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Hayate Reflections: The Talk

"Shall we go then? There is something I'd like to tell you... under this infinitely vast, starlit sky." If Nagi Sanzen’in’s heart was throbbing with expectation the moment that she’d heard those words – which it must have been considering how she herself had admitted that her feelings for her former butler, Hayate Ayasaki, would never change, her face certainly did not show it at that moment. She smiled sweetly, sincerely… and yet, quite normally. It wasn’t that she would die of embarrassment if she’d ever let her true feelings rise to the surface. It’s just that her colorful experiences up to this point had made her a little bit more reserved in the way she expressed herself to others. One might say, that she was indeed the same Nagi that Hayate had left behind on that Christmas Eve exactly two years ago, but a little bit taller, a little bit wiser, and a whole lot more capable than she herself could ever have imagined. “Is that so?”  She replied while gracefu

Hayate Reflections: Unique Doesn't Always Mean Good

Undeniably, we are all living on a borrowed set of values whether we like it or not. What I find incredibly disheartening in the modern world is that a lot of us merely parrot someone else's words and even take on their entire ideals without even attempting to understand the philosophy behind that which we are trying to copy. Ok, was that a bit too ambiguous for you? Yup, that is intentional. See, I'm that kind of writer -- therefore, if you happen to be from this generation of ADD readers, you would probably be bored to death at this point because there's no hook at all. Seriously, the only hook I care to give is a pretty mean left hook... but I digress. To get back on track, I am specifically talking about (once again) the ending of Hayate and the pairing of Hayate x Nagi in general. People often drop labels like "predictable," or "generic" when it comes to the fact that Hayate loves Nagi (you can deny it if you want, but remember that this isn't r

Hayate Reflections: Power Level Tier List (Mine)

While the series is known as "Hayate the Combat Butler" in English, and while the first season of the series may have been known for its funny, over-the-top battle sequences, it is rather undeniable that the part of the series not covered by any of the anime adaptations so far has become more of a romantic comedy rather than anything else. With that said, I thought it would be fun to make a combat prowess/powerlevel tier list for this series, so let's get started. Here's my tier list for the series along with my rationale for each one. 1. Ikusa Ayasaki While Ikusa does not have much in terms of feats as we've never actually seen him go toe to toe with any of the heavy hitters in the series, it feels like he was basically designed to be the Seijuro Hiko of the series (if you're familiar with Kenshin). We have actually only seen him square off (unscathed) against Midas, destroying robot Eight with a kick, dodging and destroying Athena's magical hammers an

Hayate Reflections: I Have Hayate's Luck

Luck -- one of the main contrasting characteristics of the manga's main couple, Hayate and Nagi. We all know that Hayate has extremely bad luck, but it is later on revealed that Nagi is his polar opposite in this regard and has extremely good luck. It is especially prevalent when she actually relies on her brains combined with her good luck to defeat Maria in a game of roulette in the penultimate arc of the series. In any case, even before I started watching/reading the series, I feel as if I have always had the same type of luck as Hayate. For example, if there were 45 people on a boat -- all strangers, and they had to vote off one person at random, that person would be me by a majority vote. To give you a more concrete example though -- there is this promo that my local gas station runs wherein you can get freebies from a restaurant chain called Chowking everytime you gas up. You just press this button and wait for the machine to decide whether you won something or not. If

Hayate Reflections: A Tale Of Double Standards

Ok, feeling better so I can actually make a post today. Let us imagine a hypothetical scenario: Let's say that on new year's eve, a young girl happened to die. She is unaware of the circumstances of her death, but an angel promises to grant her any wish. She wishes to be able to be with her crush. The angel tells her that it's hard because that would be two wishes. First, she would have to be resurrected, and only than can her original wish be granted. However, an exception may be made for her if she can get the guy to kiss her just before she dies on New Year's eve. She is then resurrected and sent back exactly 24 hours before New Year arrives. At the moment she resurrects, her guy best friend is right there to greet her and he is super happy that she didn't die after all. She then explains the situation to him. After hearing her out, he promises to make her wish come true and he goes out of her way to help her out. They then proceed to make a few plans that wo

Hayate Reflections Postponed To Next Week

Well, I have a really bad sore throat right now and I'm a bit busy with IRL stuff as well, so I'll have to postpone Hayate Reflections to next week. See you then! Meanwhile, here's a video of Hata drawing Nagi shared by a commenter on this site. It actually gives you a lot of insight as to how he constructs his drawings -- especially the faces. It seems he uses a more anatomically correct technique nowadays: