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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 467: Daily Life -- Review and Synopsis

Hey... I think she grew a little bit taller! Synopsis: This is a two-part chapter. In the first part, A-tan explains how the Royal Garden works to Mikado using varied illustrations that range from Amateurish to semi-pro level. She even draws a shoujo manga version of herself escaping the place. Basically, the Royal Garden is a seal created by King Midas for his power so that even if power comes out of the garden, it automatically returns to it. However, ten years ago, the Shirozakura, which was one of the garden's largest sources of power was taken out when she escaped -- which is why the Royal Garden just has about four months left until it is destroyed and the Royal Power is unleashed upon the world. With her explanation complete, she makes a standing offer to Mikado to negotiate with her if he wants another King's Jewel. Athena is 100% better as a character with her memories back while still in Alice form. The second part is about Nagi leaving the Violet Mansion.

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 466: Time of Destruction -- Review and Synopsis

This watch... Synopsis: Hayate and Radiostar make it out of the dungeon in one piece. Hayate takes the clock as a  souvenir and lo and behold! It really is the Kurotsubaki (or Black Camelia if you prefer) because it clearly says so in its case. Anyway, reports back to Nagi, who has just finished watching the final episode of Love Live (I think) in tears. Hayate is a bloody mess, but he is successful in his mission. Nagi finally confronts Mikado with the King's Jewel and he's all like "No...," but he has no choice but to reinstate her as heiress so huzzah for that. Mikado warns Nagi that now that she's been reinstated, there'll be trouble since Hisui won't just sit still and apparently, she's all serious business. Nagi says to bring it on coz she'll crush them all... using Hayate (bwahaha!) THIS WATCH! THIS WATCH! THIS WATCH! THIS WATCH! THIS WATCH! THIS WATCH! THIS WATCH! THIS WATCH!THIS WATCH! THIS WATCH! THIS WATCH! THIS WATCH! TH

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 465: A Showdown 8 Months (10 Years) in The Making -- Review and Synopsis

Apparently, she's slacking off while waiting for Hayate... that's how much she TRUSTS in him! Synopsis: Having overcome the cute girl trap (not THAT kind of trap, mind you), Hayate and Radiostar hurry on further down the depths of the Sanzen'in dungeon (not its official name, I'm just calling it that.)  Radiostar kinda looks like a bishounen here, no? Both are aware that they are running out of time to find Mikado's King's Jewel and escape the dungeon alive...well, Radiostar's already dead but... aaaanyway, they find themselves inside a majestic looking place and Hayate is greeted by a familiar face, Head Butler Klaus and armed with a sword. Hayate asks Klaus what he's doing here and Klaus explains that he works there part-time four days a week, pretty much like Konoha. Klaus attacks Hayate from out of nowhere tells Hayate to take the sword. He states that it's been eight months since Hayate became Nagi's butler but Klaus still hasn

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 464: A Story of Needless Breasts -- Review and Synopsis

I see Makise-chan is significant enough to warrant a fanservice cover Synopsis: The details don't seem all that important in this chapter, so I'mma do this synopsis from memory. Okay, so our penniless butler is in quite a bit of a dilemma since he doesn't think he can get past the mario-like dungeon with his physical prowess alone, so he has to get the key from one bikini-clad cutie named Makise Konoha who is apparently being paid by Mikado to hide the key from him. Hayate asks her to confirm that the key really is on her person somewhere and she answers in the affirmative. After some thought, Hayate deduces that the key could only be hiding in her giant breasts (which are not as large as A-tan's according to Hayate, by the way.) This leaves Hayate with only one choice to get the key - grope her breasts to get them. However, he looks at his digital watch while he's thinking and Makise asks what he's doing. When he says he's checking how much time h

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 463: Dede de de de de! De!! Myon myon myon -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Presumably outside of Mikado's estate, it seems Isumi and Athena are in on the plan as well, but they can't provide any direct support. Also, Isumi states that the place is too well-guarded even for the both of them -- and that's definitely something considering that they're two of the most powerful characters in the manga so far. However, Athena is confident that Hayate can pull through. I'm liking the new character designs. I mean, how can I hate them when everyone looks like Nagi now? Back inside, Hayate is almost killed by a pit booby trap filled with spears. He discovers that despite Nagi taking care of the electronic locks, there are also tons of non-electronic traps inside Mikado's secret treasure vault. He checks his digital watch and discovers he's only got 45 minutes left or he won't make it out alive, so he summons Father Radiostar by dropping some gravure photo on the ground. Super Mario reference makes me think he'l