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Penultimate Chapter Spoilers

After all that drama, Hayate just fell out of the Royal Garden a few moments after Nagi. Hisui got out too. I can't use any images right now... I don't want to disrespect Hata's work after seeing most of this chapter... it was beautiful. Nagi was at her most beautiful here... she really proved a lot. She gave Hisui the Loto Key saying she doesn't hate her. She gave up everything to set Hayate free and let him be happy with whoever he chooses. Nagi: You don't have to protect me anymore. Nagi: You don't have to support me anymore. Nagi: It's fine if you don't love me. Nagi: You are free. Nagi: You can go wherever you like, be happy with anyone you want. Nagi: our year of misunderstanding...the one year I spent with you... wasn't bad. Hayate:  Ojousama...  Hayate: I am grateful. Nagi: Don't cry... don't cry yet. Nagi: You have to endure this pain alone from now on. Nagi: No matter how lonely it gets. Nagi: Even if the pain is about to bur

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 566: What A Wonderful World 18 -- Beyond The Time -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Hayate confronts dream Maria and his feelings overflow and he starts crying --- his feelings of sadness and a little bit of blame over Maria's sudden departure that led to Nagi's depression that is. Anywayz, dream Maria tells him that things can never go back to the way they were no matter who helps him anyway. She gives him the letter that Nagi never opened and then tells him to give her a wallet as a birthday present -- a really expensive one and that she'll find him no matter where he goes just to get said wallet. Hayate thanks her and rushes off to where Nagi is. They have a conversation wherein Hayate first makes her a crown of flowers and then he finally tells Nagi about the circumstances behind the misunderstanding. Hayate is all calm while Nagi gets really angry. She tells him that this illusion is better and that even Hayate can make a wish because he has a stone too. He says that ok, he'd make a wish that would make him happy. Mai waifu was extr

Mild Spoilers and A Shoutout To All Hayate x Nagi Shippers/Supporters~

Hey guys, as this manga is coming to a close, I'd like to invite all HayaNagi shippers to our little closed group chat on FB. Let's have fun discussing the manga and our favorite OTP before the end of the series in a few weeks. Send me an email at lordcloudx at gmail dot com if you're interested. Anyway, here are some minor spoilers for chapter 566... because whoever uploaded the spoilers uploaded almost the entire chapter. Out of respect for Hata, I'm going to hold back on scanlating all of the available pages.

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 565: Final Chapter 17: Who Do You Love? -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis:  Sakuya: nanya? End of the line, Hamster shippers -- especially those who ship her just coz they hate Nagi~ Mikado: Th-this is bad!! Mikado: The Royal Garden has begun to collapse? Sakuya: Hah? Mikado: This is the final stage... if this goes on, even if the path is still kept open with the wedges... Final Chapter 17: Who Do You Love? If the royal garden disappears, no one can help the people inside. Ginka: Isumi, how about the stone? Isumi: Not yet. By the way, Hisui = Jade. She'd make a good cover girl for my blog... but I'd never replace mai waifu! Sakuya: What are you doin, Hayate nii-yan! Hurry and wake up! Sakuya: At this rate, this is going to be the end of everything. Hayate: Even if wake up... it's already too late. Hayate: I made ojousama cry... Hayate: Even if I try my best, eventually, I'll lose to the interference of my parents. Hayate: That's why this is ok... at this rate... absolutely... MERRY CHRISTMA

Hayate The Combat Butler 565 Spoilers (scanlated)

Raw spoilers here: Here are the spoilers for ch. 565. Be forewarned -- the last page is also included. Also, this chapter contains the strongest evidence ever in favor of our ship.

The Combat Butler Chapter 564: What A Wonderful World 16 Everything Is Because Of My Love For You - Review and Synopsis

Hayate actually looks kinda cool in the top panel. Synopsis: Hamster: Hayate-kun, what are you doing? Hayate: I'm bashing the enemies of course. Hayate: The enemies hurt ojou-sama -- everyone! (the  wooden dummies have names like "father," "mother" and  HImegami, I think. The name on the wooden dummy is "Hayate." Talk about beating yourself up over your own actions. Ayumu: I see... I heard about everything from Tennousu- san. Ayumu: That's why... won't you please stop this already? What A Wonderful World 16 Everything Is Because Of My  Love For You. Sakuya and "Tennousu-San" are in front of a huge orb-like  thing. Sakuya: Wa-wtf is this? Himegami: It's insurance... just in case the king's jewel  was destroyed, it takes time to take this out. Sakuya: Hi-Himegami Nii-yan? Himegami: In the middle of that, Hisui will take the  royal power. Himegami: Time will defeat you. Sakuya: No.

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 564 5-page spoilers/preview (scanlated)

So... I found the raws here: Well... I had some free time over the weekend, so I did this. The order of these pages/panels is probably all over the place...but it would seem we're having an Ayumu chapter next week. What do you guys think? Is Hata reviving S.S. Hamster? Is this just Hayate's dream? We'll find out in a few days... but wow, this is really something. By the way, I just love watching Hayate's salty tears there.

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 563: Final Chapter 15: A Cruel Angel's Thesis -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis:  Hina: Now... Hurry up! It's all over if those wedges are  Nice assist, Yukiji destroyed, right? A-tan: U-understood! Isumi: then we leave the rest to you Himegami: Hero of justice... huh? (ally of justice is  more accurate, but I like the FSN reference) Hina: I've been listening but... you won't just hand over  the stone will you? Himegami: Don't you get it? What had been planted is finally  blooming. Himegami: You refused my proposal that would make  everyone happy, didn't you? That's why Ayasaki's death  will be your fault as well. Himegami: But honestly, I'm relieved that things turned  out so well. Himegami: Nagi thought that Ayasaki was her lover for one  year, but that was a misunderstanding and it's finally  been revealed. Himegami: This is the result of that despair, but it's  fine. Himegami: She won't suffer anymore. Nagi has obtained  eternity. Himegami: As a reward for tha