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Masters of the Universe Revelation - A Review By A Casual Fan

  Little warning in advance. This is a full review of Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 1 on Netflix, so if you haven’t watched the show yet and you do plan to watch it, then stop watching this video now and come back here when you’re done unless you’re okay with spoilers. The Bad Right, so let’s get the things I hate from this show out of the way. First of all, I really hate the central character in this series, who is of course, Teela. Yes, it was a bait and switch all along. If you wanted to hate this show for feminist, SJW pandering, then she is the embodiment of all those things. She’s portrayed to be super capable – a lot more than Prince Adam and basically, she can do no wrong in this show even though she has a horrible personality. When Prince Adam dies, instead of mourning her friend, she’s more hung up over the fact that he didn’t reveal his secret to her and feels justified in basically having a temper tantrum and sulking off because her feelings were hurt. This

Hayate Reflections Revival Episode 2: Are Recent Anime Really Superior?

 When I was a child,  I used to love stuff like Transformers, Archie Comics, He-Man, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers... basically, any cartoon or kids show that I could watch at that time. As I grew older... perhaps around the time I hit high school, I realized that some shows just didn't feel right for me anymore. While I could still watch stuff like Pokemon, Batman: The Animated Series, The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and of course, anime, I tried to avoid watching animations that didn't have this mature vibe to them. At that time, I thought that this was merely a consequence of growing up. After all, I was now a teenager, therefore, my tastes had matured. Those kiddy shows from my childhood just didn't fit with my more adult tastes nowadays. I continued to adopt this kind of mindset when it came to animation for the next two decades or so. Anime always got a pass since where I'm from (in the Philippines), it was always seen as ok to like anime. For

So I Tried Singing

 Time to sing with my pseudo loli voice~

Hayate Reflections Revival Episode 1 - Leaving Meaner Comments On Mean Comments

  Meanwhile, I have a few new drawings of Nagi to show off, so here ya go.

New Hayate Reflections Episode Incoming...

If you're not aware, Hayate Reflections is a little episodic youtube series that I started on my Youtube channel about 3 years ago after the Hayate no Gotoku! manga ended wherein I talk a little bit about my thoughts on different aspects of the manga. I got tired of it eventually -- mostly due to having almost zero viewership on youtube thanks to getting shadowbanned and the really unfair algorithms they've put in place. Anyway, since I've been motivated to make more new videos recently, I'm bringing back Hayate Reflections with a facelift and a brand new episode this week... watch out for it on my channel at I won't completely spoil the content, but here's a little hint:


So while buying lunch at GT Town Center Mall this weekend, I happened to overhear an interesting conversation: one that presents a moral dilemma. There was an old (senior citizen) man who sat down at one of the free tables at the food hall. He had a takeout package from Jollibee. As he proceeded to open the package to eat his lunch, one of the people manning a particular food stall there told him: “Sir, bawal magkaon diri. Puwede lang ka pungko. Take out lang kon magkaon.” (Sir, it’s forbidden to eat here. You can sit down, but the establishment only allows take-outs.) To which, the old man promptly answered: “To, siling nila sa akon to puwede ka kaon diri sa food hall. Food hall ni indi bala?” (Buddy,   they said I could eat at the food hall. This is the food hall, isn’t it?) The employee replied: “Sir, wala taka gina saway ah. Galing basi masaway ka sang security karon.” (Sir, I’m not scolding you, but security might tell you off if they see you.) The old man repeated