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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 565: Final Chapter 17: Who Do You Love? -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Sakuya: nanya?
End of the line, Hamster shippers -- especially those who ship her just coz they hate Nagi~

Mikado: Th-this is bad!!

Mikado: The Royal Garden has begun to collapse?

Sakuya: Hah?

Mikado: This is the final stage... if this goes on, even if the path is still kept open with the wedges...

Final Chapter 17: Who Do You Love?

If the royal garden disappears, no one can help the people inside.

Ginka: Isumi, how about the stone?

Isumi: Not yet.
By the way, Hisui = Jade. She'd make a good cover girl for my blog... but I'd never replace mai waifu!

Sakuya: What are you doin, Hayate nii-yan! Hurry and wake up!

Sakuya: At this rate, this is going to be the end of everything.

Hayate: Even if wake up... it's already too late.

Hayate: I made ojousama cry...

Hayate: Even if I try my best, eventually, I'll lose to the interference of my parents.

Hayate: That's why this is ok... at this rate... absolutely...


Lifesavers Guy: But that's amazing, Hayate. You mean the Yakuza were targetting you on this day?

Lifesavers girl: yearh!

Hayate: No, I'm not joking.

Lifesavers Guy: But that's ok, you can count on the sea house.

Hayate: Eh?

Lifesavers Girl: It's fine, it's true.

Guy: The Yakuza are strong but it's ok

Hayate: is it really ok?

Guy: Well, it's not really fine...

Souya?: But let's do it together. We're friends, right?

Hayate: ....

Hayate: Ah, sure!

Hayate: That's right... this is ok, right?... this is...

Hayate: If meeting ojou-sama leads to such a painful conclusion then this is...



Isumi: It's bad, Hayate-sama's consciousness level is suddenly fading.
Why so sexy while communicating with nii-yan, Sakuya?
Sakuya: whatchu say?

Sakuya: In this situation, why won't you wake up?

Mikado: Does he plan to sleep eternally inside the dream world?

Mikado: The other woman is... just like Nagi...

Ayumu: That's right, if I had found you on that day, the future would have been different right?

Ayumu: Perhaps, I would have been reflected in your eyes.

Ayumu: Hey, that was fun, huh? Hayate-kun?

Hayate: Yeah, thanks...

Hayate: Ah, but I have no place to come home to.

Ayumu: If that's so, then come to my house.

Hayate: Eh?

Ayumu: My younger brother is there, but it's ok.

Ayumu: I'm sure my mother and father will welcome you!


Hayate: ......

Hayate: Why are you doing this for me?

Ayumu: Eh?

Ayumu: W-well... that is...

Hayate: Nishizawa san,

Hayate: I like you, Nishizawa san.

Ayumu: Eh?

Hayate: I thought this was the worst Christmas Eve of my life. My parents pushed their debt onto me and the Yakuza want my life too.

Hayate: But today... you really saved me.

Hayate: Today, I met the most important person in my life.

Hayate: On this fated Christmas Eve. If Nishizawa-san feels the same way, I'd be really happy.

Ayumu: Those were... the words that I'd been waiting to hear for this past year.

Ayumu: Those words I was supposed to be longing for...

Ayumu: The moment I heard those words... I understood.

Ayumu: Eh? Something as simple as this?

Ayumu: This is so hard... it's right here in front of my hand but..

Ayumu: If he had met another person, it would have been as easy as this?

Hayate: Nishizawa-san?

Ayumu: Then my one year... was really meaningless ---

Ayumu: meaningless? THis one year... really?

Ayumu: Was it really meaningless?

Ayumu: Ahaha... so that's it.

Ayumu: The answer was really that simple, huh?

Ayumu: Hayate-kun...

Hayate: Hai?

Ayumu: Sorry... I'm happy, but after all, I don't need this.

Hayate :Eh?

Ayumu: This is probably wrong, isn't it...

Ayumu: My love... My love... The Hayate-kun that I feel in love with defnitely....

Ayumu: This past year was painful wasn't it?

Ayumu: I always knew this encounter was wrong.

Ayumu: It's a really painful thought.

Ayumu: However... although this encounter may have been wrong...

Ayumu: Even so, this year was not a mistake.

Ayumu: Remember, Hayate-kun. Even if it's a mistaken encounter. This year that you challenged with all your strength wasn't wrong, was it?

Ayumu: That's why, Hayate-kun...

Ayumu: Even if someone makes your life hard, don't lose.

Ayumu: Even if it's painful right now, it's not over yet. 

Ayumu: Hayate-kun, you can definitely change the future.

Ayumu: In this future, I'll already be gone.

Ayumu: Believe, the Hayate-kun that I fell in love with. And then, rise up again.

Ayumu: Hayate-kun is the coolest in the universe, that's why.

Ayumu: Well then, bye bye, Hayate-kun.

Ayumu: I truly loved you.

Hayate: Thank you, Nishizawa-san.

Hayate: Na...!! This is!?

Sakuya: Hayate-nii-yan! I'm glad you finally woke up!

Hayate: This voice, Sakuya-san?

Sakuya: We're out of time. The Royal Garden will collapse in ten minutes. When that happens, everything will be lost.

Sakuya: Anyway, the royal power and Nagi... the door is open.

Sakuya: Hayate nii-yan, you have a king's jewel!


Hayate: Wh-what?

Hisui: A mouse crept into my castle!!

Hayate: Hi-Hisui-san!!

Hayate: You don't get it! I need to get out of here. You too, Hisui-san, you life is...

Hisui: Hah!!

Hisui: I haven't fulfilled my purpose yet. Concern for my life comes later!!

Hayate: But you'll really die!

Hayate: You need to live fo fulfill your purpose!

Hisui: I have nothing to live for!!

Isumi: You always destroy everything, don't you!!

Hayate: Isumi-san!!

Isumi: Nagi and the royal power are beyond here. I'll take care of this fool. Go, Hayate-sama!

Hayate: Ha-hai!!

Hisui: You wanna do it, Isumi!!

Isumi: You really... Truly don't know when to back down do you?

Hayate: Beyond this... ojou-sama is here...

Hayate: But... what kind of face can I show her?

Nagi: If you weren't here Maria would still be...

Hayate: Ojou-sama is...

Nagi: I wish for a world where Hayate loves me.

Hayate: Whatever is said I...

Maria: Ara... Hayate-kun... welcome home~

Hayate: Ma-maria-san?

Hayate: Of course, this is because ojou-sama made that wish.

Maria: What's wrong, Hayate-kun? WHat's with that surprised look on your face?

That's all! See ya for the last 3 chapters!

Review: This was definitely an intense chapter, so let's take a few things up.

The Most Solid Evidence for #Team Hayanagi
I think it's pretty obvious here. Hayate said that he liked (suki) Ayumu based on the fact that she saved him from the Yakuza on the worst Christmas Eve of his life. We all know that the reality is that it was Nagi who saved him at that time -- so who is anyone to say that he does not feel the same way about Nagi?

In any case, Ayumu re-affirms what Athena said about herself not being reflected in Hayate's eyes anymore when she mentions that "would it have been me reflected in your eyes?" Obviously, she means that the person that he met on that Christmas Eve is the one reflected in his eyes right now. No need to look deeper than this, really.

Getting Hisui Out Of The Way

I was a bit apprehensive about this finale given that Hisui had also earned a ticket into the Royal Garden. I was worried that a lot of time would have to be devoted to resolving the battle between Hayate and Hisui. As it turns out, Isumi would be Hisui's final opponent and not Hayate. It's also quite fitting since they're childhood friends and thus have a history together. However Hisui's story is resolved, it would be within her battle with Isumi -- which gets her out of the way so that the core trio of the series can finally tackle the final conflict.

Hayate's Feelings

The only thing that is unclear at this point is Hayate's feelings. However, given the setup for this story, I would say it's pretty much a given that the only girl he can fall in love with right now would be Nagi. Maria is out of the question unless Hata desperately wants to write a surprise twist into the story and troll everyone. A Maria end cannot make sense given how the story has been developed.

With that said, we are still unsure as to who Hayate really loves except for the fact that we do know that Nagi is and has always been his number one priority. The question right now would be: has he finally considered her romantically? This should be sufficiently answered within the last three chapters.

I loved the fact that Hayate was again in conflict as to how he would face Nagi, but unlike last time, he's not running away and still running directly into a confrontation with her -- unfortunately, Maria or some fake version of Maria is still in the way.

We'll see how things play out from here, but I'd definitely love a little bit of love-hate conflict between Hayate and Nagi perhaps with a partially Midas-possessed Nagi attacking Hayate but overcoming Midas' influence in the end through the power of love. It's cheesy, it's predictable -- and it's a very satisfying and logical way to wrap things up.

Ayumu's Departure
Ayumu's ship was really doomed to sink. No two ways about it. There would have been too many conflicts with trying to twist the story in her favor -- and even moreso with certain sunken ships whose supporters refuse to move on.

With that said, Ayumu was given a chance to really shine. She got to have Hayate tell her that he likes/loves her and then she even got to kiss Hayate. As expected of Hata's well-rounded characters though, she understands that in the end, these feelings were not really meant for her. She looks absolutely beautiful in that one mugshot panel... although I'm hoping that Nagi gets an even more lovely panel in that style herself.

Maria herself has some unfinished business -- but mostly with her role in the misunderstanding between Hayate and Nagi. I really don't think that a romantic final conflict with Hayate is in order here. Maria has already shown that she doesn't really "love" Hayate romantically even if she has shown some small degree of attraction for him every now and then. The same is true for Hayate -- and the biggest evidence of this would of course be the fact that he was actually considering trying to get Maria to fall in love with him so he could induce an explosion of negative emotions.

Anyway, Maria's final role will probably center around the misunderstanding and the letter that she left Nagi.

Nagi and Hayate

And with everything else out of the way, the stage is set for a beautiful climax featuring the true main characters of this series: Nagi and Hayate. I know that this pairing is hard to swallow for some, but this has been the logical outcome of the story all along. The problem is that a lot of you apply real world standards or your own subjective standards on "love" and "romantic relationships." Like I've said before, "love is basically whatever the author says it is in his own story."

I believe Hata-sensei is set to show us a really beautiful, wholesome conception of love. The fact that it challenges a lot of the ideals that a lot of us have always held onto is one reason why its being met with so much negativity and denial -- especially in the English-speaking fandom.

Fanart Corner: Some new pieces of traditional fanart for you today. I'm really loving watercolors recently. With that said, I think I'll turn at least one of these into digital art for next week... probably the bikini one -- but tell me if you'd prefer I digitize something else.
Taken with my phone... it seems to capture watercolors better than my camera
Taken with a scanner... as you can see, the pinks don't show up.

Looks kinda kiddy-looking huh? I wanted to go for a Samurai Jack style coloring (done with colored pencils)

Haha... this souvenir program lacked a proper cover... FIXED!

Hata: I think Hisui is cute too.
Looks like I'm not alone then~ do you guys think Hisui is cute?
This was sketched with a ballpoint pen I found and on some random scrap of paper, by the way.
Tried coloring her in Pixiv Sketch for phones... which doesn't look too bad at all. I might try using hard brushes next time.
Hata's BS: (before this, he says something about a 54-page color extra --- maybe it's for the next volume's release)

Spoiler portions

Nishizwa-san's What-If Story Sequel. And The Last Part.

Finally, we're at this point after 12 years, it seems this is the last time I'll be drawing this girl.

Anywayz, at this time.
Let's talk about this week's scene and how it
came to mind.

I was really thinking about a Yakuza escape scene. 
Perhaps some help from aniki would come. I was thinking of another meeting scene.

But that sort of scene would be trivial.
It was hard to put together this week's scene.

To have come this far as an author is really a long distance.

These 12 years, 10 times, even a hudndred times long would not be enough to think about this scene.

Honestly, I've had a manuscript for this scene since 12 years ago. It's quite simple.

However. while drawing, the image in my mind was not very strong. and that's why it was suffering.

Frankly, the way I've written this ending well... was it ok?

I thought it over many times. In any case, everyone will get through this happily.

Even so... this is the end for Nishizawa-san.
My manga's character. Whatever you have to say, really, thank you very much.

With that said, there are 3 chapters remaining.

Please treat me well.

By the way, some anon with a lot of spare time and not a lot of creativity thought it would be funny to copy and paste parts of my review and replace all instances of "Nagi" with "Maria." Check it out.


  1. I think what Hata was trying to say on BS is that there are 54 pages left to draw, not including any special pages for the last volume.

    I kinda stopped reading forum comments about this series a long while ago so I'd missed the last minute desperate Ayumu band-wagoning, that's just sad.

    I also really don't get the all-consuming Athena shipping (for some people) at this point, given that she hasn't done anything but be a minor plot device character doing jewels stuff behind the scenes for years now, literally since the Mykonos Arc ended with her blatantly stepping aside for Nagi even back then.

    1. Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, that seems to be what he was saying. He just tweeted that there are 49 pages left just this day.

      I kinda want to stop reading forum comments, but then I get bored waiting for someone to talk about the series and I look... and well, that's not a very good idea, it seems.

      Very true. I've always thought that Athena sunk her own ship way back in the Mykonos arc and she's done nothing but stick to that decision ever since. At this point, it almost feels like all the other girls (although not blatantly) feel that Hayate loves Nagi and the only one who hasn't acknowledged that is Hayate himself.

  2. Don't you think it was Maria who saved Hayate rather than Nagi? I re-read chapter 1-2 and found out that Hayate was planning to freeze to death after screwing up his ransom plan until Maria stopped him. His response towards Maria seemed stronger than his 1st meeting with Nagi. It should be noted that it was after Maria giving him her scarf did Hayate regret his actions which led to him saving Nagi (he even planned on walking away w/o doing anything to help find Nagi).

    The way Ayumu gave her scarf to Hayate is eerily similar to how Maria gave hers to Hayate..but I agree with you that up till now Maria's lack of character development does not match with her winning the Hayate-bowl, so it is still a mystery as to who will win..

    1. Not really. The way you perceived Hayate's response to Maria is a personal perception. In any case, Maria can't win against Nagi in so far as doing favors for Hayate is concerned.

      Nagi saved him from the Yakuza as masked the money and countless other times, which Hayate has acknowledged over and over again. Nagi is the one Hayate wants to protect over anyone else and not Maria. Also, Maria loves Nagi more than she's ever had feelings for Hayate.

      I respectfully disagree. There is no more hayatebowl at this point unless you really force it. Nagi is the most logical and only plot consistent choice

    2. I this chapter too, I think it's pretty obvious that the "savior" whose place Hamster was trying to replace is Nagi. There are all kinds of implications for that.

      We could reason out that it was Maria all along, but that would take a whole lot of interpretation of things not even hinted at inside of the actual events of the story.

    3. Btw, are you the one who copy-pasted parts of my review/comments into 4chan but replaced all instances of "Nagi" with "Maria?"

      Please be more creative -- although those guys are so deep into ship denial that they actually took that seriously.

  3. pfft, when i read at up comments i want to tell something

    i really pissed at someone who like copy paste things and edits it like it was they're own, cause for me it 's disrespectful even if it only just a "review" thing

    no mean to be bash, but i can't help it to write this, cause i respect the hardwork of violent cloud who review this manga haha

    sorry if i act childly for make this comment

    1. Thank you for the support. Pretty sure that anon 1 and anon 2 are different people though. I have a pretty good idea who made the first comment. The other one must be a 4chan lurker.

      It's a bit annoying when people plagiarize even my reviews like this because at the end of the day, I do this because I love the series and I don't even get paid for any of it. Also, Hayate x Nagi is the only ship I'll ever support -- so twisting my words to support the nonexistent Maria ship is doubly irritating.

  4. it a bye-bye goodbye well RIP Ayumu :(, she got a lot of development in the end, but with 3 chapter left cant see anyone ending with hayate (even nagi, cause it feels rush if we got 3 chapter left, plus it gonna look like a weird kiss scene if they do, with the height difference) but it leaves with a GOOD "open ended" ending then randomly ending with out any girls resolve....."cough cough To love ru" (ok being honest, they announce a sequel manga but still wish they resolve some girls in "Darkness")

    1. I disagree. The story has been building up Nagi to be a good match for Hayate throughout the series even if she wasn't at first.

      With 3 chapters left, there is more than enough time for Hayate to come to terms with his feelings. Also, "it's gonna be a weird kiss scene if they do because of the height difference" is far from a valid reason.

    2. If HnG was a romance series that was reserved about showing kissing that would be one thing, but Hayate has kissed almost every girl except Nagi at this point.

      There will be epic HayaNagi smooches in the last three chapters, I guarantee it.

    3. I mean, the man literally has 10 minutes left to convince Nagi the real world is better. Anything short of a kiss isn't going to meet the deadline.

    4. Thanks for that. People also refuse to accept that the story has always been about Hayate and Nagi. One of the covers to this finale even says that explicitly. Sorry, but Maria wasn't even there and she has already fulfilled her role -- as Nagi's mother/sister figure. She knew that it was time to step aside and let Nagi really grow when she saw her role come full circle with Nagi scolding her during their fishing antics when it had always been Maria doing the scolding. That was a beautiful chapter btw.

      It would be extremely unfair to Nagi at this point if she's the only girl in Hayate's pseudo harem (who has true love for him and the most well-developed one at that) whose feelings aren't even slightly reciprocated. Hayate has at least considered everyone else who sank their own ships.

    5. I'd settle for putting a ring on her finger with even just a forehead kiss though.

  5. im wanna ask, who is "the other women" that mikado mention?

    1. My guess is that he was talking about Ayumu. He probably meant that Ayumu was thinking about living inside the dream forever just like Nagi.

  6. Whoo! Practical exams are over.
    I loved this chapter. I do believe that hayate loves ayumu, but circumstances have led him to love ayumu differently than the way he has come to love Nagi.
    And I saw that copy paste thing in 4chan. I'm astounded at how ridiculous people can become. Just because there is not enough validity for a certain ship, they have to steal other people's ideas. A work of creativity is a work of creativity,be it paid or unpaid, be it a scientific invention, literature, sculpture, review or even a simple joke. Plagiarism is absolutely horrible. I really like your reviews and this angers me. Desperation to keep other ships sailing is skyrocketing as the number of chapters left is diminishing.

    1. Nice. I hope you did well on your exams.

      Yeah, Hayate seems to fall in love a little bit too easily. Still, what people see as love in Hayate often seems like a just a little bit more than a strong crush like the so-called feelings he has for Maria.

      Yeah, it's amusing to see the haters jumping ship left to right and willing to believe just about anything as long as it's not something that supports the Nagi ending.

  7. Can anyone please explain to me this concept of best girl? I really don't understand and I would genuinely like to know. Many people are saying Athena is the best girl. This is going on for a long time. I think the idea of best girl differs among individuals and across situations. Athena is the best girl how? As a counterpart to hayate or as a character? Athena is physically very beautiful, she's witty, kind, she's got all the characteristics of an ideal girl. She's perfect. But then, if she's the best girl, ayumu is also not far behind. I think ayumu indeed was the most appropriate choice to wake hayate up as I believe hayate gets a feeling of belongingness, of being at home when she's there. Apart from nagi of course. So for me, ayumu is definitely the best girl for hayate...in that situation. That being said, Nagi shall always be the best girl for me, both as a character and for hayate to end up with.

    1. My take on the "best girl" thing is that people can't help projecting their own personal preferences onto others. The problem with that mentality and with the added anonymity of the internet is that respect is often lost. People boldly declare their personal choice to be "best girl," which is ok with me until they start badmouthing another girl (mostly Nagi) just to validate their choice.

      In any case, my main problem with Athena is that she's too perfect both as a girl and as a character. She is too much of an unattainable ideal -- that and Nagi is the one who really makes my heart beat -- but again, that's a matter of personal preference.


    2. Athena's dark secret is that she was better as Alice.

      Just because Alice created a better contrast between Athena's serious demeanor and occasionally doing silly/childish things which made her a lot funnier in the end.

      It got reeeeally weird there for a while though when all the people who insisted Hayate could never end up with Nagi because she was too young were simultaneously praising every little thing that happened with Alice as super romantic and wanted her to do more rom com stuff as a flipping six year old.

  8. I did find the spoilers actually... Hayate manages to wake Nagi up from the dream somehow. Maria's letter says: "forever is here." It seems you need a king's jewel or something to exit the castle. Hayate gives his stone to Nagi and looks on at the crumbling castle.

    Hayate: I was able to protect you in the end. I have no regrets.

    Before that he tells Nagi: Then, let's make your wish come true.

    Hayate: Using the royal power, I wish to undo ojou-sama's wish.

    Maria was never a love interest :) https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5037978957

  9. I'll probably organize these later but that page where he first meets Nagi:

    When I met you on that day, you were trembling from the cold
    Right now, you're probably trembling again
    On that day, everything began for us
    Perhaps... those days are gone forever
    but... even so...
    I have no regrets

  10. What I noticed in the spoiler pages is that Hayate seems very sure of himself somehow when he comes to meet Nagi. Even with Nagi crying because he calls her out on the illusion, he seems unfazed -- like he's made up his mind about something. We'll have to wait and see what this is.

  11. In the conversation between Nagi and Hayate we have pages 15-16-18-19-20 but no page 17. I'm curious to know what Hayate said after giving Maria's letter with the pic to Nagi. He says, "our meeting was not a mistake. Even if it ended harshly..."

  12. Nagi was supposed to be in her dream, so how she was found crying in the spoiler I wonder. Ayumu took 20 minutes to wake hayate up, when hayate did it in about 2-3 minutes. Uhh, it shows how much hayate is for nagi.
    So then hayate is now stuck within the crumbling castle. How he says about having no regret indicates he is willing to die for nagi's sake. He protected what is dearer to him and are ready to really die for her, just as his brother told. So, is it time for ikusa to rescue him!! Even dr. Kurosu is there, she can summon him too. Or it is finally nagi's chance to shine. She can't let the royal power take his life, she lost her mom for this after all.
    The way isumi took her outside looks there are hardly any time left to have hayate outside, speacially after he made the wish. Only nagi can help him now with her wit, and thus she'll surpass athena about intelligence. Hayate has to take care of nagi's sign with his picture that she gave her in ch432,and nagi claimed to be able to inspire him in the saddest moments for a hundred times. So time has come for a miracle.

    1. I tried running the chinese comments through google translate. It seems there's exactly one Nagi shipper there. The rest of them have jumped ship to a Maria ending because Maria said that Hayate's birthday gift for her should be an expensive wallet and she'll travel to the ends of the earth to find him for it... before pushing him to rescue Nagi.

    2. I don't think I'll scanlate the spoilers this time since I want to do some digital art this weekend. You guys can feel free to ask me to translate specific pages in here though...

  13. i can't take it anymore with all this cliffhanger that Hata-sensei doing know, cause my heart always beat so fast after the last page and then it said "to be continued" D:

    btw thank you for search the spoilers :)

    1. That makes two of us. The anxiety is killing me. I want to know if he finally gave us solid proof that he loves her in this chapter. We know he's giving up his life for her, so if he truly loves someone else, that wouldn't make sense.

    2. by the way, we happen to have a group chat for Hayate x Nagi shippers -- there's not a lot of us active right now. Perhaps some of you would care to join (I'd like to get to know you guys better too). Just send me an email at lordcloudx at gmail dot com along with your facebook account.

  14. I think next chapter is a timeskip 10 years later. Nagi win against Ruka in manga battle. Then she met someone like Hayate. Then we got the reveal that Ikusa had saved Hayate that day but by the cost of Hayate lost memory. Last chapter could be some resolutions and everyone got happy.

    1. That would be great... and yeah, Ikusa can basically blitz through anything in this manga anyway. I don't think Hayate can satisfactorily end up with any girl other than Nagi at this point. Not after he sacrificed his life for her (or tried to). If he had someone he truly loved other than Nagi waiting for him, he wouldn't make such a sacrifice.

      One thing though, Nagi won't be satisfied with leaving Hayate behind like that. I'm hoping that she gets one last chance to shine.

  15. Oh by the way, I get the feeling that the Maria that Hayate is talking to her is a part of Nagi's dream world. Nagi was still clutching the letter when she entered the Royal Garden so it's strange for the real Maria to have gotten her hands on it (and be inside the Royal Garden doing housework).

    1. ... that and I didn't see the maria pages earlier. Hayate confirms that this is all a part of Nagi's dream but he's still really happy to see Maria again.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Maybe Hina would meet a male version of Nagi whose her age who she can get together with. Maybe he could be named Negi but be more gentle and polite.

  18. Maybe at a future point we'll see Maria with a boyfriend/fiance/husband.


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