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The Combat Butler Chapter 564: What A Wonderful World 16 Everything Is Because Of My Love For You - Review and Synopsis

Hayate actually looks kinda cool in the top panel.
Synopsis: Hamster: Hayate-kun, what are you doing?

Hayate: I'm bashing the enemies of course.

Hayate: The enemies hurt ojou-sama -- everyone! (the 

wooden dummies have names like "father," "mother" and 

HImegami, I think.
The name on the wooden dummy is "Hayate." Talk about
beating yourself up over your own actions.

Ayumu: I see... I heard about everything from Tennousu-


Ayumu: That's why... won't you please stop this already?

What A Wonderful World 16 Everything Is Because Of My 

Love For You.

Sakuya and "Tennousu-San" are in front of a huge orb-like 


Sakuya: Wa-wtf is this?

Himegami: It's insurance... just in case the king's jewel 

was destroyed, it takes time to take this out.

Sakuya: Hi-Himegami Nii-yan?

Himegami: In the middle of that, Hisui will take the 

royal power.

Himegami: Time will defeat you.

Sakuya: No... if so, that's a pretty strange strategy.

Sakuya: Mikado Ji-san, it's going to take a while to 

recover the stone. Before that happens, can you wake up, 

Add caption

 This entire conversation translated coz... how can you not love Hayate's reaction here?


Mikado: Huh? But why?

Sakuya: That machine can speak directly to the 

consciousness, right? Maybe we can use that matrix sense 

to directly wake up Hayate nii-yan's consciousness.

Mikado: I see, can you do it?

Sakuya's butler: I'll try!

Mikado: Ok, we've got it going.

Sakuya: Yosh!

Himegami: Even so... you'll have a hard time.

Athena: Wa-- why?

Klaus: It's not hopeless! I Klaus shall wake up Ayasaki 


Hits his head against a wall.

Mikado: Klaus!? What's wrong?

Klaus: I think when you try to enter the consciousness, 

my call to wake him up was rejected.

Sakuya: Refuse? Why would he refuse? Does Hayate nii-yan 

want to die?

A-tan: What is happening!? WHy does Hayate refuse to wake 


Himegami: Ain't it obvious? Use yer imagination.

Chiharu: It's because he regrets... such a cruel thing.

Isumi: Could it be...

Mikado: Because Nagi opened the path.

Sakuya: But if that's the case... then this is bad! The 

royal power will enter if Hayate nii-yan doesn't wake up. 

Who can help?

A-tan: Hayate's -- to open Hayate's heart, could it be 

that we need someone with a strong connection?

Isumi: Then.. Maria?

Sakuya: But Maria is...

Isumi: Well then... there's only Tennousu-san left.

A-tan: No. I know of a fitting person.

Ayumu: I guess everyone is excited at the Hakuo party 

right about now...

Ayumu: What am I doing... what am I doing...?

Ayumu: Hayate-kun (hayate-kun ayumu flashbacks)

A-tan: Nishizawa san!

Ayumu: Tennousu-san?

A-tan: Please help Hayate-kun!

Ayumu: Hayate-kun... that sword is broken.

Ayumu: Even so... you're still going to continue?

Hayate: This is only fitting!

Ayumu: Yeah...

Hayate: According to mother...

Hayate: Everything is all my fault!

Ayumu: Even so... you did your beswt, Hayate-kun.

Hayate: But I'm glad...

Ayumu: Eh?

Hayate: If this is how everything ends

Hayate: On that day, I was so happy because of that 


Ayumu: ......

Ayumu: Is that so...? Could you tell me about that 



Mikado: W-whut's goin on?

Sakuya: Uwaa... it broke!!

Isumi-san, it's bad! Hisui woke up!

Hisui: Where the fudge is this?

Hisui: Wtf happened?

Hisui: well. whatevers!

Hisui: I see... my powers lie asleep inside dat der 


Hayate: What if... on that day, I hadn't met you... what 

would have happened?

Santa: Just believe me... it's the single-minded 

individuals who get the last laugh.

Hayate punches santa.

Hayate: Eventually, this world lets the cheaters win. The 

serious hard workers get nothing!

Hayate: Fortunately, in this park, there's a lone girl 

who looks easy to kidnap!

Hayate: This is an enemy according to Nero's revelation!

Guy 1: Hey, you're cute.

Guy 2: Won't you spend Christmas Eve with us?

Hayate: Let go of my prey!

Ayumu grabs Hayate

Hamster: I'm gald I found you, Hayate-kun!

Hayate: Nishizawa-san?

Ayumu: What if on that day I had found you. How would 

things have gone?

Guys: Gyaaa I'm sorry! I'mm sorry!

Himegami: Really, that was pretty dangerous!

Nagi: Himegami!? Where did you go off to?

Himegami: Anywayz, let's go home. Maria is waiting for 


Nagi: Shut up! Baka! Baka!

Ayumu: Looks like that girl is safe, right?

Hayate: But why were you...?

Ayumu: Because today is Christmas eve.

Ayumu: I want to spend this special night with my special 
obligatory "moments with Hayate-kun" montage

Hayate: Eh?

Ayumu: Ahhh! yearh... it's a special night. Souya and the 

others want you to come along too, Hayate!

Hayate: But... I can't go. My parents left me with a 150 

million yen debt and the yakuza are after me too. At this 

rate, it will be trouble for everyone.

Ayumu: It's ok to be troublesome. If Hayate is hurting, I 

want to help. If you are in trouble, I want to fight too!

Ayumu: Even if I'm alone, I'll find a solution!

Ayumu: Hayate-kun  is my most important person, that's 


Hayate: Nishizawa san...

Ayumu: Hayate-kun!

Yakuza: Then ojou-chan, will you pay me 150 million yen?

Ayumu: Ah...

Hayate: Stop it! If you lay a hand on this person, I'll 

never forgive you!

Yakuza: What?

Yakuza 2: Wtf did you say, you!

Ayumu: Hayate-kun! Let's run away, together!

Hayate: Ok!

If I had met you on that day... definitely our future...

Side panel:
The two are currently dreaming inside the royal garden. 

Therefore, a future that may have been, a future that could have existed... is at hand.

Hata's BS (Backstage... as coined by Doughnut Gunso): I'm doing some iffy translations for Hata's blog as this manga winds down to its conclusion. I may have taken a lot of liberties with the translation, but it will give you an idea of what he's sayin, so here we go:

Now as for Nishizawa san's last phase.

I may have told you this, but before, but this was all JUST AS PLANNED... even from the early cover pages. I was talking about the bad end scenarios, of course.

Anyway, as to the point of this week's banter.
When Hayate did not save Nagi, PRINCESS GOD appears.
As a result, Hayate never knew Nagi.
It's a lot like life. I believe that life is
also a repetitive cycle of such things.

With that aside...

Himegami was in the first draft of this story. To be precise, this manga had two simultaneous stories.

By the way, I was talking about a particular character on twitter. Do comment  if you know the answer and you are not too busy.

By the way too, take a look at this nifty ad: https://www.sunday-webry.com/events/201703hayatenogotoku/
(ka-ching! Ok, I took great liberties with translating this)

In any case, look forward to Nishizawa san's love ending next week.


Review:  Despite my initial apprehensions, this was actually a very satisfying chapter to read. I really liked how Hayate was reacting in this chapter within his dream world. Particularly at how much he was agonizing over what he had done to Nagi.

Now haters will probably say that this is just "guilt feelings," but well, we all know that's not where the story is going, so deny away if that helps you sleep better at night.
Am I the only one who legitimately finds Hisui cute?
Furthermore, we finally get some introspection from Hayate. It's understandable that it's not yet complete because this chapter was partially shared with Ayumu and with setting up a final confrontation with Hisui, but for what we got, it's pretty awesome.

I mean, Hayate was trying so desperately to "punish the enemies who hurt ojou-sama." The way he was fighting so hard for Nagi's sake was just really satisfying to watch -- even more than the tears that followed later.

Also, I know it's just a pseudo flashback to last Christmas Eve, but I was really happy to see two male individuals acknowledging Nagi's beauty -- even if they were pretty lecherous about it.

Now as for Ayumu, it seems there were a lot of disgruntled individuals over how her ship-sinking was handled -- well, lo and behold, Hata's even granting her a "love ending" next week. It's a good way to give her one last chance in the spotlight, of course, I don't think that even the dream scenario will end all that well if you ship the hamster. With that said, I'm very interested in Hayate's final reaction to everything. He's finally started his introspection phase, so we Nagi shippers should expect some very positive developments next week.

From a realistic perspective, Ayumu's what-if scenario is going to reach a dead end eventually. Even Hata made a reference to this in his BS (thanks, gunso) this week.

Anywayz, I am in high spirits and I'm very eager to read the next part.

Fanart Corner: Got quite a few pieces of traditional art for ya this week. Enjoy~

Watercolors are nice~


  1. i think there's a wooden dummies name wrote "hayate" itself at page 2 .-.

    1. Wow! You're right! It's right there on page 2 in one panel by itself. He's hitting himself! HAHA!

  2. ah, and i saw a dummies wrote in "hisui" too

    i guess Hayate really regret about what he has done here

  3. Cool chapter! Anyway I always wondered wether HnG anime will ever be continued or not. I find it very sad if Hata leave it just the way it is

    1. I'd definitely love to see another anime of Hayate -- and this time, it can stay true to the manga since it's going to end by next month anyway. No need for filler episodes.

    2. same here, i really hope they made the anime in this arc so many people intrested in HnG again

  4. 1: Isn't saku looks a bit different or it is only me?
    2: Did hayate destroy the mansion or it was destroyed being symbol of the family of the trio!
    3: Why is kurosu here again , to inform chiharu about the incident of the hospital? Was she even there that time! Even if she was , she should have tried to make nagi come down herself. Is she too testing their bonding?
    4: So himegami was really nearby that day. So why did not he save nagi quickly. Looks like he was waiting for hayate for some reason.
    And, I don't mind if the next anime season does not follow the manga too ( if any). It would be good if it concentrates some issues after the timeline of the ending of the manga. It can deal with the ships like atan-ikusa, ayumu-souya, hina- himegami, and nagi's struggle during her progression with the manga. The future rivalry of Nagi- ruka or nagi's wedding ( not only dreaming like the ova) will be sweet too.

    1. 1. Hmm... she looks fine to me. Hata's art style keeps changing all the time anyway.

      2. I think those ruins symbolize Nagi "losing everything" because of Hayate. Himegami did tell him that much and I guess those words really haunted him -- especially after he broke Nagi's heart.

      3. No idea about Kurosu. She's just sort of there.

      4. Yeah, it does seem that way. Then again, it seems that in reality, Himegami had already left for quite some time before Hayate came into the picture. Remember that this scenario is just some kind of what-if dream world inside of Hayate's consciousness.

      It would be nice if there comes an anime-only continuation of the manga, I suppose. With that said, I think I'll be satisfied with the ending we're getting and I'd be scared to have it ruined by continuing the story any further.

    2. But it would be good if the extended story remains like the extra chapters of Nura the yokai clan. Some of those were funny and some hinted about the future. The huge fanbase can be satisfied too if they see their favourite characters are with some indivisuals more suitable to them.

    3. Sure thing. Basically, for me, as long as Hayate x Nagi is canon and they stay together, I'm totally fine with it~

  5. Hata's comments on life and possibilities in this blog and in the side panels this chapter reminds me a lot of a game called "Chrono Cross." Killing off a possible future through our choices while allowing another branch of fate to continue. I believe that the present has already rejected the possibility of an Ayumu route, which is why she's being granted that possibility in this dream world wherein Hayate didn't meet Nagi and Ayumu actually found Hayate. The dream can't really last, though -- specifically because reality has already chosen a different possibility...

  6. This chapter is almost like the poem, "The Road not Taken" by Robert Frost. There is a part of our minds always considering the "what if" possibility since our decisions and circumstances didn't let us choose the other path. Ayumu visualising another possibility of the past with hayate is a nice view into what might have happened if there was a deviation from destiny.

    1. Haha yeah~... also, really not a cause for worry for our ship at this point. It's an excellent way to send off Ayumu -- although I'm quite excited at where this scenario ends up. It can't end cleanly either way.

      Either Hayate or Ayumu or both of them realize that this is a future that was never meant to be.

  7. Here's another possible scenario for next week: As Ayumu and Hayate are running away, they cross paths with Nagi and Himegami. Nagi is right in the path of the oncoming Yakuza.

    At that moment, Hayate instinctively dives in front of her to save her -- snapping both himself and Ayumu out of the "what if" scenario and causing Ayumu to make her final conclusion -- and perhaps being the one to give Hayate the final push he needs to get out of this dream world and do what he really needs to do for Nagi.

  8. Just came across certain forums and the blatant hate for our ship is rather toxic... the worst part is that they won't even admit it even though everything they say can only be interpreted one way... sigh~

  9. Like, seriously... we're just going to handwave everything else that Nagi has done to show that she deserves Hayate.

    Hayate's lack of sexual interest in Nagi is SUCH A HUGE DEAL BREAKER, that it shows that she deserves Hayate the least. WOW SUCH AMAZING LOGIC HERE, FOLKS!

    It's all so one-sided because we're just going to handwave everything that Hayate has done for Nagi as nothing but gratefulness unlike with the other girls because he's shown that he at least wants to bone them at some point. THEREFORE, wanting to screw them while doing something for them counts as "ROMANTIC PILLARS OF DEVELOPMENT!" amirite?

    1. Actually, I kinda likr your negativity. Nagi x Hayate one true ship!

    2. Good to know~ I just get irritated when everyone thinks it's open season to attack the HayaNagi ship just because we're winning when most of us haven't even been minding the other ships.

      Oh well, not like talking about it will change the author's mind in any way. Scanlated spoilers up: http://www.jaded-perspectives.com/2017/03/hayate-combat-butler-565-spoilers.html

  10. Ok, enough negativity.
    Found the spoilers for 565. Will post scanlated versions later. Nishizawa gets to kiss Hayate and Hayate even confesses his love for her~ this puts a smile on my face~

  11. i hope time pass fast after i see chapter 565, cause i really need hayate and nagi right now :(

    1. Well, part of chapter 565 is now in Nagi's dream world -- and for some reason, Hayate is in it, the real one.

  12. I too have a soft spot for willful girls, even if they are psychopaths. Youjo Senki ftw
    Also, feel sorry for Hayate, he obviously cares so much for her.

  13. So,umm.. about the title, whose love is referred to here? Only ayumu's or it is foreshadowing hayate's feelings too!!

    1. Not sure. I mean, it could refer to Ayumu, but we could interpret that as Hayate's feelings too -- given how agitated he was over punishing the enemies who hurt Nagi in this chapter.


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