nagi: Don't worry about it.

NOT-Yukariko: Incidentally, I'd be happy if you buy me some latte.

Nagi: .....

Umm... are we sure this isn't really Yukariko?

At the hospital. Room name: Kanzaki

Nagi: As expected, I was wrong.

Kanzaki?: Sorry, you really did end up buying me latte.

Nagi: It's fine. It's not like you forced me to buy it.

Nagi: So, are you fine, with your sickness, I mean.

Kanzaki?: Ah yeah, I'm fine just fine.

Kanzaki?: And... even if I'm not fine, it's not a problem.

Nagi: Eh?

Kanzaki?: No one would worry about me...

Nagi: No one would...

Kanzaki?: Well, I'm a lonely youth. I've got money, so I'm living a carefree life but...

Kanzaki?: Normal things like getting married and having children. You may have a daughter in the future.

Kanzaki?: By the way, what's your name.

Nagi: I see... that person is alone as well...

Nagi: Me too... when Maria is gone.

Nagi: No... I'll have Hayate with me.

Nagi: If Hayate is with me, I'll be ok!

Nagi: I'm home! Hayate, Hayate!!

Nagi: Huh? Where's Hayate?

Maria: Hayate-kun still hasn't come home.

Maria; He seems to be really busy. He'll be staying at Hakuo overnight.

Nagi: I- I see...

Her twin tails sure grew longer

Hayate flashback: (That girl is really in love with you. She's already dreaming of marrying you)

Hayate: After knowing that... it's hard to come home.

Hayate: How can I face ojou-sama again in the future...?

Hina: Ara?

Hina: Hayate, you're at Hakuo on this cloudy night?

Hayate: Ah, HInagiku-san...

Hayate: In order to regain ojou-sama's inheritance, I'm staying at Hakuo overnight.

Hina: I see, you have it rough huh?

Hina: You really do your best for Nagi everyday, don't you?

Hayate: Weeell, it's my job after all.

HIna: Not at all, it's not just your job isn't it?

Hayate: huh?

Hina: Your debt is gone, so this is your affection.

Hina: You really like her, don't you? Nagi?


Hayate: Me... for ojou-sama?

Hina: Yup, It makes me a bit envious...

Hina: Ah, I didn't mean to say I'm jealous!

Hayate: Hinagiku san is jealous... (suki) TL NOTE: Dunno what this means, but it's in quotations... the "suki" part. Suki = love, like etc.

Hina: That's wrong! That's wrong! Don't think about it too much -- PLEASE!

Mikado: It seems Hisui has taken the stone

Hayate: oji-sama!

Mikado: I've heard everything from Athena including about Himegami.

Hina: Himegami is Nagi's former butler, huh?

Hayate: Hai, sou desu

Mikado: Right now, my info network is actively tracking their whereabouts

Mikado: But locating them is pretty hard.

Hayate: We can intercept them here, right?

Mikado: That is... if all goes well.

Mikado: Once they enter the castle, there's no way to chase after them.

Hayate: ......

Hayate: T-That's why, we need to take the stone back from Hisui!

Mikado: What do you mean? You lost so quickly last time. Do you think you can win in a rematch?

Hayate: Even so... even so...

Hayate: For ojou-sama's sake! I'll stake my life on it!

Hina: 0_0

Mikado: :|

Mikado: That's good.... then I'm entrusting you with this stone.

Hayate: This is...

Mikado: Like I said, I'm giving this to you.

Hayate: But for the path ahead even with a billion or 10 billion...

MIkado: You don't get it!

fLashback to santa Mikado and little Hayate: It's the single-minded people who get the last laugh.

Mikado: That jewel is proof, Ayasaki Hayate -- of single-minded dedication. That is the promise between you and Santa.

Hayate son... you'd better keep that promise. I want to see Hisui kick your ass AGAIN though.

Himegami behind Hayate:  I see.. there was still another stone.

To be continued 1/25!

Review: Right, let's get this out of the way first... NO THAT WAS NOT YUKARIKO!

It was just some girl named Kanzaki who happened to look a lot like Yukariko -- clothes and all. Anywayz, Nagi helping her out a bit demonstrated another side of Nagi's developing character: she's not helpless with directions anymore. Remember that she was just as bad as Isumi back in the Shimoda arc. Anyway, this is to be expected given how adept she is with smartphones and she's using an iPhone no less. 

Ok, with that aside, it seems Kanzaki's main purpose was to highlight that Nagi is not as ok with Maria leaving as she pretends to be. In fact, ever since the last chapter, Kayura has noticed that her little act of being all energetic about drawing another new manga seemed shallow. So now Nagi's been given a little something to think about.

With that, we move on to Hayate and Hina's conversation. It's interesting because Hina was indeed thinking of Nagi when Hayate mentioned that he wanted "queen" when asked what type of girl he likes. It seems that she suspects that he does like Nagi. How he likes her and whether she meant it in a romantic way was never mentioned -- therefore, I'm sure you haters really don't want it to be so. In any case, it's a good thing that she said that (whether it's true or not is still up in the air) because it made Hayate stop and think for a moment. In fact, he didn't flat out deny it.

So Mikado moves in and reveals that yeah, he really was that Santa Claus from Hayate's past -- and now a scene that was shown as comedic before actually has a deeper implication in the series -- great job, Hata-sensei.

Well, that concludes my ramblings for this chapter. Do keep reading this biased manga with its deus ex machina-reliant main character whom I love so much until the end people -- it probably won't be long now.

By the way, ORCA TOYS recently teased this pink and white version of the cat Nagi figure. I've preordered my normal blue and white version and will probably receive it by the first week of February... but MAN, this pink outfit suits her even better! I hope they release it as well. Why you so sexy, Nagi?

Baby... hold that pose, I'm in love all over and over and over again~

Fanart Corner: Ok... as promised, here's some new art from me. Also including the colored pencils version of that digital art from last time.

Nakoruru: The Gift She Gave Me (Dreamcast): A VIsual Novel Review by Mid-Tier Guard

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