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Let's Play: Batman Forever (Game Gear) Part 5

Finally finished this playthrough of Batman Forever for the Sega Game Gear. If you have any suggestions for more games for me to do Let's Plays of, feel free to tell me in the comments below.

Let's Read: Unpolished

This is a kinetic novel read-through of one of my short, non-branching visual novels called "Unpolished." The story was written based loosely on the experiences of my sister and father in real life.   This was released as part of the Teacup Visual Novel Festival 2010. Reading time is approximately 10 minutes for the full experience. It was intentionally written to be just a little bit more than 1k. -Title: Unpolished -Author: lordcloudx -Description: Short Visual Novel -Platform: Windows -System Requirements: Ren'Py Compatible -Year: 2010  Download: