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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 497: Spicy Strategy In Colombia -- Review and Synopsis (Japanese Raws)

Ya know... I can't believe that there's actually a Chiharu x Hayate ship, but there really are some fans who ship her with Hayate.
Synopsis:  Hina is in a hotel room with Miki and Risa. She notices that the completer indicates that someone just dropped off.
Dammit, Hata! I told you that there was not enough Nagi recently!
Risa is sure that it's Aika-san coz she has NO GUTS!
Anyway, people seem to be dropping off like flies and this worries Hina.

Back to Aika and her bout with the spiders... ya know what? I dun care about this, so forget about it.
Sasuga Hata~
Also, it seems the name of the hotel is the Sanzen Inn (lol HATA!) 
So back with Hayate and Nagi, Hayate's totally locked up Kotetsu and he says he'll release him after they win.

He also once again states that he's gonna settle this school trip with everyone tonight. Nagi asks if he can really do that. He then says to leave it to him because he's already examined every corner of the hotel.
Her face looks cute (as always) but... who broke her arm?
He then proceeds to explain (he's basically turned the hotel into a battlefield for all the current contestants -- non-lethal battle royale of sorts (someone else said that before me, so credits to whoever did that coz I forgot who you are).

So anyway, he declares that he'll do this as the Sanzenin Butler and that zero hour has come.

He sneaks into Azumamiya Koutarou's room first... at least, I think it's him. Anyway, just as he's about to press the completer, the guy wakes up. Fortunately, Hayate totally KO's him before he can make a commotion!

Anyway, Hinagiku has noticed something and she smirks while looking at the decreased number on her completer.

Next up, Hayate sneaks into Chiharu's room, but things don't go as planned again as she's having trouble sleeping coz she's totally an otaku and otaku just do not sleep at normal hours... just like me.

Anyway, Hayate's in trouble coz the success of his mission depends on the victims sleeping. He can't afford to get caught.

Chiharu turns on da old terebi to watch anime, but there are only paid adult channels on... she gets tempted and tries a 30-second trial. She must see something very lewd coz the voice from the TV says "Oh yes! Come oooon!" in ENGRISH.
LOL! Dat reaction!

So after watching that hentai sequence, Chiharu is all hot and sweaty and needs to shower, so off she goes. Hayate makes like a ninjer and clings to the ceiling.

Anywayz, Hayate is still waiting for Chiharu to finally go to sleep and shower, when Hina comes in for a visit into Chiharu's room with a knowing look on her face and she declares that she's here to report that there's a crime taking place in this room.

Still not enough Nagi in this chapter for me.

Man, someone totally called it on this arc of the manga becoming a non-fatal battle royale... unfortunately, I forgot who said that, but I'm sure it was on one of the forums I lurk in. Anyway, just to be sure, it wasn't me.
That knowing look makes me laugh.
So... Hayate's really becoming a demon for Nagi's sake, but I'm not sure if I approve of that because there's really no positive development going on here -- not for Hayate's character, at least. He's doing something that's rather extreme for his personality and he's doing it for Nagi's sake, but he's doing it (as he says) because he's the Sanzen'in family's butler, that's all. At least that's all that it looks like for now.

It was amusing to see Hayate sort of going, "SCREW YOUR ORIENTATION! I'mma take out everyone... tonight!" We also can't be sure that Kananiwa isn't actually going "just as planned!" Somewhere in the shadows.

Fortunately, it seems like this arc is far from over with Ruri Tsugumi still dormant and with Hayate underestimating absolutely everyone in this chapter, including Chiharu and of course, the quick-witted Hina (who wins everything through the power of "hard work!" Just saiyan~)

Also, while it seems like she's going along with Hayate's plan for now (since it happened so quickly), I'd like to see how Nagi reacts when she's had some time to think this over.

Anyway, it seems like Hina's got some kind of counter-offensive going on. She's probably aware of Hayate's plan given that look on her face (which made me laugh), but I don't think she knows that it's Hayate behind everything.

Finally, just gotta mention that maybe Hata's clutching at straws to inject humor in this manga nowadays... but Chiharu watching that adult channel did make me chuckle.

Speculation Corner: Haven't had one of these for a while. Here's a short-term speculation: I'm betting that Hayate doesn't get caught just yet but has a couple of close calls in the next chapter involving dodging Hina, Chiharu and possibly everyone else. It might even come down to Nagi to bail him out of it since she's the only one who is aware of his plans and she is already an accomplice of sorts.

Fanart Corner: Ok, I've had several requests to modify that previous sketch of mine in the last chapter review and change Hata into Hayate. Haha! Ok, wish granted. Anyway, I can't show the entire image here, so get in contact with me via my twitter at or via this facebook group page if you really want to see the entire pic. Alternatively, you can just ask for it in the comments and tell me where to send it. There's an ahegao version and a happy (you know what) version and yes, this is indeed a pic of Hayate x Nagi going:
Just send me a message if you actually want to see the rest of this. You have been warned! It's verry explicit. 私はロリコンだから。
More rape-y version (both versions come with close-in shots. Be forewarned)


  1. I'm kinda curious on how Hina knew that the person doing that was in Chiharu's room, although I'm sure she'll give an explanation next chapter. And remember, hayate is being shipped with everyone in the manga, so HayatexChiharu is not that strange to ship tease.

    1. Hina apparently has a photographic memory, so she's probably aware of the placement of guests in the hotel. If she heard the announcement of who has retired, sbe probably deduced that the culprit would attack the next closest target, who happened to be chiharu

    2. The problem with that is they don't know who has left when the number goes down, like when Hayate presses kotetsus buttton, they don't know it was his and assume it was Aika's.

    3. There is some kind of inconsistency here. We heard a broadcast that Miki dropped out, but not for anybody else. There could be announcements, or there may be not, for our victims this chapter.

      Also, it was Risa, a dropout, who guessed the dropped number was for Aika. Perhaps there really is a way for the survivors to tell who's still in.

  2. Allow me to brag for a bit. I used the term "Battle Royale" in my Ch. 486 and 493 Reviews. Although admittedly I never said "non-fatal", so I can't tell if you read the term from me.

    1. I do lurk a lot on your blog, so it was probably you. :3 I need to take note of these things more often... btw, that Hina with Pink Dolphin fanart is still a thing~... if you know what I mean.

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