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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 498: Tough Teacher -- Synopsis and Review (Japanese raws only)

Even she looks like Nagi now. Synopsis: Hina's about to lay down her theory on Chiharu about "the criminal," My translation of the title: Tough Teacher Chiharu: STAHP, I need to get dressed first! Hina: Yearh, fine. Go get dressed quickly, you silly glasses girl. Suddenly, the completers go off and it's not Hayate. Hina thinks it's strange since it should be just one person working alone. Anyway, we see that "Yukiko" (masked Yukiji) has teamed up with Sistah Sonia and Sonia compliments her for doing a neat job. They've entered into an agreement to split half the prize if they win. Yukiji says to believe in her coz she's a teacher, but Sistah doesn't buy it. Yukiji: Well... I can't believe you're a Sistah either!  Imouto's here to save the day! So anyway, they're plotting to gangbang gang up on Hina... when all of a sudden, they run into some wild guerillas in the Elevator... no, really. No wait,

ハヤテの秘密な命 Hayate's Secret Life Episode 1 - A Guest Hayate Fanfic

Disclaimer: This fanfic was not written by me (lordcloudx), although I did help out as a proofreader/editor. The original authors are credited at the bottom. One typical morning, the butler and his mistress were riding to school on Hayate’s bike. As usual, Lady Nagi had a grumpy look on her face. Nagi might be a genius, but she never did like school very much and she never would. After all, school eats up way too much time; which could be put to better uses such as playing video games, reading manga, and watching anime.  At that moment the blue-haired butler looked back behind him at his cranky little mistress. “Is there anything wrong milady?”              “Nothing is wrong. Keep your eyes on the road. I hate school.” She replied rather matter-of-factly. “Ah definitely, I cant afford to add hospital expenses my debt.” Hayate smiled sheepishly as he said this. “What about the debt? I mean if you want, I could just… arrgghh! NEVERMIND!” “Eh…?” As oblivious as Hayate w

Food Review: Green Tea Kit-Kat

The packaging Alright, a few of my recent acquaintances over facebook have been ranting about how Japan has all these different flavors of Kit-Kat and that we never get them here in the Philippines. Well... ta-dah! Locally bought from the "Oriental Goods" section of Robinson's Supermarket, here it is: one pack of green tea Kit-Kat minis at 12 pieces per pack for 230 PHP or approximately $5.10. Anyway, it's a bit more expensive than other imported snacks here... but not by much. I thought I'd give it a try, and thus, we come to the raison d'etre for this post. Appearance Well, it's chocolate that's apparently been somehow infused with green tea flavor using some bizarre form of alchemy or something. It just looks like a really greasy greenish kit-kat. The color sort of reminds me of iceberg lettuce or seaweed. It doesn't lookt too unappetizing, but it doesn't exactly look that good, either. One for me and one for...   Size It's

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 497: Spicy Strategy In Colombia -- Review and Synopsis (Japanese Raws)

Ya know... I can't believe that there's actually a Chiharu x Hayate ship, but there really are some fans who ship her with Hayate. Synopsis:  Hina is in a hotel room with Miki and Risa. She notices that the completer indicates that someone just dropped off. Dammit, Hata! I told you that there was not enough Nagi recently! Risa is sure that it's Aika-san coz she has NO GUTS! Anyway, people seem to be dropping off like flies and this worries Hina. Back to Aika and her bout with the spiders... ya know what? I dun care about this, so forget about it. Sasuga Hata~ Also, it seems the name of the hotel is the Sanzen Inn (lol HATA!)   So back with Hayate and Nagi, Hayate's totally locked up Kotetsu and he says he'll release him after they win. He also once again states that he's gonna settle this school trip with everyone tonight. Nagi asks if he can really do that. He then says to leave it to him because he's already examined every corner of the

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 496: Isn't It Good To Have Guts? -- Review And Synopsis (Japanese Raws)

I don't care about your guts! Synopsis: Again, I apologize in advance if I've made a mistake with the chapter translation... among other things. Here are the winners of the 2nd orientation 1. Izumi 2. Chiharu's team 3. ‪#‎TeamNagi‬ yeah! 4. Yukiko Chan's team (LOL!) (cow cow credit card) 5. Hinagiku (cow cow credit card) Chiharu says 2nd place is fine... but she remembers that she almost got eaten alive and asks why Kayura didn't help her and of course, Kayura says she was running away too. Isumi is all squint emoticon meh, you're not Nagi, I dun care about you. Hina offers to rent a room for her team with her leftover money since their team won one of those credit card things, but Aika refuses since the team was formed for this orientation and the money that Hina would be using was the one she won from the previous one. Miki just ups and presses her completer and retires... to Aika and Hina's shock. Meanwhile, Miki somehow guilts Aika into not borrow

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 495: It's Not The Strong Person Who Wins. Those Who Win, Win! -- Synopsis and Review (japanese)

I dun like airheads Shoutout: Join our new FB fan group. I provide chapter spoilers for the Japanese raws whenever I can: Hayate no Gotoku! Another Fan Group Also, ecchi is quite fine in this group and I'm an admin there, so if you love Nagi, then this group is for you. If you don't and just love the series in general, this group is for you too~ My current CP wallpaper (lol... in more ways than one) Synopsis: Izumi has been left alone and falls asleep inside one of the huts in the forest. Nagi's sooo cute! The teams have officially been formed and they're each given cameras to be used for the orientation contest. Risa is joining Wataru and Saki as a commentator for the event and Wataru mentions something about capturing the spirit of a unique animal in a photograph. The teams are: -Chiharu, Kayura and Isumi -Nagi, Hayate and Kotetsu -Hina, Miki and Aika Anyway, all the teams are doing well in their own right according to the commentators -Isumi summons a