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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 479: Rice Is A Side Dish -- Review and Synopsis

Nagi cover strike 2 this week. Synopsis: It's a Fumi and Sharna chapter this week. On her path to becoming a "lifesaver" as per the Ikusa chapters, Fumi decides that she needs a robot assistant to help her, which means Hata has probably been watching Big Hero 6... which would not be too surprising given the Godzilla references a few chapters ago just when the film was showing on the big screen.  Anyway, they run into Makimura-sensei and Eight who are on their way to Starbucks for some Latte. Fumi asks her to make her a robot assistant just like Eight. After buying her latte, Fumi and Sharna are taken back to Makimura-sensei's lab where she asks Fumi what kind of robot she's thinking of. Fumi says that she wants a robot who can fly and that she can ride on top of. Makimura shows her a fat guy robot, which Fumi instantly rejects. She also says she wants a robot who can do karate chops and roundhouse kicks as a finisher and again, Makimura-sensei says that

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 478: In Search Of A Love Comedy -- Review and Synopsis

Nagi covers are the best covers . Synopsis: This week, we check back in with Nagi who is lounging about her mansion and watching Ruka on TV. She reflects on how it hasn't been long since she'd had a doujinshi competition with this idol. Nice to see you again, miss teen idol. Maria chimes in and warns her that she's not taking things seriously enough since they do have a rematch scheduled after ten years and she hasn't actually gained any significant improvement in skill. Kayura also makes an appearance and adds that she only won because Maizumi used his influence and made her manga popular -- in other words, she won out of dumb luck. See, I knew Maizumi was a lolicon. This convinces Nagi to take a new, drastic step in her path towards becoming a true Mangaka. She declares that she would submit a manga to a magazine and possibly win an award. She won't need to look very far. She decides on Shounen Sunday since it's apparently been losing