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Understanding: A Tale of Compassion For The Hardworking

 There was once a family of three: a husband, a wife, and their only daughter. Because both parents were busy pursuing their respective careers, they contracted a meal catering service to serve them home-cooked meals delivered to their home every day. This was a great setup for a while and the meals were always delivered promptly almost all the except for some days once or twice a year when the meal catering company was doing regular maintenance or when unforeseen circumstances happened, but one day, a new meal catering company entered the scene. The new company was granted exclusive franchise over the meal catering business effectively putting the old company out of business. Fortunately, the new company promised lower prices but better quality ingredients, more nutritious meals, and more importantly, 24-hour customer service via social media channels; something that the old company had ignored completely. Without hesitation, the family quickly made the transfer to the new servic