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Penultimate Chapter Spoilers

After all that drama, Hayate just fell out of the Royal Garden a few moments after Nagi. Hisui got out too.

I can't use any images right now... I don't want to disrespect Hata's work after seeing most of this chapter... it was beautiful. Nagi was at her most beautiful here... she really proved a lot. She gave Hisui the Loto Key saying she doesn't hate her. She gave up everything to set Hayate free and let him be happy with whoever he chooses.

Nagi: You don't have to protect me anymore.

Nagi: You don't have to support me anymore.
Nagi: It's fine if you don't love me.
Nagi: You are free.
Nagi: You can go wherever you like, be happy with anyone you want.

Nagi: our year of misunderstanding...the one year I spent with you... wasn't bad.
Hayate:  Ojousama... 
Hayate: I am grateful.
Nagi: Don't cry... don't cry yet.

Nagi: You have to endure this pain alone from now on.
Nagi: No matter how lonely it gets.
Nagi: Even if the pain is about to burst from my chest...

Nagi: Endure it... no matter what.
Nagi: Sayonara, Hayate.

I have to say... I've been living to witness this moment since forever. Nagi was brilliant. Now then, 29 pages for the final chapter... can this really lead to anything else? Remember, Nagi is still crying at the end of this.


  1. Really, I was so restless these few days about what happened to hayate! This is the nagi I love since I came to know about this series. Initially raged a bit but deep inside so caring and how she understands hayate in the long run.
    But how nagi is going to live now? In the no-more-going-to-be-demolished violate mansion and by the money from the stocks of world satellite company or something? The prize winning money and wages from cafe donguri(if she starts working again) surely won't be enough. And what about her mom's wish for a tower apartment!
    What about the watch and the manga competition I wonder. It's a bit bad to see her crying again. Hayate can't leave her so helpless and sad. He must forgive his parents too.
    It'd be good if hisui transforms seeing nagi's sacrifice, and also himehami.
    I just wish there may not be any spoiler for the final chapter to ruin the last tension. I won't peek at this one too.

    1. It's been a long journey, comrade. You make a good point. I won't do spoilers for the last chapter anymore. I don't think I'll even need to do a review.

      At this point, how do you foresee our girl's chances of winning?

    2. Actually, I have seen very few animes and read fewer mangas. So my point of view is nothing but random babbling. It maybe strange but from when I watched the movie, I was always convinced about nagixhayate, even never knew that the ship war existed before I started the manga a few months ago.
      I think to stay together for a long time, what is needed the most is not the romance but the innate understanding. Their bond is what made me be hooked to the series, not the comedy. Even though there was a miscommunication at the beginning, they accepted who they were and helped each other to grow a lot. To some extent, hayate actually kidnapped nagi's heart that day.
      It is their bonding that convinced them that the world is not a bad place. So nagi slowly started to became a real-lifer and made friends not being afraid of the mafia. Hayate too, stopped living on only others' favour and laterly he could do what he wished and could reveal his true self mostly in the level5 arc. They could easily convey their sudden emotions without the help of the words which startled chiharu when he wanted a break to attend ruka.
      The worth of hayate's life greatly depends on his love life, so soon after his first confrontation with mikado, he met ayumu to increase the dilamma. Still continuously rejecting others, seeing his future by her words etc must have any meaning. So many super intelligent girls gave up recently not because his heart is blank, but as it is occupied by someone else. Before the kyoto-ise arc when nagi told him returning to the mantion together, he implied on the word 'returning' not 'together' . But while convincing nagi to wake up, he implied on the 'together' though he wanted their meeting to be deleted just some minutes ago. All these must not be meaningless.
      Though never accepting nagi's father, mikado welcomed him wholeheartedly. Now that nagi freed hayate to search for the worth and happiness of his life, there is hardly any chance to have all the answars by not choosing her in just 29 pages. It is hard to justify that after all the farewell ceremony. They both seem not to intend to forget each other. So it is hard for me to imagine any other ending now.

    3. Thank you for that. It's nice to read the comments of at least one sane reader of this manga.

      Lately, the comments for ch. 567 have all been about it implying a 100% Maria ending with no mention of Nagi at all. How cruel can people get?

      Ayumu's farewell chapter showed closure. Ayumu said it all and got her feelings returned in her dream scenario and so she was satisfied.

      Nagi however... there is no closure at the end of this chapter. So to justify any other ending girl, he would have to use part of those 29 pages just writing in closure for Nagi... that would be in very bad taste for an ending, IMO.

      What I think should happen is we finally get some introspection from Hayate on who Nagi is in his life and... I'd really love to see him rush up to Nagi while she's in pain and hug her from behind... maybe followed by a kiss or just a forehead kiss.... or even a ring on her finger.

      Really, good storytelling demands that he consider Nagi (the one girl who demonstrated her love the most for him and whom he has never considered in his head as a romantic partner) and then subsequently choose her.

      Nagi just lost everything and if we trace the story back to its roots -- she lost everything for Hayate.

      She lost Maria
      She found out that their one year was a misunderstanding
      She gave up her inheritance.
      And now she's giving up Hayate -- but not with closure -- she's giving up while trying to hide her tears and holding in her pain all the while. This is not the end for Nagi's feelings. Clearly, if Hayate truly chooses to walk away forever, Nagi will never be the same.

    4. i can see that Nagi are really mature than the other girls because she gave up her happiness for the one she loved

      and i don't know why many of the english fan can't see that sometimes, i really disappointed

    5. The best part is that it doesn't sink Nagi's ship at all. Hayate never rejected her. She didn't even really give up on him. She just set him free from his obligations to her. She never said the famous words "I loved you." which would imply closure.

  2. can you send me a link for the spoilers??

  3. Forgot to add the explanation for Hayate's rescue is Nagi's scream. Calling for someone with the strongest bond allows him to cross over whether it's the past or future like a gust of wind.

    1. Oh, that made my heart stop beating for a moment, no kidding.
      so, the cause must be the stone of bonds in nagi's hand. I wonder if it is linked to the radical dreamers episode. And as hayate was brought out, he may have sensed something inside the castle, be it nadza or yukariko. And his loyalty and hard work may reward him taking him to a position where even the meaning of love can be understood. Hayate also have a chance to meet nagi in the looser park to celebrate the one year of their meeting and confess her. A timeskip before confessing may not be that good though.

    2. It's definitely linked to the king's jewel. It also explains his special move reserved for Nagi. It's only through their mutual bond that it can be used.

  4. OMG watch the next chapter, continue where it left off nagi still crying & then Hayate appears behind her & said I love you & want to be by your side......It wouldnt bother if it happen next week but it too predictable (what happen when you read to many romance manga) & hope something out of the norm happen :)

    1. I would welcome such predictability over a last minute twist. I've seen to many anime with ass-pull twists from out of nowhere. Why doesn't Nagi deserve to have her feelings returned at this point?

      She lost everything for him. She lost everything because she loves him. I'd welcome the most cliched, most predictable outcome in the end rather than a plot twist wherein she doesn't get what she has proven to deserve for her love. Not everything has to be a masterpiece, and the people who hate Hata's work already want this manga to die. Why would he serve their wants by not making Nagi end up with Hayate? At least we Nagi loyalists haven't abandoned him.

  5. Regardless of how this final chapter turns out, I'm incredibly proud of Nagi. So, incredibly proud. We've gotten to watch her grow into such a strong girl and endure so much that's made her into the person she is now. Gag manga moments aside, there are very few people who grow like that, who in a year can endure the stress and pressure of having life change as much as she has and come out so beautifully on top. I can't say I ever *really* shipped Hayate x Nagi, but I think either outcome would be a fitting end to the story's central character, even if one is a lot more poetic.

    I've never had a chance to talk to other Hayate fans and I've been reading this manga for eight years, so a part of me wants to break out into pent-up analysis and continue crying as I think about how much this manga has changed my life. But I think I'll leave it here for now lol

    1. As for me, I can't accept Nagi's love never getting returned. This is too much of a personal stake for me. It's out of my hands -- it's out of everyone's hands. Which is why all I can hope for is the most likely happy ending scenario based on all the hints left throughout the manga and not just in the finale... that and Hata's promise of no surprise twists at the ending.

  6. The review for this chapter will be written by a familiar commenter from here by the way. I'll do a synopsis of everything that happened but no full transcript this time.

  7. Does anyone know when Chapter 568 comes out?

  8. In the final arc there is a few points I am not satisfied with--
    The time in the royal garden should be too slow than the real world. But it did not seem like it when it crumbled.
    For giving up everything, nagi must be able to protect herself from the stalkers at least. Even if her friends teach her each details of how to do necessary works, without being physically strong enough, its hard for her to cope up with troubles.
    And in the official english translations, hayate tells ayumu that he loves her. It'd be good if the use of the word love not be too frequently especially in the final arc.
    And their profiles show that hayate is good at playing violin while nagi is a perfect singer. It may be awesome if we have a chance to see these combination in the last chapter, say after a timeskip.


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