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Resonance - A Short Story

How about a little reading and a little food for thought while most of the world is under lockdown or quarantine from the threat of covid-19? This is a story that I've had in my head since last year -- I just never had time to put it down into actual words until now. Of course, it's now been influenced by more recent events.  Resonance By lordcloudx Aethernet Servers #writing: March 16, 2030 Jin:   Hi, anyone around? Karen-chan: S’up, Jin? Usually don’t see you around these parts. Jin: Hey, Karen! Uh… yeah. Just chilling and trying to gather my thoughts for a bit. Karen-chan: Ready to write your next big hit? Jin: Since when have I ever been a big hit? Karen-chan: Hey, you’ve won over 20 Palanquin awards   for your stories in your time. Some of us are still struggling to win our first one. Jin: Heh, you’ll get there eventually. Anyway, TBH, I was hoping there’d be more people around. Erick is now online Erick: Yo Karen-chan: S’up Jin: Hey