Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mild Spoilers and A Shoutout To All Hayate x Nagi Shippers/Supporters~

Hey guys, as this manga is coming to a close, I'd like to invite all HayaNagi shippers to our little closed group chat on FB. Let's have fun discussing the manga and our favorite OTP before the end of the series in a few weeks.

Send me an email at lordcloudx at gmail dot com if you're interested.

Anyway, here are some minor spoilers for chapter 566... because whoever uploaded the spoilers uploaded almost the entire chapter. Out of respect for Hata, I'm going to hold back on scanlating all of the available pages.


  1. OMG did nagi knows all of it is just an illusion? :" can't wait for hayate & nagi moments, finally

    1. Yes she did. She said she doesn't care. Hayate manages to convince her to leave with him and he uses a king's jewel to undo her wish but the Royal garden is crumbling and isumi snatches nagi away to safety while Hayate look on saying he has no regrets because he was able to protect her. Nagi is screaming for him all this time. Chapter ends there

  2. It'd be a surprise if himegami saves hayate. As the RG destroys, he can't get yukariko back. So he might want to go to her himself . He may not want nagi to have the pain of loosing the loved ones twice, knowing how miserable it is from his own experience. For entering there, one need a kj which is hard to obtain for both ikusa and himegami at this point, assuming hisui won't give up hers given how dense she is. SOO, it must be nagi to go to save him somehow. She can get help from nadza or from the stars as her mother said about the power of wish to the star in myconos. The timeskip would be too good, but as I think of it I feel extremely sorry about nagi. It is too much for her to bear the pain for several years. And, nagi might still have the trumpcard in her hand - the wristwatch as his bday gift and athena's ringbox. I wonder what happened to the manga competetion.
    And I think through the search for a purse, maria indicates that hayate must be able to protect what he treasures, as we use the purse to put valuable cards and notes in it.

  3. Great points. What's really killing me with anxiety right now is what Hayate said to convince Nagi to leave with him. That one page is missing from the spoilers.

  4. Maria of all people wins? Not nagi? Garbage.

    -Hayate meets Maria, and while the exchange is fairly emotional on Hayate's part, no discrete confession.
    -Maria gives Hayate the letter she left for Nagi as an aid for confronting the dreaming Nagi with a little bit of banter about Maria's birthday present before sending him off.
    -Hayate uses his king stone to undo Nagi's wish and convinces Nagi that while their relationship was founded on a lie, the bonds they formed were true.
    Is it really everything?

    1. Watch manga 566 link:

    2. Those 4chan comments are both missing a few things.

      First of all, the Maria Hayate is talking to is the Maria from Nagi's dream -- which Hayate is aware of.

      Secondly, Hayate does convince Nagi to come home with him using Maria's letter -- but it's also because of something he said in page 17 -- which is missing. What is more important is that he tells Nagi: "What I wish for isn't here. What I don't wish to lose is here." I think it counts as a vague, Hayate-style confession.

  5. Recently went through the chapter 9 again. Seems there is an hidden indication of hayate confessing about his feelings to nagi (for real).

    1. You've gotta tell me more about this. We need the positivity amidst all the haters for our ship. Don't you want to join our facebook group chat?

    2. Actually, I don't have any faccebook account yet. So till now I spoke to my heart's content in your blog.
      In that chapter, there was a scenerio where nagi asks hayate if he likes her and the background had the effect of rg without the castle and the cliff. There hayate says yes allowing the misunderstanding to grow. They reached there to search a flower. So I thought when the castle with the power destroys, what if the garden remains the same, at least for some time, and hayate agrees about the feelings towards nagi now when the misunderstanding has been removed!
      In the first volume, hayate wanted to die as he had none to be sorry for that. Now that he has someone, or rather a few of them, he may find a path to live on.

    3. Aww... that's too bad about facebook. I really wanted to talk to you more.

      Anyway, I guess blog comments are fine as well. This thing works like a forum now anyway. It's interesting that in chapter 566, Hayate hid the King's Jewel in the flower tiara he made for Nagi. Hata made some interesting comments in his backstage though.

      Just went through chapter 9. "That love will probably never be rewarded." I think it'd be wrong if the entire story just serves to confirm these words. Something has to have changed in this one year he spent with Nagi.

      - Hayate was always intended to choose who he would die for in the end.
      - The theme of the manga is "for whom can he die for?"
      - The royal garden was made so that Hayate could make that choice.
      - One year after meeting the girl, the boy can finally make this choice.
      -"There's nothing that I want, there's nothing I don't want to lose" when everything builds up and while thinking of important days, when he says these words with a smiling face, then "the boy" will surely make a choice.
      -These words were chosen since the beginning of the manga.
      -This is what Hayate no Gotoku! is all about. For someone, I can do something.
      -This story took nearly 13 years to draw.

    4. But I think the 'that' from chapter 9 carried some meaning too. That time nagi's love was a bit of selfishness and possesiveness which led her sell him to isumi. But after the incident of radical dreamers, it changed gradually. She even was ready to let go of him if he stays better with that and had no regret if he marries ruka. While opening the path she did behaved like a selfish but surely not knowing fully about the circumstances. So, her current love is solely different from the crush of chapter 9. That previous love surely was not rewarded, but it transformed to the love she has now which is going to be fulfilled.

    5. It's Nagi's week next week, so I hope we get to see her love endure through this current trial she's been put through. I really can't accept it if it turns out that her love is also about moving on -- we've already seen that in Athena... and Hayate definitely hasn't shown any kind of devotion for any other girl other than her.


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