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Hayate The Combat Butler Final Chapter: The Place of Beginnings (A One-Shot Fanfic)

Disclaimer: This is a non-canon, fanfiction written by a fan of the manga and anime. I am not affiliated with Kenjiro Hata. I do not own any of the characters or places described in this fan-made fiction piece. Hayate no Gotoku! And all its characters belong to Kenjiro Hata and I make no claim of ownership on any copyrighted material expressly or impliedly mentioned/referenced in this fanfic. It was a relationship that was doomed to fail – one that was built upon a misunderstanding… Everything began on that night before Christmas. Hayate Ayasaki checked the hands on his wristwatch. Maria-san’s surprise birthday party had already been concluded hours ago. It was 15 minutes past 9. Still a little bit earlier than the appointed time, but he figured that he might as well head for the meeting place early. Suddenly, a cool breeze blew past, bringing with it a few pieces of snowflakes – one of which lightly brushed past the surface of his wristwatch “Ah! That’s

Paragon of Justice Crimson Ranger: Episode 8: There's No Way I Can Accept This Kind of Development!

All the previous episodes of Paragon of Justice: Crimson Ranger can be read here:  I'll add them all to this blog... eventually. The story so far: Pete Robinson was just another self-sufficient, lackadaisical otaku until one day, a red comet fell from the sky which turned out to be the super-powered paragon of justice and all-around busybody, the Crimson Ranger.   Pete is conned by the dying Crimson Ranger into taking the Red One Changer and taking on the mantle of the Crimson Ranger. Fortunately, Pete is not completely alone as he fumbles his way through the new role forced upon him. The spirit of the original Crimson Ranger returns to help him as a twin-tailed 13 year-old Japanese schoolgirl named Giselle Orchardwither with an annoyingly cute voice and who only exists in Pete’s head. Whether she is for real or a mere figment of Pete’s imagination is irrelevant since Pete is the only one who can