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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 445: We Still Don’t Know The Name Of The Flower We Ate That Day - Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Btw, I got the chapter title totally wrong for the previous chapter review. Anyway, this chapter looks like an obvious allusion to Ano Hana. I oughta watch that anime someday. I’ve heard good things about it. I'd put in Hina's cover up there, but you know what... I dun like Hata's cover art this time around - and it has nothing to do with Hina as a character, btw. Not good enough just yet, Hayate So like, Hinagiku is somewhere inside some kind of locker room complaining about Hayate’s behavior while still dressed in the bunny girl outfit from the previous chapter. Finally, the “LIFE” building is fully restored by Kotetsu and as thanks, Hayate gives him a ticket (looks like a train ticket) and tells him to use it to leave immediately while calling him an idiot. Even Maria (still in bunny girl outfit) complains that Hayate is being a little too dirty, but Hayate counters that he needs to use every available option and fast because seaside restaurants

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 444: This Is Not A Sign That The Protagonist Will Lose - Review And Synopsis

Nagi's WTF face. Synopsis: Nagi asks Ikusa if he’d be ok if she paid the 8.92 million yen, and surprisingly, Ikusa says he’d be fine with that but only if Hayate admits that he’s a pathetic man worth less than a worn-out slipper who relies on little girls to get what he wants. Nagi blurts out that Hayate is worth at least a brand-new slipper, which doesn’t really alleviate the situation. I like Nagi's playful expression here. Something snaps inside of Hayate and he accepts the challenge and declares that he will win this bet which consists of bringing the seaside restaurant “Life” back to life within 3 days. Hayate's mad now. He puts Ikusa at the same level as his parents as “just another good-for-nothing relative.” Hayate begins putting his plan into action – like a boss. He summons Kotetsu by using a “secret password.” (Stating that he plans to wear a swimsuit). Then he quickly puts Kotetsu to work by demanding that he rebuild the ruined restau

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 443: Troublesome Relative - Review and Synopsis

Hamster gets a cover too. Synopsis: Everyone is gathered around Ikusa at the beach and Chiharu and Athena remark that he’s pretty good looking and that he looks quite troublesome. Nagi adds that he walked around the beach while cross-dressing in order to fool his enemy (Eight from the previous chapter). Cross-dressing runs in the family, I suppose. Kayura and Ayumu state that Hayate should be having a touching reunion with his brother, but Hayate says that too many troublesome things happened that he’s lost the mood for such a thing and that all he really wants is the King’s Jewel (the one he gave to Ikusa 10 years ago). Nagi and Maria remark that Ikusa looks like he doesn’t even own a shirt, so how could he have a King’s Jewel? Hamster volunteers to ask him and actually does so – asks him if he owns a shirt, that is.   Ikusa replies that he owns two. Hamster then follows up by asking him if he might own something that he’s had for over ten years and Ikusa shows her th

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 442: WIth You Always - Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: So continuing that ridiculous story thread from the previous chapter, Ikusa saves Hayate from Eight’s robo punch and then declares that he will never forgive him for overfishing for octopuses (octopi? Whatever). Eight goes into flashback mode and explains how Makimura promised to marry him only if he wins 600 million yen via Toto (I suppose it’s some kind of gambling game? Lotto, maybe?) Anyway, it seems that with all his robot calculating powerz, Eight just cannot accurately predict the winning numbers, so he resorts to finding a descendant of an octopus named Paul-kun. So just who is this Paul-kun exactly? Nagi arrives by Hayate’s side to explain. Apparently, Paul-kun is an octopus who apparently accurately predicted all the results of the football matches played by Germany. Here’s the wiki entry on Paul-kun . Hayate: Nice six-pack, bro . So with the flashback over, Ikusa and Eight resume their fight and Eight pulls out dem missiles and literally goes ballistic on Ik