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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 496: Isn't It Good To Have Guts? -- Review And Synopsis (Japanese Raws)

I don't care about your guts!

Synopsis: Again, I apologize in advance if I've made a mistake with the chapter translation... among other things. Here are the winners of the 2nd orientation

1. Izumi
2. Chiharu's team
3. ‪#‎TeamNagi‬ yeah!
4. Yukiko Chan's team (LOL!) (cow cow credit card)
5. Hinagiku (cow cow credit card)

Chiharu says 2nd place is fine... but she remembers that she almost got eaten alive and asks why Kayura didn't help her and of course, Kayura says she was running away too. Isumi is all
squint emoticon
meh, you're not Nagi, I dun care about you.

Hina offers to rent a room for her team with her leftover money since their team won one of those credit card things, but Aika refuses since the team was formed for this orientation and the money that Hina would be using was the one she won from the previous one.

Miki just ups and presses her completer and retires... to Aika and Hina's shock.

Meanwhile, Miki somehow guilts Aika into not borrowing from Hina despite not retiring and Aika says she'll be fine in the jungle alone since she's got guts!

So... the bus arrives and Aika's left alone in the jungle... LOL!

Anyway, Izumi goes all "ehehe!" coz she gets congratulated for winning via dumb luck.

So Aika sleeps in that outdoor jungle hut... well, tries to anyway. She tries telling herself that she's not scared at all, but a sound disturbs her attempt to sleep. She tells herself that it's just a small monkey when a huge spider creeps up on her blanket.

She screams a bit, but stops herself because she shouldn't make such a huge noise in the middle of the jungle. The spider creeps up on her again.

Serious lack of Nagi in this chapter

She has some useless flashback involving her lover/butler (foreeeeeshadowing/parallelism in action, folks)

So she takes a stick to show that she has guts! ... and gets the spider to climb on it and then chucks it out the window. Anyway Aika vs Spider... Aika wins!

Suddenly, hundreds of spiders drop down from the ceiling... but still no one could hear her scream.

Inside the hotel room with Nagi, Hayate and Kotetsu、Hayate thanks Kotetsu for all his help, they shake hands and Hayate promptly presses Kotetsu's completer. He then declares that he will settle this tonight... and then this happens!

Review: What a horrible 'orrible chapter. This chapter is suffering from a serious lack of Nagi and Hata had better rectify that in the next one.

Hayate: Mudada~~wryyyyyyyy!!!
All kidding aside, I really didn't care much for the humor in this chapter involving both Aika and Hayate. First of all, Aika and that spider gag felt extremely overdone. While it's very rare to see Aika flustered, that's actually been a pretty common occurrence as of late. Anyway... yeah, meh!

As for Hayate pressing Kotetsu's completer, it seemed a bit cruel, but it does confirm that the other candidates might have probably been thinking of doing that as well. I find this development quite interesting because now there's a whole lot more tension in this competition. What if Hina, Hayate, and Nagi were the only ones left? Yeah, this is getting interesting, but I'll refrain from too much speculating for now. It seems Hayate's getting serious though, for what reason, we can't really tell for now. Is it because he wants to get rid of his debt or because Nagi being serious herself and he feels he shouldn't get left behind?

Fanart Corner: I actually have two pieces of fanart that I haven't shown yet, but the other one is a follow-up to this one... which is extremely NSFW. I'll leave that to your imagination. Anyway, here's Nagi with a decidedly handsome young man... :3. Also, you can thank a certain friend of mine for this idea... it wasn't mine! I just went along with it~

#BestShip #HataIsALolicon
Here's a sample of the other pic that I haven't colored yet... nor do I plan to show completely here.


  1. What hayate did surprised me too, although with the twos past, i really shouldn't have been. Seems like he intends to press everyones buttons to end the contest. The question is, is he doing it for himself to win, or for nagi to win?

    1. Yup. This is a real interesting turn of events. Can't wait to see how this plays out. So much potential in this new arc.


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