Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hayate Reflections: Unique Doesn't Always Mean Good

Undeniably, we are all living on a borrowed set of values whether we like it or not. What I find incredibly disheartening in the modern world is that a lot of us merely parrot someone else's words and even take on their entire ideals without even attempting to understand the philosophy behind that which we are trying to copy.

Ok, was that a bit too ambiguous for you? Yup, that is intentional. See, I'm that kind of writer -- therefore, if you happen to be from this generation of ADD readers, you would probably be bored to death at this point because there's no hook at all. Seriously, the only hook I care to give is a pretty mean left hook... but I digress.

To get back on track, I am specifically talking about (once again) the ending of Hayate and the pairing of Hayate x Nagi in general. People often drop labels like "predictable," or "generic" when it comes to the fact that Hayate loves Nagi (you can deny it if you want, but remember that this isn't real life and using psychological analysis on the characters towards an ending penned down by an author who was pushing this pair from start to finish just makes you look silly) and to some extent, these labels are true. 

People also often drop phrases like "I expected a plot twist" instead of the "boring, predictable ending" that we apparently get.

At this point, I'd like to present an opposing viewpoint from the norm -- something that you might not have considered up until now.

Have you ever thought about why you want to see a different kind of ending? Have you ever considered why you think that something that is labeled as "predictable" is also "bad?"

What I'm basically asking is that is your penchant for something that is "unique" or for a "plot twist that differs from the norm" something that you truly desire -- or is it something that the media that you consume has somehow brainwashed you into thinking that it is always positive.

The bottom line is, something that is predictable is not always necessarily bad and something that is unique and offers a plot twist that strays from the norm isn't always all that good. Try to reflect and think if the values that you hold so dearly are truly your own -- or something that you have actually rationalized within yourself to become your own or not. Whatever the outcome might be, it would definitely help you form a more respectable opinion in the future.

To quote Marie Rose from Dead or Alive "Bigger isn't always better, you know."

With that said, see you next week!

Fanart Corner

Today's fanart corner is a bit different. I started livestreaming some of my drawing sessions lately over Facebook and Pixiv. Here's a recording of one of my painting sessions and the corresponding results.

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