Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hayate Reflections: A Tale Of Double Standards

Ok, feeling better so I can actually make a post today.

Let us imagine a hypothetical scenario:

Let's say that on new year's eve, a young girl happened to die. She is unaware of the circumstances of her death, but an angel promises to grant her any wish. She wishes to be able to be with her crush.

The angel tells her that it's hard because that would be two wishes. First, she would have to be resurrected, and only than can her original wish be granted. However, an exception may be made for her if she can get the guy to kiss her just before she dies on New Year's eve.

She is then resurrected and sent back exactly 24 hours before New Year arrives. At the moment she resurrects, her guy best friend is right there to greet her and he is super happy that she didn't die after all.

She then explains the situation to him. After hearing her out, he promises to make her wish come true and he goes out of her way to help her out. They then proceed to make a few plans that wouldn't spook her crush because she's supposed to be dead. They spend the day discussing and then decide on buying a disguise for her.

When they are near her crush, she starts to realize that her guy best friend seems to really care about her a little bit too much. He then pushes her out in front of her crush while simultaneously confessing that he loves her.

She is hesitant about what to do, and so she decides to explain the situation to her crush -- who gladly obliges because she looks cute. All this time, she is thinking about everything that her best friend did to help her out.

It is only after the kiss that she realizes that her best friend actually died alongside her while they were trying to rescue a drowning cat.

She talks to the angel who tells her that he did indeed die and in order to be resurrected, he must kiss the one he loves before the new year. She then rushes over to him just before new year arrives and kisses him while declaring that she is happy that he fell in love with her.

At that moment, she renounces her wish and fulfills his wish instead -- causing her to disappear into nothing...

The guy then begins counting down to the new year and when the countdown ends... poof! The girl reappears right in front of him and they share a hug... because his wish was to always be with her. The kiss was just the condition to fulfill the wish.

A nice, happy love story isn't it? This is actually one of the stories included in the manga "Only One Wish" (as published by Del Rey books) by Mia Ikumi. Buy it if you can. It's a good manga.

Now... what if the story was in reverse and it was the girl who was always doing her best because she loved the guy... but the guy always had some other girl at the back of his mind and never realized his feelings for the girl until the very end? Does it seem like it wouldn't feel right? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

In any case, if it doesn't feel right for you, then perhaps you should consider the possibility that you are simply using double standards to justify your personal biases. Yeah, go on... think about it.

Fanart Corner

Not much of a fanart corner today. Just a quick watercolor of an older piece that I did as an example while teaching my niece how to use watercolors.

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