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Penultimate Chapter Spoilers

After all that drama, Hayate just fell out of the Royal Garden a few moments after Nagi. Hisui got out too.

I can't use any images right now... I don't want to disrespect Hata's work after seeing most of this chapter... it was beautiful. Nagi was at her most beautiful here... she really proved a lot. She gave Hisui the Loto Key saying she doesn't hate her. She gave up everything to set Hayate free and let him be happy with whoever he chooses.

Nagi: You don't have to protect me anymore.

Nagi: You don't have to support me anymore.
Nagi: It's fine if you don't love me.
Nagi: You are free.
Nagi: You can go wherever you like, be happy with anyone you want.

Nagi: our year of misunderstanding...the one year I spent with you... wasn't bad.
Hayate:  Ojousama... 
Hayate: I am grateful.
Nagi: Don't cry... don't cry yet.

Nagi: You have to endure this pain alone from now on.
Nagi: No matter how lonely it gets.
Nagi: Even if the pain is about to burst from my chest...

Nagi: Endure it... no matter what.
Nagi: Sayonara, Hayate.

I have to say... I've been living to witness this moment since forever. Nagi was brilliant. Now then, 29 pages for the final chapter... can this really lead to anything else? Remember, Nagi is still crying at the end of this.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 566: What A Wonderful World 18 -- Beyond The Time -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Hayate confronts dream Maria and his feelings overflow and he starts crying --- his feelings of sadness and a little bit of blame over Maria's sudden departure that led to Nagi's depression that is.

Anywayz, dream Maria tells him that things can never go back to the way they were no matter who helps him anyway. She gives him the letter that Nagi never opened and then tells him to give her a wallet as a birthday present -- a really expensive one and that she'll find him no matter where he goes just to get said wallet.

Hayate thanks her and rushes off to where Nagi is.

They have a conversation wherein Hayate first makes her a crown of flowers and then he finally tells Nagi about the circumstances behind the misunderstanding. Hayate is all calm while Nagi gets really angry. She tells him that this illusion is better and that even Hayate can make a wish because he has a stone too. He says that ok, he'd make a wish that would make him happy.

Mai waifu was extremely beautiful this chapter.

His wish is to undo Nagi's wish. He gives her Maria's letter, which is actually the picture of the three of them from chapter 177, I think. On the back of the picture are the words: "eternity is here." He then tells her that even though it was all a misunderstanding, the days they spent together, the feelings they experienced in that one year was not all a misunderstanding so she shouldn't replace them with an illusion. He then points at the king's jewel which he hid in her crown of flowers and asks her if she's ready to go home. 

Nagi agrees but they only have one king's jewel -- which Hayate was well-aware of. Isumi snatches Nagi away to safety but Hayate is left behind smiling. He remarks that he has no regrets because in the end, he was able to protect Nagi. The chapter ends there.

You'll notice that there's no transcript this time... well, that's coz the spoilers had just about everything and I just scanlated everything here ya go:

Wait for DKThias scanlations for professional quality and accuracy... they should be out soon together with 565 anyway, I think... but if you can't wait... have fun~

Review: You know, prior to reading the full chapter, I'd written a few paragraphs on why Maria can't win... but this chapter just did a better job at that than I ever could. Karma for the 4chan trolls/pseudo Maria shippers who are probably just bitter coz their actual ships already sunk. Who's Hayate's savior again?

Anyway, I only have a few things to say about this chapter:

On Hayate's Wish

Hayate took back Nagi's wish with his own. Basically, he's saying that his happiness is taking Nagi away from her dream world where there is a dream Hayate who loves her romantically -- why? Is he saying that his so-called "platonic love" for her is better than the romantic love that dream Hayate can give her? Well, whatever... we don't know the full answer to this yet. He can't plan on living on together with her as her butler in a sibling-type relationship -- that's for sure.

What a Wonderful World

I don't think Hata chose this specific title for the Finale just because it's a nice song.

Remember that young Hayate couldn't save young Athena 10 years ago -- that scenario was called "End of the World."

However, stronger, more mature Hayate was here for Nagi -- a girl who was put in a similar situation to Athena. Truly, it's "What A Wonderful World."

What I Didn't Like
Well, the one thing I didn't like was how Hayate managed to convince Nagi to come back home with him while still not being definite about what he really feels for her. I mean, so what if they had spent those days together and it wasn't a lie? What does that imply for the future? Nothing... we don't know. Sigh... oh well, let us be patient and see what happens next. 2 chapters to go. See ya next week.

Sorry, no fanart for this week. I do have one that I wanna show you... but I'm saving it for the finale.

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Mild Spoilers and A Shoutout To All Hayate x Nagi Shippers/Supporters~

Hey guys, as this manga is coming to a close, I'd like to invite all HayaNagi shippers to our little closed group chat on FB. Let's have fun discussing the manga and our favorite OTP before the end of the series in a few weeks.

Send me an email at lordcloudx at gmail dot com if you're interested.

Anyway, here are some minor spoilers for chapter 566... because whoever uploaded the spoilers uploaded almost the entire chapter. Out of respect for Hata, I'm going to hold back on scanlating all of the available pages.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 565: Final Chapter 17: Who Do You Love? -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Sakuya: nanya?
End of the line, Hamster shippers -- especially those who ship her just coz they hate Nagi~

Mikado: Th-this is bad!!

Mikado: The Royal Garden has begun to collapse?

Sakuya: Hah?

Mikado: This is the final stage... if this goes on, even if the path is still kept open with the wedges...

Final Chapter 17: Who Do You Love?

If the royal garden disappears, no one can help the people inside.

Ginka: Isumi, how about the stone?

Isumi: Not yet.
By the way, Hisui = Jade. She'd make a good cover girl for my blog... but I'd never replace mai waifu!

Sakuya: What are you doin, Hayate nii-yan! Hurry and wake up!

Sakuya: At this rate, this is going to be the end of everything.

Hayate: Even if wake up... it's already too late.

Hayate: I made ojousama cry...

Hayate: Even if I try my best, eventually, I'll lose to the interference of my parents.

Hayate: That's why this is ok... at this rate... absolutely...


Lifesavers Guy: But that's amazing, Hayate. You mean the Yakuza were targetting you on this day?

Lifesavers girl: yearh!

Hayate: No, I'm not joking.

Lifesavers Guy: But that's ok, you can count on the sea house.

Hayate: Eh?

Lifesavers Girl: It's fine, it's true.

Guy: The Yakuza are strong but it's ok

Hayate: is it really ok?

Guy: Well, it's not really fine...

Souya?: But let's do it together. We're friends, right?

Hayate: ....

Hayate: Ah, sure!

Hayate: That's right... this is ok, right?... this is...

Hayate: If meeting ojou-sama leads to such a painful conclusion then this is...



Isumi: It's bad, Hayate-sama's consciousness level is suddenly fading.
Why so sexy while communicating with nii-yan, Sakuya?
Sakuya: whatchu say?

Sakuya: In this situation, why won't you wake up?

Mikado: Does he plan to sleep eternally inside the dream world?

Mikado: The other woman is... just like Nagi...

Ayumu: That's right, if I had found you on that day, the future would have been different right?

Ayumu: Perhaps, I would have been reflected in your eyes.

Ayumu: Hey, that was fun, huh? Hayate-kun?

Hayate: Yeah, thanks...

Hayate: Ah, but I have no place to come home to.

Ayumu: If that's so, then come to my house.

Hayate: Eh?

Ayumu: My younger brother is there, but it's ok.

Ayumu: I'm sure my mother and father will welcome you!


Hayate: ......

Hayate: Why are you doing this for me?

Ayumu: Eh?

Ayumu: W-well... that is...

Hayate: Nishizawa san,

Hayate: I like you, Nishizawa san.

Ayumu: Eh?

Hayate: I thought this was the worst Christmas Eve of my life. My parents pushed their debt onto me and the Yakuza want my life too.

Hayate: But today... you really saved me.

Hayate: Today, I met the most important person in my life.

Hayate: On this fated Christmas Eve. If Nishizawa-san feels the same way, I'd be really happy.

Ayumu: Those were... the words that I'd been waiting to hear for this past year.

Ayumu: Those words I was supposed to be longing for...

Ayumu: The moment I heard those words... I understood.

Ayumu: Eh? Something as simple as this?

Ayumu: This is so hard... it's right here in front of my hand but..

Ayumu: If he had met another person, it would have been as easy as this?

Hayate: Nishizawa-san?

Ayumu: Then my one year... was really meaningless ---

Ayumu: meaningless? THis one year... really?

Ayumu: Was it really meaningless?

Ayumu: Ahaha... so that's it.

Ayumu: The answer was really that simple, huh?

Ayumu: Hayate-kun...

Hayate: Hai?

Ayumu: Sorry... I'm happy, but after all, I don't need this.

Hayate :Eh?

Ayumu: This is probably wrong, isn't it...

Ayumu: My love... My love... The Hayate-kun that I feel in love with defnitely....

Ayumu: This past year was painful wasn't it?

Ayumu: I always knew this encounter was wrong.

Ayumu: It's a really painful thought.

Ayumu: However... although this encounter may have been wrong...

Ayumu: Even so, this year was not a mistake.

Ayumu: Remember, Hayate-kun. Even if it's a mistaken encounter. This year that you challenged with all your strength wasn't wrong, was it?

Ayumu: That's why, Hayate-kun...

Ayumu: Even if someone makes your life hard, don't lose.

Ayumu: Even if it's painful right now, it's not over yet. 

Ayumu: Hayate-kun, you can definitely change the future.

Ayumu: In this future, I'll already be gone.

Ayumu: Believe, the Hayate-kun that I fell in love with. And then, rise up again.

Ayumu: Hayate-kun is the coolest in the universe, that's why.

Ayumu: Well then, bye bye, Hayate-kun.

Ayumu: I truly loved you.

Hayate: Thank you, Nishizawa-san.

Hayate: Na...!! This is!?

Sakuya: Hayate-nii-yan! I'm glad you finally woke up!

Hayate: This voice, Sakuya-san?

Sakuya: We're out of time. The Royal Garden will collapse in ten minutes. When that happens, everything will be lost.

Sakuya: Anyway, the royal power and Nagi... the door is open.

Sakuya: Hayate nii-yan, you have a king's jewel!


Hayate: Wh-what?

Hisui: A mouse crept into my castle!!

Hayate: Hi-Hisui-san!!

Hayate: You don't get it! I need to get out of here. You too, Hisui-san, you life is...

Hisui: Hah!!

Hisui: I haven't fulfilled my purpose yet. Concern for my life comes later!!

Hayate: But you'll really die!

Hayate: You need to live fo fulfill your purpose!

Hisui: I have nothing to live for!!

Isumi: You always destroy everything, don't you!!

Hayate: Isumi-san!!

Isumi: Nagi and the royal power are beyond here. I'll take care of this fool. Go, Hayate-sama!

Hayate: Ha-hai!!

Hisui: You wanna do it, Isumi!!

Isumi: You really... Truly don't know when to back down do you?

Hayate: Beyond this... ojou-sama is here...

Hayate: But... what kind of face can I show her?

Nagi: If you weren't here Maria would still be...

Hayate: Ojou-sama is...

Nagi: I wish for a world where Hayate loves me.

Hayate: Whatever is said I...

Maria: Ara... Hayate-kun... welcome home~

Hayate: Ma-maria-san?

Hayate: Of course, this is because ojou-sama made that wish.

Maria: What's wrong, Hayate-kun? WHat's with that surprised look on your face?

That's all! See ya for the last 3 chapters!

Review: This was definitely an intense chapter, so let's take a few things up.

The Most Solid Evidence for #Team Hayanagi
I think it's pretty obvious here. Hayate said that he liked (suki) Ayumu based on the fact that she saved him from the Yakuza on the worst Christmas Eve of his life. We all know that the reality is that it was Nagi who saved him at that time -- so who is anyone to say that he does not feel the same way about Nagi?

In any case, Ayumu re-affirms what Athena said about herself not being reflected in Hayate's eyes anymore when she mentions that "would it have been me reflected in your eyes?" Obviously, she means that the person that he met on that Christmas Eve is the one reflected in his eyes right now. No need to look deeper than this, really.

Getting Hisui Out Of The Way

I was a bit apprehensive about this finale given that Hisui had also earned a ticket into the Royal Garden. I was worried that a lot of time would have to be devoted to resolving the battle between Hayate and Hisui. As it turns out, Isumi would be Hisui's final opponent and not Hayate. It's also quite fitting since they're childhood friends and thus have a history together. However Hisui's story is resolved, it would be within her battle with Isumi -- which gets her out of the way so that the core trio of the series can finally tackle the final conflict.

Hayate's Feelings

The only thing that is unclear at this point is Hayate's feelings. However, given the setup for this story, I would say it's pretty much a given that the only girl he can fall in love with right now would be Nagi. Maria is out of the question unless Hata desperately wants to write a surprise twist into the story and troll everyone. A Maria end cannot make sense given how the story has been developed.

With that said, we are still unsure as to who Hayate really loves except for the fact that we do know that Nagi is and has always been his number one priority. The question right now would be: has he finally considered her romantically? This should be sufficiently answered within the last three chapters.

I loved the fact that Hayate was again in conflict as to how he would face Nagi, but unlike last time, he's not running away and still running directly into a confrontation with her -- unfortunately, Maria or some fake version of Maria is still in the way.

We'll see how things play out from here, but I'd definitely love a little bit of love-hate conflict between Hayate and Nagi perhaps with a partially Midas-possessed Nagi attacking Hayate but overcoming Midas' influence in the end through the power of love. It's cheesy, it's predictable -- and it's a very satisfying and logical way to wrap things up.

Ayumu's Departure
Ayumu's ship was really doomed to sink. No two ways about it. There would have been too many conflicts with trying to twist the story in her favor -- and even moreso with certain sunken ships whose supporters refuse to move on.

With that said, Ayumu was given a chance to really shine. She got to have Hayate tell her that he likes/loves her and then she even got to kiss Hayate. As expected of Hata's well-rounded characters though, she understands that in the end, these feelings were not really meant for her. She looks absolutely beautiful in that one mugshot panel... although I'm hoping that Nagi gets an even more lovely panel in that style herself.

Maria herself has some unfinished business -- but mostly with her role in the misunderstanding between Hayate and Nagi. I really don't think that a romantic final conflict with Hayate is in order here. Maria has already shown that she doesn't really "love" Hayate romantically even if she has shown some small degree of attraction for him every now and then. The same is true for Hayate -- and the biggest evidence of this would of course be the fact that he was actually considering trying to get Maria to fall in love with him so he could induce an explosion of negative emotions.

Anyway, Maria's final role will probably center around the misunderstanding and the letter that she left Nagi.

Nagi and Hayate

And with everything else out of the way, the stage is set for a beautiful climax featuring the true main characters of this series: Nagi and Hayate. I know that this pairing is hard to swallow for some, but this has been the logical outcome of the story all along. The problem is that a lot of you apply real world standards or your own subjective standards on "love" and "romantic relationships." Like I've said before, "love is basically whatever the author says it is in his own story."

I believe Hata-sensei is set to show us a really beautiful, wholesome conception of love. The fact that it challenges a lot of the ideals that a lot of us have always held onto is one reason why its being met with so much negativity and denial -- especially in the English-speaking fandom.

Fanart Corner: Some new pieces of traditional fanart for you today. I'm really loving watercolors recently. With that said, I think I'll turn at least one of these into digital art for next week... probably the bikini one -- but tell me if you'd prefer I digitize something else.
Taken with my phone... it seems to capture watercolors better than my camera
Taken with a scanner... as you can see, the pinks don't show up.

Looks kinda kiddy-looking huh? I wanted to go for a Samurai Jack style coloring (done with colored pencils)

Haha... this souvenir program lacked a proper cover... FIXED!

Hata: I think Hisui is cute too.
Looks like I'm not alone then~ do you guys think Hisui is cute?
This was sketched with a ballpoint pen I found and on some random scrap of paper, by the way.
Tried coloring her in Pixiv Sketch for phones... which doesn't look too bad at all. I might try using hard brushes next time.
Hata's BS: (before this, he says something about a 54-page color extra --- maybe it's for the next volume's release)

Spoiler portions

Nishizwa-san's What-If Story Sequel. And The Last Part.

Finally, we're at this point after 12 years, it seems this is the last time I'll be drawing this girl.

Anywayz, at this time.
Let's talk about this week's scene and how it
came to mind.

I was really thinking about a Yakuza escape scene. 
Perhaps some help from aniki would come. I was thinking of another meeting scene.

But that sort of scene would be trivial.
It was hard to put together this week's scene.

To have come this far as an author is really a long distance.

These 12 years, 10 times, even a hudndred times long would not be enough to think about this scene.

Honestly, I've had a manuscript for this scene since 12 years ago. It's quite simple.

However. while drawing, the image in my mind was not very strong. and that's why it was suffering.

Frankly, the way I've written this ending well... was it ok?

I thought it over many times. In any case, everyone will get through this happily.

Even so... this is the end for Nishizawa-san.
My manga's character. Whatever you have to say, really, thank you very much.

With that said, there are 3 chapters remaining.

Please treat me well.

By the way, some anon with a lot of spare time and not a lot of creativity thought it would be funny to copy and paste parts of my review and replace all instances of "Nagi" with "Maria." Check it out.

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Hayate The Combat Butler 565 Spoilers (scanlated)

Raw spoilers here:
Here are the spoilers for ch. 565. Be forewarned -- the last page is also included. Also, this chapter contains the strongest evidence ever in favor of our ship.

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The Combat Butler Chapter 564: What A Wonderful World 16 Everything Is Because Of My Love For You - Review and Synopsis

Hayate actually looks kinda cool in the top panel.
Synopsis: Hamster: Hayate-kun, what are you doing?

Hayate: I'm bashing the enemies of course.

Hayate: The enemies hurt ojou-sama -- everyone! (the 

wooden dummies have names like "father," "mother" and 

HImegami, I think.
The name on the wooden dummy is "Hayate." Talk about
beating yourself up over your own actions.

Ayumu: I see... I heard about everything from Tennousu-


Ayumu: That's why... won't you please stop this already?

What A Wonderful World 16 Everything Is Because Of My 

Love For You.

Sakuya and "Tennousu-San" are in front of a huge orb-like 


Sakuya: Wa-wtf is this?

Himegami: It's insurance... just in case the king's jewel 

was destroyed, it takes time to take this out.

Sakuya: Hi-Himegami Nii-yan?

Himegami: In the middle of that, Hisui will take the 

royal power.

Himegami: Time will defeat you.

Sakuya: No... if so, that's a pretty strange strategy.

Sakuya: Mikado Ji-san, it's going to take a while to 

recover the stone. Before that happens, can you wake up, 

Add caption

 This entire conversation translated coz... how can you not love Hayate's reaction here?


Mikado: Huh? But why?

Sakuya: That machine can speak directly to the 

consciousness, right? Maybe we can use that matrix sense 

to directly wake up Hayate nii-yan's consciousness.

Mikado: I see, can you do it?

Sakuya's butler: I'll try!

Mikado: Ok, we've got it going.

Sakuya: Yosh!

Himegami: Even so... you'll have a hard time.

Athena: Wa-- why?

Klaus: It's not hopeless! I Klaus shall wake up Ayasaki 


Hits his head against a wall.

Mikado: Klaus!? What's wrong?

Klaus: I think when you try to enter the consciousness, 

my call to wake him up was rejected.

Sakuya: Refuse? Why would he refuse? Does Hayate nii-yan 

want to die?

A-tan: What is happening!? WHy does Hayate refuse to wake 


Himegami: Ain't it obvious? Use yer imagination.

Chiharu: It's because he regrets... such a cruel thing.

Isumi: Could it be...

Mikado: Because Nagi opened the path.

Sakuya: But if that's the case... then this is bad! The 

royal power will enter if Hayate nii-yan doesn't wake up. 

Who can help?

A-tan: Hayate's -- to open Hayate's heart, could it be 

that we need someone with a strong connection?

Isumi: Then.. Maria?

Sakuya: But Maria is...

Isumi: Well then... there's only Tennousu-san left.

A-tan: No. I know of a fitting person.

Ayumu: I guess everyone is excited at the Hakuo party 

right about now...

Ayumu: What am I doing... what am I doing...?

Ayumu: Hayate-kun (hayate-kun ayumu flashbacks)

A-tan: Nishizawa san!

Ayumu: Tennousu-san?

A-tan: Please help Hayate-kun!

Ayumu: Hayate-kun... that sword is broken.

Ayumu: Even so... you're still going to continue?

Hayate: This is only fitting!

Ayumu: Yeah...

Hayate: According to mother...

Hayate: Everything is all my fault!

Ayumu: Even so... you did your beswt, Hayate-kun.

Hayate: But I'm glad...

Ayumu: Eh?

Hayate: If this is how everything ends

Hayate: On that day, I was so happy because of that 


Ayumu: ......

Ayumu: Is that so...? Could you tell me about that 



Mikado: W-whut's goin on?

Sakuya: Uwaa... it broke!!

Isumi-san, it's bad! Hisui woke up!

Hisui: Where the fudge is this?

Hisui: Wtf happened?

Hisui: well. whatevers!

Hisui: I see... my powers lie asleep inside dat der 


Hayate: What if... on that day, I hadn't met you... what 

would have happened?

Santa: Just believe me... it's the single-minded 

individuals who get the last laugh.

Hayate punches santa.

Hayate: Eventually, this world lets the cheaters win. The 

serious hard workers get nothing!

Hayate: Fortunately, in this park, there's a lone girl 

who looks easy to kidnap!

Hayate: This is an enemy according to Nero's revelation!

Guy 1: Hey, you're cute.

Guy 2: Won't you spend Christmas Eve with us?

Hayate: Let go of my prey!

Ayumu grabs Hayate

Hamster: I'm gald I found you, Hayate-kun!

Hayate: Nishizawa-san?

Ayumu: What if on that day I had found you. How would 

things have gone?

Guys: Gyaaa I'm sorry! I'mm sorry!

Himegami: Really, that was pretty dangerous!

Nagi: Himegami!? Where did you go off to?

Himegami: Anywayz, let's go home. Maria is waiting for 


Nagi: Shut up! Baka! Baka!

Ayumu: Looks like that girl is safe, right?

Hayate: But why were you...?

Ayumu: Because today is Christmas eve.

Ayumu: I want to spend this special night with my special 
obligatory "moments with Hayate-kun" montage

Hayate: Eh?

Ayumu: Ahhh! yearh... it's a special night. Souya and the 

others want you to come along too, Hayate!

Hayate: But... I can't go. My parents left me with a 150 

million yen debt and the yakuza are after me too. At this 

rate, it will be trouble for everyone.

Ayumu: It's ok to be troublesome. If Hayate is hurting, I 

want to help. If you are in trouble, I want to fight too!

Ayumu: Even if I'm alone, I'll find a solution!

Ayumu: Hayate-kun  is my most important person, that's 


Hayate: Nishizawa san...

Ayumu: Hayate-kun!

Yakuza: Then ojou-chan, will you pay me 150 million yen?

Ayumu: Ah...

Hayate: Stop it! If you lay a hand on this person, I'll 

never forgive you!

Yakuza: What?

Yakuza 2: Wtf did you say, you!

Ayumu: Hayate-kun! Let's run away, together!

Hayate: Ok!

If I had met you on that day... definitely our future...

Side panel:
The two are currently dreaming inside the royal garden. 

Therefore, a future that may have been, a future that could have existed... is at hand.

Hata's BS (Backstage... as coined by Doughnut Gunso): I'm doing some iffy translations for Hata's blog as this manga winds down to its conclusion. I may have taken a lot of liberties with the translation, but it will give you an idea of what he's sayin, so here we go:

Now as for Nishizawa san's last phase.

I may have told you this, but before, but this was all JUST AS PLANNED... even from the early cover pages. I was talking about the bad end scenarios, of course.

Anyway, as to the point of this week's banter.
When Hayate did not save Nagi, PRINCESS GOD appears.
As a result, Hayate never knew Nagi.
It's a lot like life. I believe that life is
also a repetitive cycle of such things.

With that aside...

Himegami was in the first draft of this story. To be precise, this manga had two simultaneous stories.

By the way, I was talking about a particular character on twitter. Do comment  if you know the answer and you are not too busy.

By the way too, take a look at this nifty ad:
(ka-ching! Ok, I took great liberties with translating this)

In any case, look forward to Nishizawa san's love ending next week.


Review:  Despite my initial apprehensions, this was actually a very satisfying chapter to read. I really liked how Hayate was reacting in this chapter within his dream world. Particularly at how much he was agonizing over what he had done to Nagi.

Now haters will probably say that this is just "guilt feelings," but well, we all know that's not where the story is going, so deny away if that helps you sleep better at night.
Am I the only one who legitimately finds Hisui cute?
Furthermore, we finally get some introspection from Hayate. It's understandable that it's not yet complete because this chapter was partially shared with Ayumu and with setting up a final confrontation with Hisui, but for what we got, it's pretty awesome.

I mean, Hayate was trying so desperately to "punish the enemies who hurt ojou-sama." The way he was fighting so hard for Nagi's sake was just really satisfying to watch -- even more than the tears that followed later.

Also, I know it's just a pseudo flashback to last Christmas Eve, but I was really happy to see two male individuals acknowledging Nagi's beauty -- even if they were pretty lecherous about it.

Now as for Ayumu, it seems there were a lot of disgruntled individuals over how her ship-sinking was handled -- well, lo and behold, Hata's even granting her a "love ending" next week. It's a good way to give her one last chance in the spotlight, of course, I don't think that even the dream scenario will end all that well if you ship the hamster. With that said, I'm very interested in Hayate's final reaction to everything. He's finally started his introspection phase, so we Nagi shippers should expect some very positive developments next week.

From a realistic perspective, Ayumu's what-if scenario is going to reach a dead end eventually. Even Hata made a reference to this in his BS (thanks, gunso) this week.

Anywayz, I am in high spirits and I'm very eager to read the next part.

Fanart Corner: Got quite a few pieces of traditional art for ya this week. Enjoy~

Watercolors are nice~

Nakoruru: The Gift She Gave Me (Dreamcast): A VIsual Novel Review by Mid-Tier Guard

To Derek Pascarella, Marshal Wong, Duralumin, Lewis Cox, Piggy, Nico, Danthrax4, Lacquerware, EsperKnight, SnowyAria, VincentNL, cyo, and Ha...