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Shana x Nagi Doujin Update

Here's a short update on our Shana x Nagi doujin. Just finished page 3. I think I need to make Hayate's suit a bit darker though. I'll fix that soon enough.

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 494: The Wild Kingdom - The Real Jungle Cruise -- Review And Synopsis

Hmm... I'm getting used to the new art style. I like the faces nowadays.

Review: Ok, so we're now in the second orientation program and this time, the remaining participants are taken on a flight to South America.

The cash cards once again come into play here since the apparently has nocturnal guerillas and drug cartels... in additional to wildlife. Also, they apparently need to win new cash cards this time in order to stay at the hotel. Those who don't have any cash can stay in a jungle hut with only one bottle of water and no food.

Kananiwa explains via computer monitor as usual. The one who takes the picture of the most unusual animal wins.

Also, pseudo husband and wife pair Saki and Wataru have been brought in as judges. Wataru declares that the only way to win is by overwhelming victory. This time, the prizes are 10 million for the first place, 5 million for 2nd place and 1 million for 3rd place.
Dammit, Hata! Necks do not work that way!
Because apparently, winning is now a matter of life and death here, the participants have decided to form teams.  Risa is apparently with Hina and of course, Nagi and Hayate are together, but they need someone who is good with cameras, so Kotetsu comes along and presents himself as their third member.

The 34 remaining members naturally formed teams... except for Izumi who was left alone for some reason.

Review: Well, it was nice knowing ya, Izumi. Good luck dealing with those wild guerillas.
These two are really in sync at times.
Anyway, this was a transitory chapter, so there's not much happening. Just a lot of exposition about what we oughta expect in the coming chapters. One little nitpick I have is that Hayate oughta be pretty good with cameras himself if the chapter before the End Of The World Arc is anything to go by.... oh well.

Also, I am enjoying Kananiwa and her trolling ways. We can probably expect Ruri Tsugumi to butt in again sometime soon.

Fanart Corner: This one was made for an FB friend's birthday. Not much today, really. I did have some new fanart lined up, but this chapter came out earlier than usual. I didn't even have time to check out the raws this week.


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My Trip To Las Islas De Gigantes

The outcome of this trip was something that I saw coming from several days before zero hour, but because I'm a stubborn bastard who keeps his word no matter what, I simply had to go because I said I would go.
Now I know how she felt at Ayumu's summer home.
Basically, I was warned (by my mother because the trip is part of a package with her school faculty group) that the trip would consist of "island hopping" with an overnight stay in one of the resorts on the island and that we would be "roughing it" a bit and that there might be no electricity and limited amenities. Also, all our meals would be prepared for us beforehand by someone else.

Ok, so considering that I am an antisocial otaku who cannot live without modern technology, several clauses in there should have already triggered red warning signs and death flags in my head -- but again, I'm stubborn.

The Trip Begins... With A Hitch

We woke up (me and my mother) at 2 AM to prepare for the trip. Because there was a 3-hour car ride to the port of entry to the Las Islas De Gigantes, we had to be at the meeting place by 3 AM. Unfortunately, we couldn't drive our car to the meeting area since there was no place to park it, so we had to go by public transport. 

We took a public jeepney to the meeting place and arrived at 3:15 AM. Basically, the private chartered van was already waiting for us along with around 14 other passengers.

Anyway, with that temporary setback aside, we were well on our way. Naturally, I'd packed my cellphone, tablet, NDSL, PSP, 2DS, PS Vita and two power banks along for the ride.

I spent most of the 3-hour trip listening to Hatsune Miku tunes and dozing off every now and then. I might've also sent one or two facebook messages along the way.
View of the islands from afar. Apparently, it looks like a sleeping female giant. Dude, if it doesn't look anything like Nagi, I'm not even remotely interested.

A Hospitable Start

The Van took us to Estancia, which was where the port for the pump boats to be used for the actual trip was located. We arrived at around 7:10 AM sharp. It seems that one of our companions in the group had a wealthy relative there who welcomed us into her home and there, the group had breakfast consisting of grilled fish, crabs and prawns... by the way, I hate seafood. Anyway, I'd expected that there'd be mostly seafood on the menu for the trip, which is why I ate a big breakfast at home.

After  a short rest, the group was ready to hit the islands... again, the pump boat that we would be using had already been prepared for us courtesy of the wealthy relative -- who was totally a big shot there. Anyway, she was a kindly old lady who went along with us for the trip.

Dem skillz!
A "pump boat" is basically a small passenger boat with a seating capacity of 15-30 people plus luggage. It has a tent-canvas sunshade with benches for seats and outriggers made of bamboo at the sides. Refer to the pics for reference. The crew consists of four people... but with rather informal roles. There's the "captain" who calls the shots and handles the wheel while there's a person underneath who tends the engine and two ship hands whose roles consist of tightrope-walking along the outriggers to help maneuver the ship when near rocky terrain, dropping and hoisting the anchor, as well as jumping into the water and helping to tie the ship to other ships when near a dock.
A typical "Pump Boat"

Anyway, we boarded our pump boat at around 8:00 AM and the long trip finally began.
The view from inside the boat.

Island Hopping
Ok, so basically, (and I wasn't told) we'd be doing the island hopping thing before settling down at the place where we would be staying over for the night. Therefore, since the Las Islas De Gigantes consisted of several islands with apparently "beautiful natural sights," we'd spend the majority of the trip docking into one of these islands (along with other boats with their own passengers touring the islands like we were. It's all very informal, really.)  
"The beauty of God's Creation," probably...

So anyway, it takes around 2 hours to reach the islands via the boat and from there, the group was free to decide on which islands to visit. The islands were around 15-20 minutes away from each other using the pump boat. We stopped by around 5 different islands and one sandbar during the trip.
I am not pleased... not that I didn't see this coming.

Mostly, what we'd do is drop anchor near the island, take a little dip in the waters near the boat and maybe swim to the beach if we wanted to, and then we'd leave after around 45 minutes on one island and move on to the next... doing more of the same. The thing is, there are no modern conveniences in any of these islands at all. No stores, no restaurants, no nothing... oh wait, some of them offered these Banana Boat rides and sold useless souvenirs of the islands.
Sometimes the boats couldn't dock properly due to low tide, so we had to take a raft like this one to get to them.

We had lunch about halfway through. Again, seafood, seafood everywhere... fortunately, I think my mother bribed the person who prepared the food to bring pork chops along too, so a few pieces of pork chops and some rice and I had a pretty ok lunch. Still, I get motion sickness pretty easily anyway, so I didn't really eat much.
One of the "scenic spots" ... also, no coffee shops or convenience stores here.

Anyway, the trip was mostly uneventful except for my mother's phone getting wet because the waterproof bag that we bought from the Boracay islands about a year ago wasn't so waterproof after all... well, it was a cheap phone, so no big deal. 

Also, I didn't put on sunblock because I am a stubborn bastard who would rather get burned rather than get my skin all sticky... also, humans do not float.

And After The Islands...
After we'd had enough of the underwhelmingly "beautiful view" of "God's creation," (I'm an atheist, by the way... just in case the sarcasm went over your head) it was finally time to go to the island and to the "resort" where we were being housed. We arrived at the main island at about 2:45 PM.
One of the rooms at the resort. Running water isn't always available, so there are water containers everywhere.
Well, the place itself was... ok, I guess. It looked a bit run-down since after all, these are the islands which were heavily damaged by Typhoon Yolanda just a little over a year ago, but... it was mostly passable -- except for the fact (just as I dreaded) that we were sharing rooms with at least 6 people per room with only two beds each. Also, there was no running water, so there were in-house staff who would fetch a huge drum of water from a deepwell whenever you requested/ran out. Also, electricity was available, but a scarce commodity since the power company who "provided" electric power to the islands cut off the electricity for most weekends because of the large number of tourists who came to the islands during the weekends. It seems that the power company's policy was: high demand = blackout. 

Of course, we didn't learn about this until later on... but my mother and I agreed that we wouldn't be able to sleep in this place without any running water and the bed-sharing thing, so we had someone guide us to another resort just about half a kilometer way. We hitched a ride through some public transport motorcycles... who were the main modes of transportation within the island because we had some heavy luggage in tow.

Anyway, my jogging pants got snagged on the motorcycle as I was dismounting... so it got turned into shorts -- play with the cards you're dealt with!
Apparently, this resort was made for very short people or something. I'm 5'7" and look at how I tower over the doorway.

Inside this new resort, we were told that an air-conditioned room was available, so we went with that. The room itself was pretty terribad, but it did have running water, two beds and an air conditioner, so (we thought) it was fine and we rented it out straight away.
I guess this place has a really "rustic feel," if you're into that sort of thing... at 36 degrees celsius, no thanks.

First of all, as soon as we entered the room, we learned that there was a huge blackout and that the power wouldn't be back on until around 3:30 PM. So, we had to roast inside the room for around 20 minutes until the power finally came on and we could finally turn on the air-con. Well, here's the thing, it seems they just used a power generator to let us use the air-con, but the generator was so tiny that it could only last for 30 minutes, so we got all of 30 minutes of cool air into the room. Also, this is when the caretaker of the resort graciously told us that there was an island-wide blackout every weekend on the dot and that the power would be out for the entire weekend - nice and professional! Basically, we got duped into renting out an airconditioned room without air-conditioning... at least, it had a fan, which we would be able to use for the entire night! Because the resort owners are very gracious and provide their own generators for the guests! NIIIICE!
The Air-Con can't be used and heat is emanating from the walls all the time.

More Island Hopping
One of our companions came over to our room at around 4:00 PM in order to fetch us for more island hopping. It was definitely a better choice than staying inside an oven-hot room all day -- especially with temperatures in the Philippines ranging from 34-38 degrees celsius nowadays.
The "beautiful sunset." It's nice, but is it worth the entire "Las Islas De Gigantes experience?"
After a half-kilometer motorcycle ride to the resort where our companions were staying, we took the same boat again to another island, which was just about 10 minutes away. Again, it was more of the same. Docking the pump boat, with the two ship hands doing all the heavy grunt work (like slaves, really) and then the passengers on board going for a dip. Me and my mother opted not to go swimming this time since we had already changed clothes and were a bit tired from the trip so far anyway.

Dinner Time

At around 5-5:15 PM, after taking some pics of the apparently "beautiful sunset," it was time to head back to the resort for dinner. Of course, it had to be prepared first, by several of our companions who had brought their own provisions along (part of the package tour price). Dinner was served at around 7:30 PM, by this time, I'd burned through about 18% of my PS Vita's battery playing Tales of Hearts R and some Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f.
Walk around the island at night and you'll feel like you're playing Silent Hill.

Again, dinner consisted of more seafood. I saw some hot dogs, so I just took two of those and I was good. Well... maybe a little bit hungry, but y'know, get enough protein for the day and it's fine.

My mother, who doesn't share my disdain for seafood, seemed to enjoy the meal... well, so did everyone else apparently. It seems the price of the trip was more than justified with the sumptuous meals or something... uh yeah... sure, whatever. Whatever floats your boat or something like that.

Back To Our Resort

Since it was only half a kilometer or less away, we walked back to the resort. There was limited lighting, but fortunately, I always bring at least three flashlights along, a lighter, a pocket knife and three kinds of melee weapons. No, I'm not kidding.
In exchange for giving your resort a scathing review, here's some free publicity.
Of course, the people on the island were very hospitable towards us since tourism seems to be one of their main sources of livelihood along with fishing... speaking of fishing, the whole island reeks of the stench of rotting fish and the pungent aroma of scallops -- fried not baked. (Not that it matters, I hate seafood -- as I've said before.)

Back at the resort with our "air-conditioned room," my mother discovered that another group of teachers from the same university were staying there too. We went inside one of their group's rooms and had a little chit-chat before retiring for the night. We hit the sack at about 9:00 PM. We had to get up early the next day because we would be leaving by 5:30 or so.

Inside our room, it was oven-hot because there was only one electric fan and a single window for ventilation. Also, we couldn't use the air-con since it would bog down the generator for the entire resort.

I watched an episode of Oregairu S2 that I'd downloaded before the trip (no wifi, no signal) and just dozed off to sleep due to pure exhaustion... what a ridiculous day this has been. Also, I kept thinking what Nagi would do in this situation and the only thing that popped into my head would be: she would die. That is all.

The next day, we had breakfast at the resort... but they only had seafood and eggs. Fortunately, we'd brought some canned chicken chunks in broth, so we had them heat that up and serve it together with some eggs -- at last, a (sorta) decent meal... except they turned the broth from the can to turn the chicken chunks into some kind of weird soup.
My mother doesn't think much of their culinary skills.
After breakfast, we walked our way to the other resort to meet up with the group. Most of them were busy packing their stuff. Also, I noticed that there was a pet dog there who looked very badly neglected... anyway, none of my business, I suppose.
Just to show ya what I mean.
We left via the same boat from the other day at around 5:30 AM. We took a detour to another one of the islands where a small argument took place between two groups of passenger boats. My mother was trying to explain what happened to one of the groups, but I told her to stay out of it. (I'm not having any of that in this already hellish trip.) 

As a result, we spent about an hour on this one island called "Tanke" because the different boat owners and passengers couldn't decide who would get to dock first. Some of our companions went down and took pics on this island, but I was too tired from yesterday to care.

We took another 45 minute trip to another island -- one which was supposedly used as a location shoot for a sexy film from the 1970s. I didn't really care much -- again, but our companions all went down for more photoshoots and then some swimming on the beach. It was 12:00 PM sharp when we finally left to go back to Estancia, where our gracious host who had come on the trip with us had prepared our lunch... of more seafood.

We arrived at our guest's house at 12:50 PM and she had lunch served immediately. Our companions who had gone swimming had to take turns using the bathroom. Anyway, I ate some sticky glutinous rice with some peppers and chicken... not too bad, at least it's not seafood. My mother asked me if I thought it was delicious and I told her, "Delicious? Don't be ridiculous. I'm just eating so that I don't look rude, so don't call attention to me."

Finally, when everyone had settled down, we left for the long drive back to Iloilo City at about 3:00 PM. The trip back was unexpectedly shorter and we were in the city by 5:15 PM. Yey! Electricity! Running water! Air-conditioning! Real food! Real junk food! 
Anyway, while having dinner at a restaurant, I checked in on facebook and a friend asked me what I thought about the trip on a scale of 1-10. Honestly, I'd give it a zero. (Yes, I know you told me so.)

The host was nice, my companions were no trouble at all and the island people were really trying their best to please us, but I have to be honest with my feelings here. Take note that I'm a city-bred kid used to modern conveniences. In fact, I'm a friggin otaku who can't live without modern conveniences.

In any case, if you're feeling adventurous (or stupid), you might want to give the islands a try. Otherwise, if you just want to swim around on a white sand beach, Boracay has finer white sands and top-class amenities. It's going to take a while before the Las Islas De Gigantes can really compete with it as a tourist destination in my opinion.

Anywayz, I hope you enjoyed reading about me suffering. See ya in the next blog post!

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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 493: I Want To Stay In A Suite Room -- Review and Synopsis

When did Maria ever use this hairstyle?

Synopsis: Hina reaches the goal first. Nagi comes in a little bit later but Tsugumi's gone. Hayate comes in as the last one who qualifies. Hayate says he was worried about Nagi being with Ruri, but Nagi gets angry at him because Ruri helped her after all. 

Anyway, they all get some kind of gift card for the hotel as their prize with different yen values each - as explained by the Men In Black. Hina's is worth 10 million yen, Nagi's is 2 million yen and  Hayate's is a cowcow card with zero value.

They need the cash cards to stay at the hotel, but those who have retired are already there and staying for free. Also, Risa gives Hina a hard time and spends Hina's money for her making her rent out a deluxe suite room.

Anyway, Hayate's card has zero value so Nagi gets a double room made into a twin for the two of them so they can do all sorts of stuff together... like talk about Nagi's encounter with Sister Sonia and Ruri Tsugumi. But first, Risa teases Hayate for having to depend on Nagi like a leech. Nagi overhears Hayate's agitated reaction and she remembers Ruri's words that Hayate might die if he wins this competition.

Later on with Nagi and Hayate inside the hotel room (alone~) Hayate finally reveals that she's not a Hakuo student. Nagi understands and they also wonder why she was already there waiting at the mountain cabin. The cold night ends and for some reason, there's a preview with Hayate stuck in the rainforest for the next chapter.
Nagi looks cute here

Review: LOL! Sorry, I must have glossed over some important stuff or two because my Japanese reading skills drop to zero when I don't see Nagi's face in the panel. Anyway, RHS released their scanlations while I was writing this, so I used their scan of Maria's cover.
Nagi looks cute here too~

Anyway, I liked this chapter. The highlight for this week for me would be the talk between Hayate and Nagi in the hotel room, but before that, there's also Nagi's expression when she overhears Risa and Hayate's little banter... well, I won't read too much into it.
So... what happens after the talking?
What I do like is that Nagi actually went and got a room for the both of them when the reality is that Hayate should be her "enemy" right now if she really wants to win the competition that badly and she could've made things miserable for him without that little show of kindness... even if she is in love with him. Oh that and... them being together in a hotel room totally allows for the situation in this cover to happen. Nagi's even wearing a similar nightgown.
Totally happened in this chapter... totally!
What? What? You say that they just talked? Hah! Remember that they were together the whooole night~ alone~ what do you think happened after the talking? ... Ok, don't run away. I was just kidding... mostly.

Anyway, what I did like is the way Nagi and Hayate confided to each other during the talk. There was no trace of animosity or hostility between them and maybe it's just me, but I can definitely see an implicit understanding and mutual trust between them. Also, I like the fact that Hayate doesn't treat Nagi like a helpless kid anymore when she talks seriously like in this chapter... which is something that I've noticed for a while now ever since the end of Athena's arc. Right now, it seems as if Nagi's looking out for Hayate more than Hayate is looking out for her.

Speculation confirmed~

Speculation Corner: Well, looks like we're in the rainforest for the next chapter, so it looks like one of my speculations that we'll be seeing Hayate and Nagi traveling around the world like Hata said he wanted to draw in one of his older tweets is finally going to happen.

As for who might win this competition, not enough info right now, but I'd be willing to bet on any of the Katsuras as well as Nagi. I wouldn't bet on Hayate at all, but you never know with someone like Hata.

Fanart Corner: Not much new art this week from me, so I'm sharing the current pages of our doujin as well as a little something I threw together.

Here I Am, Here We Are - English Translation by Me

First of all, a heads-up to people who follow my Hayate chapter blogging that I might not be able to put up the review for chapter 493 until next week because I'll be on vacation in a place with limited electricity... apparently. Don't worry, I'm bringing my PSP, NDSL, PS Vita, 2DS, Android Tablet and two power banks. I'm good~.

Anyway, I've read chapter 493 in Japanese, so I might just change my mind and post the review later before the English scanlations are released.

Shoutouts to the people from the FB HayaNagi fans group chat who asked me to translate this song (Elise, Hayate, Lowell, Hayate A. Sanzenin, Nagi S. Ayasaki and Lucas). It's really a long time coming anyway, since this is a really nice song, but no one seems to have bothered to put up an English translation for it.

Take note that I'm a nubbycake when it comes to Japanese, so the lyrics might not be the most accurate (they don't have to be anyway), but I think I got the gist of the song and it should be much better than a machine translation. Anyway, enough rambling, here it is:

Here I Am, Here We Are
Anime: Hayate no Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Translation: lordcloudx

Why is it that I still can't understand? ... Since that day
hesitating and hesitating, I still can't find the answer,
Somewhere, a voice is calling me as I turn around
So I awaken and raise my head to the place where the wind blows

At that time, I'll be there,
On that night, you won't be alone,
Shining and sparkling all around
Wherever we go

I'm glad that I've found
A small miracle in someone's smiling face
After the rain... DRAMATIC,
I was waving and waving my hand on that day
And so, it changes into a new dream

Right here,
Right now, painting the scenery of this day
With this endless MELODY

Why is it... that I still don't understand, but right now
I'm running and running with all my strength just to reach you,
Why is it that my words still can't reach you?
There's no road map on this journey called destiny.

This lonely person's eyes
have become accustomed to giving up
But at that time, our hands meet
And our journey begins

I really love you, I really hate you,
What is this habitual magic that allows me to be strong in front of you?
These daily dramatics...
Experiencing these everyday hints from behind you
The tears are about to burst from my face

I'll be here,
by your side... isn't that a sort of promise?
One that lasts forever

I'm glad that I've found
A small miracle in someone's smiling face
After the rain... DRAMATIC,
I was waving and waving my hand on that day
And so, it changes into a new dream

(Welcome home)
Right now, where can I find your smile?
This endless MELODY

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Shana x Nagi Doujin Project Collaboration

So Lucas Kits and I have decided to collaborate on a little Shana x Nagi doujinshi project. It's going to be a manga wherein the Red-Eyed Flaming Haired Hunter and the Hikkikomori Ojou-Sama cross paths for some reason or other... anyway, we're still kinda working out the details of the story, but I am happy to announce that page 1 is up and I've finished the rough sketch for page 2... although that might still be subject to change.

Anyway, here are the pages for now... and hopefully, Hata doesn't get mad about this. I'll be making progress reports on this project every now and then.


Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 492: It's A Cold Night, So Let's Get Wild -- Review And Synopsis

I kinda like the way she's been drawn here.
Synopsis: Tsugumi and Nagi are on the snowmobile and they're almost at the finish line. Nagi asks Tsugumi why she's helping her, she says that "family is important, right?" but before she can finish, their snowmobile falls over coz.... it's Sister Sonia Shaflnarz Nagi recognizes her and then asks her why she's here. Well... she says that the reason doesn't matter but she's doing it with her life on the line and then attacks Nagi from out of nowhere, but before she can reach her, Tsugumi totally kicks her in the head coz she knows da martial arts. Anyway, Tsugumi declares that she'll protect her onee-san/big sister. Sonya says... fine... and then activates a trap that sets off a bomb, which causes the ground that Nagi and Tsugumi were standing on to collapse.

We go back to the prison hotel where the Hakuo baka-trio are talking. Izumi is thinking of giving up but then Risa feeds her and Miki a sob story from out of nowhere and almost convinces them not to retire, but Izumi points out how long the trip lasts and Risa immediately presses her completer.

All Nagi... all the time!

We then see a flashback with Aika and her butler, which undoubtedly become relevant in the future... but I don't care exactly how.

Back to Nagi... we're now at the point where she's on her face and then cursing some woman. She walks around a bit and it's really cold. She wonders where Tsugumi could have gone off to and thinks about how she saved her... of course, she might really die from the cold. She calls out to Hayate a few times but then decides that he won't come to help her since he's still up in that mountain cabin.

Nagi's expressions are the best!

She thinks about retiring and pressing her completer, but decides against it because it's all for Hayate! Hah!

Anyway, she walks around a bit more and is reunited with Tsugumi. The chapter ends here with Tsugumi reunited with her onee-san.

Lookit this reject from Tsukihime attacking Nagi.

Review: Loved this chapter! I actually read the Japanese raws in advance so the summary I used is the spoiler that I typed on facebook for the Japanese version... anyway, it's not too far detached from RHS' version.
Hata: THIS! Is what happens to people who try to harm Nagi in my manga! Also, loli pantyshot!

Good stuff here. I personally could have done without that little 1st page recap. Anyway, I like how Tsugumi is currently being portrayed because she seems to be the exact same character from Can't Take My Eyes Off You -- and I liked her there. It also puts aside most people's fears that she might turn violent on Nagi for some reason.

Anyway, I was actually expecting Elle-chan the android to come from out of nowhere to save Nagi, but it was Ruri who came instead. Actually, with Ruri's martial arts skills (we don't know if it's Systema just yet) and Nagi's brains, those two would actually make a formidable team and arguably a good match for Hayate and Hinagiku -- that is, if the plot does go this route, but I'm sure it's not going to be as straightforward as that since Hata does love his unexpected plot twists.
Nagi's going back to her old ways...
So far, what we do know is that Ruri seems to genuinely care for Nagi's safety, so that's good enough for me. We're not sure if she really thinks she's Nagi's little sister or not and what her ulterior motives might be -- but we can also be sure she probably has one and that somebody put her up to this. If it's going to be like Can't Take My Eyes Off You, then it's probably Kananiwa, who does sorta resemble Dolly,  who gave Ruri her motive, but I'm not too sure about that. 
NOT! You might not want to admit it, but she's clearly doing everything for Hayate.

I mean, Kananiwa hasn't shown herself to be "evil" just yet. Even if she is involved with the King's Jewels.
Yup, Tsugumi's a good kid after all.
Anyway, I liked how Nagi was portrayed here. For a while, Nagi haters might have been rejoicing at how she seemed to display "Aesop's Amnesia" and was going back to her old ways of whining for Hayate to help her when she'd actually left him behind herself -- but nope! This is the Nagi 360 elite we're talking about nowadays. As we finally get to her flash forward, we discover that it was Sister Sonia she was cursing and that while she does need to rely on other people physically, her resolve to help Hayate out in her own way is the real thing -- as misplaced as some people might deem it to be.

On the other hand, what has Hayate ever done for her in the 150 chapters, huh? Yeah, we need some reciprocity soon. 

To conclude, I like the way this new arc is developing.

Fanart Corner: Got tons of new fanart this week because of the one week break... one of them NSFW. Also, one for the Hamster since it was her birthday last May 15.


Nakoruru: The Gift She Gave Me (Dreamcast): A VIsual Novel Review by Mid-Tier Guard

To Derek Pascarella, Marshal Wong, Duralumin, Lewis Cox, Piggy, Nico, Danthrax4, Lacquerware, EsperKnight, SnowyAria, VincentNL, cyo, and Ha...