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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 498: Tough Teacher -- Synopsis and Review (Japanese raws only)

Even she looks like Nagi now.
Synopsis: Hina's about to lay down her theory on Chiharu about "the criminal,"

My translation of the title: Tough Teacher
Chiharu: STAHP, I need to get dressed first!
Hina: Yearh, fine. Go get dressed quickly, you silly glasses girl.

Suddenly, the completers go off and it's not Hayate. Hina thinks it's strange since it should be just one person working alone.

Anyway, we see that "Yukiko" (masked Yukiji) has teamed up with Sistah Sonia and Sonia compliments her for doing a neat job. They've entered into an agreement to split half the prize if they win. Yukiji says to believe in her coz she's a teacher, but Sistah doesn't buy it.

Yukiji: Well... I can't believe you're a Sistah either! 
Imouto's here to save the day!
So anyway, they're plotting to gangbang gang up on Hina... when all of a sudden, they run into some wild guerillas in the Elevator... no, really. No wait, they're terrorists speaking in Engrish... the japanese chapter even has Engrish text and the terrorist is named Mike. Anyway, they be in deep trouble now.

Suddenly, imouto Ruri Tsugumi is back and she goes up straight to Nagi's room. She warns Nagi of a problem due to an irregular occurrence. Nagi asks if this is part of the school trip thingy too and Ruri says it's not.

Back to Chiharu's room, there's a commotion outside and Hina and then there's a huge sound form somewhere in the room, so Hina says she'll check inside and she asks Chiharu to check outside.

So... Chiharu runs into Mike the terrorist.

Anyway...WTF Hina actually knew it was Hayate, but he's escaped through the air duct. Hina shouts out for him to wait coz he ain't gettin away.

Anyway, she actually goes into the air duct after him and actually sees him trying to get away, but Chiharu suddenly shouts from outside.

Back to Sonia and Yukiji... well, do you really think these two would lose to some random terrorists?

Anyway, Mike the terrorist has snuck into some random girl's room and goes, "why japanese people? Why?"

Yukiji catches him and totally KO's him. The girl thanks Yukiji, then she asks if she's injured and to let her see... of course, she totally takes this opportunity to press the girl's completer.

Anyway, Nagi runs into Izumi outside since this terrorist attack isn't part of the school trip. The men in black are busy herding the students to safety. Risa is also there and asks where Hayata is. Nagi says he's probably still inside and fiercely fighting while looking at her completer.

Inside, Yukiji and Sonia are still busy offing other competitors and Sonia notes that she really can't believe that she's a teacher. Yukiji goes STFU NEXT!
Not enough of Nagi's cutieful face again.

Review: I waited for you, RHS-kun... I really did!

Well... Hina actually knew it was Hayate all along -- which explains that silly grin on her face from the previous chapter. Anyway, stuff happens here and there are armed terrorists and stuff all of a sudden. While a lot was happening here, there were no concrete events that I can really comment on for now.

Also, I have no idea how Hina knew it was Hayate except we'll just have to admit the fact that she has really good instincts.

Also, still not enough panel time for mai waifu this week.

Fanart Corner: Started watching The World God Only Knows lately and I really liked it. Hina's outfit here is a request from a friend who got me into the series. (thanks Haqua/Hayate1). Of course, the actual scene I drew was inspired by this post from Doughnut Gunso's blog. Be glad I didn't draw the other scene he suggested :).
This should really have been the winning shot. (Note: I do NOT support animal abuse. I just like to poke fun at stuff)

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ハヤテの秘密な命 Hayate's Secret Life Episode 1 - A Guest Hayate Fanfic

This fanfic was not written by me (lordcloudx), although I did help out as a proofreader/editor. The original authors are credited at the bottom.

One typical morning, the butler and his mistress were riding to school on Hayate’s bike. As usual, Lady Nagi had a grumpy look on her face. Nagi might be a genius, but she never did like school very much and she never would. After all, school eats up way too much time; which could be put to better uses such as playing video games, reading manga, and watching anime.
 At that moment the blue-haired butler looked back behind him at his cranky little mistress.
“Is there anything wrong milady?”             
“Nothing is wrong. Keep your eyes on the road. I hate school.” She replied rather matter-of-factly.
“Ah definitely, I cant afford to add hospital expenses my debt.” Hayate smiled sheepishly as he said this.
“What about the debt? I mean if you want, I could just… arrgghh! NEVERMIND!”
As oblivious as Hayate was to the opposite sex, he couldn’t help but notice that there was something sad… almost mournful in Nagi’s tone.              
“I said it was nothing! Now watch where we’re going!”
“Ah, nagi and hayate-kun. Good morning!”
“Morning…” Nagi greeted back at the ever-energetic Hinagiku Katsura who was walking to school on her own today.
“Oh Hinagiku-san good morning too. Hinagiku-san is looking cute as usual today.”
“Eh?” The student council’s president blushed a rosy shade of red at the butler’s casual, unwarranted compliment. “What did you just say?”
“Ah, the road! Hayate, watch it!”
The bike crashed straight into a certain purple-haired individual sending Nagi flying into the sky.
Fortunately, her fall was cushioned by some soft bushes on the side of the road.
“Ahh!! Idiot! I told you to watch out!”
Hayate: ahh, Milady!
“Ahh! Ouch!” Kotetsu Segawa, the certain purple-haired individual whom they’d bumped into exclaimed in pain.
“Wahhhh! Oh no! a-are you okay?” Hayate, who had made use of his acrobatic skills to prevent his bike from falling over, quickly rushed to his lady’s side.
“A-Ayasaki? Is that you?”
“Oh! Hayate Ayasaki” Suddenly, Kotetsu Segawa’s eyes turned into hearts. “My love!”
“What?” A faint streak of red crossed Hayate’s cheeks upon hearing this.
Nagi, who was just recovering from her bruises was awestruck. “K-Kotetsu, what did you just say?!”
“I-I love you Hayate Ayasaki!” The purple haired butler shouted even louder at the top of his lungs.
At this moment, Hayate Ayasaki was clearly furiously blushing… something which did not escape Lady Nagi’s keen eyes.
“S-stop saying stuff like that!”
“K-Kotetsu!!! Y-You perverted idiot”
Despite her frail form and clear lack of martial arts training, Nagi drove an axe drop kick dead-center into Kotetsu Segawa’s face.
The kick was actually powerful enough to knock the considerably well-built Kotetsu into the ground.
“M-Milady! Thank goodness you are okay”
“Grrr! That perverted idiot. I hate him!” Snorted Nagi.
Hayate glanced at Kotetsu who was still sitting on the ground and reeling in pain from Nagi’s assault.
“Oh no! Kotetsu, are you alright?”
Kotetsu’s eyes turned into sparkles.
“Ugh, I-I'm alright, Hayate...“
However, before Hayate could get any closer to him to check if he was really alright, Nagi grabbed Hayate by the arm and pulled him away.
“Leave that perverted idiot! He deserved it.”
“B-But milady…”
“Shut up! We’re late and we have to go to school.”
“Nagi’s right, Hayate-kun.” Hinagiku, who had been watching the whole thing from the sidelines, suddenly interjected.
Still, Hayate couldn’t help but take one last worried glance at Kotetsu before riding off to school with his lady in tow.
“What are you looking at? Let’s go now!” Nagi growled.
“O-Ok milady.” Hayate replied hesitantly.

“H-Hayate-kun, Why were you so worried about Segawa-san?” Hinagiku couldn’t help but ask with a look of concern on her face.

End of episode 1 part 1

What will happen next? Your vote counts!

Kotetsu stalks the butler and mistress pair
Kotetsu grabs Hayate
Quiz Maker
About the Authors:  Hi! my name is Hayate Ayasaki and Nagi Sanzenin Ayasaki my labs (loves n LOL! xD). For more info, add us in fb and like also our fan page

Hayate Ayasaki

Nagi Sanzenin Ayasaki

Tropang Animax

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Food Review: Green Tea Kit-Kat

The packaging
Alright, a few of my recent acquaintances over facebook have been ranting about how Japan has all these different flavors of Kit-Kat and that we never get them here in the Philippines. Well... ta-dah! Locally bought from the "Oriental Goods" section of Robinson's Supermarket, here it is: one pack of green tea Kit-Kat minis at 12 pieces per pack for 230 PHP or approximately $5.10.

Anyway, it's a bit more expensive than other imported snacks here... but not by much. I thought I'd give it a try, and thus, we come to the raison d'etre for this post.

Well, it's chocolate that's apparently been somehow infused with green tea flavor using some bizarre form of alchemy or something. It just looks like a really greasy greenish kit-kat. The color sort of reminds me of iceberg lettuce or seaweed. It doesn't lookt too unappetizing, but it doesn't exactly look that good, either.
One for me and one for...
It's about 20% shorter in length than a regular kit-kat. I suppose the ingredients makes it more costly to produce? Either that, or it's just that the Japanese love their tiny, cutesy stuff.

It tastes... surprisingly like green tea, if you've ever had some (green tea, I mean). From the first bite, the taste of green tea is almost overpowering -- not that it's a bad thing. Green tea has a slightly minty and slightly earthy taste to it, so if you're not into that, you might want to give this little snack item a skip. The actual green tea chocolate has an abrasive, sandy texture on the teeth, but it actually gets creamier and tastier the more you eat it. It's sort of like a "melts in your mouth" thing. The wafers add even more crunch and texture to the chocolate making it feel like you're actually biting into something rough, but soft on the outside but crunchy on the inside -- kinda like a reverse french-fry.
... Nagi ojou-sama! Ain't she so kyawaii?
It also has a bit of a greasy, oily texture on your fingers and mouth, but I didn't really mind that. Some people might though.

Value for Money
It's a rather niche snack and honestly, it's nothing special. It is pretty cheap for an imported "rare" Japanese snack however, so you should give it a try if you ever come across it and find out how it tastes for yourself. I personally like it, but I feel that it might come down to individual tastes.
Nagi gives this snack a thumbs-up!

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 497: Spicy Strategy In Colombia -- Review and Synopsis (Japanese Raws)

Ya know... I can't believe that there's actually a Chiharu x Hayate ship, but there really are some fans who ship her with Hayate.
Synopsis:  Hina is in a hotel room with Miki and Risa. She notices that the completer indicates that someone just dropped off.
Dammit, Hata! I told you that there was not enough Nagi recently!
Risa is sure that it's Aika-san coz she has NO GUTS!
Anyway, people seem to be dropping off like flies and this worries Hina.

Back to Aika and her bout with the spiders... ya know what? I dun care about this, so forget about it.
Sasuga Hata~
Also, it seems the name of the hotel is the Sanzen Inn (lol HATA!) 
So back with Hayate and Nagi, Hayate's totally locked up Kotetsu and he says he'll release him after they win.

He also once again states that he's gonna settle this school trip with everyone tonight. Nagi asks if he can really do that. He then says to leave it to him because he's already examined every corner of the hotel.
Her face looks cute (as always) but... who broke her arm?
He then proceeds to explain (he's basically turned the hotel into a battlefield for all the current contestants -- non-lethal battle royale of sorts (someone else said that before me, so credits to whoever did that coz I forgot who you are).

So anyway, he declares that he'll do this as the Sanzenin Butler and that zero hour has come.

He sneaks into Azumamiya Koutarou's room first... at least, I think it's him. Anyway, just as he's about to press the completer, the guy wakes up. Fortunately, Hayate totally KO's him before he can make a commotion!

Anyway, Hinagiku has noticed something and she smirks while looking at the decreased number on her completer.

Next up, Hayate sneaks into Chiharu's room, but things don't go as planned again as she's having trouble sleeping coz she's totally an otaku and otaku just do not sleep at normal hours... just like me.

Anyway, Hayate's in trouble coz the success of his mission depends on the victims sleeping. He can't afford to get caught.

Chiharu turns on da old terebi to watch anime, but there are only paid adult channels on... she gets tempted and tries a 30-second trial. She must see something very lewd coz the voice from the TV says "Oh yes! Come oooon!" in ENGRISH.
LOL! Dat reaction!

So after watching that hentai sequence, Chiharu is all hot and sweaty and needs to shower, so off she goes. Hayate makes like a ninjer and clings to the ceiling.

Anywayz, Hayate is still waiting for Chiharu to finally go to sleep and shower, when Hina comes in for a visit into Chiharu's room with a knowing look on her face and she declares that she's here to report that there's a crime taking place in this room.

Still not enough Nagi in this chapter for me.

Man, someone totally called it on this arc of the manga becoming a non-fatal battle royale... unfortunately, I forgot who said that, but I'm sure it was on one of the forums I lurk in. Anyway, just to be sure, it wasn't me.
That knowing look makes me laugh.
So... Hayate's really becoming a demon for Nagi's sake, but I'm not sure if I approve of that because there's really no positive development going on here -- not for Hayate's character, at least. He's doing something that's rather extreme for his personality and he's doing it for Nagi's sake, but he's doing it (as he says) because he's the Sanzen'in family's butler, that's all. At least that's all that it looks like for now.

It was amusing to see Hayate sort of going, "SCREW YOUR ORIENTATION! I'mma take out everyone... tonight!" We also can't be sure that Kananiwa isn't actually going "just as planned!" Somewhere in the shadows.

Fortunately, it seems like this arc is far from over with Ruri Tsugumi still dormant and with Hayate underestimating absolutely everyone in this chapter, including Chiharu and of course, the quick-witted Hina (who wins everything through the power of "hard work!" Just saiyan~)

Also, while it seems like she's going along with Hayate's plan for now (since it happened so quickly), I'd like to see how Nagi reacts when she's had some time to think this over.

Anyway, it seems like Hina's got some kind of counter-offensive going on. She's probably aware of Hayate's plan given that look on her face (which made me laugh), but I don't think she knows that it's Hayate behind everything.

Finally, just gotta mention that maybe Hata's clutching at straws to inject humor in this manga nowadays... but Chiharu watching that adult channel did make me chuckle.

Speculation Corner: Haven't had one of these for a while. Here's a short-term speculation: I'm betting that Hayate doesn't get caught just yet but has a couple of close calls in the next chapter involving dodging Hina, Chiharu and possibly everyone else. It might even come down to Nagi to bail him out of it since she's the only one who is aware of his plans and she is already an accomplice of sorts.

Fanart Corner: Ok, I've had several requests to modify that previous sketch of mine in the last chapter review and change Hata into Hayate. Haha! Ok, wish granted. Anyway, I can't show the entire image here, so get in contact with me via my twitter at or via this facebook group page if you really want to see the entire pic. Alternatively, you can just ask for it in the comments and tell me where to send it. There's an ahegao version and a happy (you know what) version and yes, this is indeed a pic of Hayate x Nagi going:
Just send me a message if you actually want to see the rest of this. You have been warned! It's verry explicit. 私はロリコンだから。
More rape-y version (both versions come with close-in shots. Be forewarned)

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 496: Isn't It Good To Have Guts? -- Review And Synopsis (Japanese Raws)

I don't care about your guts!

Synopsis: Again, I apologize in advance if I've made a mistake with the chapter translation... among other things. Here are the winners of the 2nd orientation

1. Izumi
2. Chiharu's team
3. ‪#‎TeamNagi‬ yeah!
4. Yukiko Chan's team (LOL!) (cow cow credit card)
5. Hinagiku (cow cow credit card)

Chiharu says 2nd place is fine... but she remembers that she almost got eaten alive and asks why Kayura didn't help her and of course, Kayura says she was running away too. Isumi is all
squint emoticon
meh, you're not Nagi, I dun care about you.

Hina offers to rent a room for her team with her leftover money since their team won one of those credit card things, but Aika refuses since the team was formed for this orientation and the money that Hina would be using was the one she won from the previous one.

Miki just ups and presses her completer and retires... to Aika and Hina's shock.

Meanwhile, Miki somehow guilts Aika into not borrowing from Hina despite not retiring and Aika says she'll be fine in the jungle alone since she's got guts!

So... the bus arrives and Aika's left alone in the jungle... LOL!

Anyway, Izumi goes all "ehehe!" coz she gets congratulated for winning via dumb luck.

So Aika sleeps in that outdoor jungle hut... well, tries to anyway. She tries telling herself that she's not scared at all, but a sound disturbs her attempt to sleep. She tells herself that it's just a small monkey when a huge spider creeps up on her blanket.

She screams a bit, but stops herself because she shouldn't make such a huge noise in the middle of the jungle. The spider creeps up on her again.

Serious lack of Nagi in this chapter

She has some useless flashback involving her lover/butler (foreeeeeshadowing/parallelism in action, folks)

So she takes a stick to show that she has guts! ... and gets the spider to climb on it and then chucks it out the window. Anyway Aika vs Spider... Aika wins!

Suddenly, hundreds of spiders drop down from the ceiling... but still no one could hear her scream.

Inside the hotel room with Nagi, Hayate and Kotetsu、Hayate thanks Kotetsu for all his help, they shake hands and Hayate promptly presses Kotetsu's completer. He then declares that he will settle this tonight... and then this happens!

Review: What a horrible 'orrible chapter. This chapter is suffering from a serious lack of Nagi and Hata had better rectify that in the next one.

Hayate: Mudada~~wryyyyyyyy!!!
All kidding aside, I really didn't care much for the humor in this chapter involving both Aika and Hayate. First of all, Aika and that spider gag felt extremely overdone. While it's very rare to see Aika flustered, that's actually been a pretty common occurrence as of late. Anyway... yeah, meh!

As for Hayate pressing Kotetsu's completer, it seemed a bit cruel, but it does confirm that the other candidates might have probably been thinking of doing that as well. I find this development quite interesting because now there's a whole lot more tension in this competition. What if Hina, Hayate, and Nagi were the only ones left? Yeah, this is getting interesting, but I'll refrain from too much speculating for now. It seems Hayate's getting serious though, for what reason, we can't really tell for now. Is it because he wants to get rid of his debt or because Nagi being serious herself and he feels he shouldn't get left behind?

Fanart Corner: I actually have two pieces of fanart that I haven't shown yet, but the other one is a follow-up to this one... which is extremely NSFW. I'll leave that to your imagination. Anyway, here's Nagi with a decidedly handsome young man... :3. Also, you can thank a certain friend of mine for this idea... it wasn't mine! I just went along with it~

#BestShip #HataIsALolicon
Here's a sample of the other pic that I haven't colored yet... nor do I plan to show completely here.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 495: It's Not The Strong Person Who Wins. Those Who Win, Win! -- Synopsis and Review (japanese)

I dun like airheads
Shoutout: Join our new FB fan group. I provide chapter spoilers for the Japanese raws whenever I can: Hayate no Gotoku! Another Fan Group Also, ecchi is quite fine in this group and I'm an admin there, so if you love Nagi, then this group is for you. If you don't and just love the series in general, this group is for you too~
My current CP wallpaper (lol... in more ways than one)
Synopsis: Izumi has been left alone and falls asleep inside one of the huts in the forest.
Nagi's sooo cute!

The teams have officially been formed and they're each given cameras to be used for the orientation contest.
Risa is joining Wataru and Saki as a commentator for the event and Wataru mentions something about capturing the spirit of a unique animal in a photograph.
The teams are:
-Chiharu, Kayura and Isumi
-Nagi, Hayate and Kotetsu
-Hina, Miki and Aika
Anyway, all the teams are doing well in their own right according to the commentators
-Isumi summons all kinds of forest animals and a Cheetah bites Chiharu's head.

-Yukiko (Yukiji sensei) goes fishing like a pro
-Hina's team takes a picture of her next to some pink dolphin

Nagi and Hayate also feel overwhelmed by the fact that Hina's team has both money and intelligence at their side since Hina won the previous orientation, but Kotetsu says that it doesn't matter because when it comes to photography, backlight is justice! 

Anyway, with everyone doing well, Hayate feels that he's gotta step up his game too... and promptly punches an innocent gator.

The focus shifts to Izumi who has just woken up and then thinks about how no one will come to help her now and about Hayate for some reason. Then she sees a cute animal and takes a picture of it, only to find out that it's some weird fish-people monster. Y'know, like that pedofish that was after Alice/Athena.

Thus, Izumi is declared the winner. End of chapter. 

Review: I have to say that this chapter felt very formulaic. We have the underdog protagonist (of this chapter) introduced in the previous chapter (in fact, someone correctly called out the outcome of this chapter... ya know who you are) in Izumi and then the strongest contenders in the different teams highlighted and shown being able to take amazing photographs in their own right. Finally, the scene shifts back to the one girl who never had a chance of winning this orientation... except by dumb luck and voila!
Not enough Nagi this chapter!

The formulaic structure of this chapter serves as a reminder of one very important thing: despite all the apparent chaos and seemingly convoluted plot threads going on in this manga, the reality is that Kenjiro Hata definitely has a long-term plan for this series and he is most likely leading us, albeit as slow as molasses, towards his planned conclusion. Furthermore, he has probably left several hints towards what this conclusion might be. Yep, there's one big underdog in the romance department in this series whom Hayate has never shown any romantic interest for and yet can't leave alone. Is it gratefulness? Is it a purely platonic feeling? Do you feel that way for your younger sister? Yeah... yeah, son. Think about it - that is all.

Anyway, fun chapter and the highlight of this chapter for me would be Hina's pink dolphin shot. Although everything else was pretty funny as well. Also, I wonder if this will give rise to the very dormant Hayate x Izumi ship?

Pink dolphin! Take a selfie with it! (I selfie na yan!)
Fanart Corner: Warning, this week's fanart is extremely NSFW... ya ready? Well anyway, a friend on FB actually requested this pic and I went along with the idea... then I saw several screenshots from CTMEOY and thought about turning it into this (Japanese version is for a twitter friend who can't understand English):
Dat ass!

I thought this last panel was funnier

The answer is always... I just want to gently put the comforter on you...

Nakoruru: The Gift She Gave Me (Dreamcast): A VIsual Novel Review by Mid-Tier Guard

To Derek Pascarella, Marshal Wong, Duralumin, Lewis Cox, Piggy, Nico, Danthrax4, Lacquerware, EsperKnight, SnowyAria, VincentNL, cyo, and Ha...