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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 493: I Want To Stay In A Suite Room -- Review and Synopsis

When did Maria ever use this hairstyle?

Synopsis: Hina reaches the goal first. Nagi comes in a little bit later but Tsugumi's gone. Hayate comes in as the last one who qualifies. Hayate says he was worried about Nagi being with Ruri, but Nagi gets angry at him because Ruri helped her after all. 

Anyway, they all get some kind of gift card for the hotel as their prize with different yen values each - as explained by the Men In Black. Hina's is worth 10 million yen, Nagi's is 2 million yen and  Hayate's is a cowcow card with zero value.

They need the cash cards to stay at the hotel, but those who have retired are already there and staying for free. Also, Risa gives Hina a hard time and spends Hina's money for her making her rent out a deluxe suite room.

Anyway, Hayate's card has zero value so Nagi gets a double room made into a twin for the two of them so they can do all sorts of stuff together... like talk about Nagi's encounter with Sister Sonia and Ruri Tsugumi. But first, Risa teases Hayate for having to depend on Nagi like a leech. Nagi overhears Hayate's agitated reaction and she remembers Ruri's words that Hayate might die if he wins this competition.

Later on with Nagi and Hayate inside the hotel room (alone~) Hayate finally reveals that she's not a Hakuo student. Nagi understands and they also wonder why she was already there waiting at the mountain cabin. The cold night ends and for some reason, there's a preview with Hayate stuck in the rainforest for the next chapter.
Nagi looks cute here

Review: LOL! Sorry, I must have glossed over some important stuff or two because my Japanese reading skills drop to zero when I don't see Nagi's face in the panel. Anyway, RHS released their scanlations while I was writing this, so I used their scan of Maria's cover.
Nagi looks cute here too~

Anyway, I liked this chapter. The highlight for this week for me would be the talk between Hayate and Nagi in the hotel room, but before that, there's also Nagi's expression when she overhears Risa and Hayate's little banter... well, I won't read too much into it.
So... what happens after the talking?
What I do like is that Nagi actually went and got a room for the both of them when the reality is that Hayate should be her "enemy" right now if she really wants to win the competition that badly and she could've made things miserable for him without that little show of kindness... even if she is in love with him. Oh that and... them being together in a hotel room totally allows for the situation in this cover to happen. Nagi's even wearing a similar nightgown.
Totally happened in this chapter... totally!
What? What? You say that they just talked? Hah! Remember that they were together the whooole night~ alone~ what do you think happened after the talking? ... Ok, don't run away. I was just kidding... mostly.

Anyway, what I did like is the way Nagi and Hayate confided to each other during the talk. There was no trace of animosity or hostility between them and maybe it's just me, but I can definitely see an implicit understanding and mutual trust between them. Also, I like the fact that Hayate doesn't treat Nagi like a helpless kid anymore when she talks seriously like in this chapter... which is something that I've noticed for a while now ever since the end of Athena's arc. Right now, it seems as if Nagi's looking out for Hayate more than Hayate is looking out for her.

Speculation confirmed~

Speculation Corner: Well, looks like we're in the rainforest for the next chapter, so it looks like one of my speculations that we'll be seeing Hayate and Nagi traveling around the world like Hata said he wanted to draw in one of his older tweets is finally going to happen.

As for who might win this competition, not enough info right now, but I'd be willing to bet on any of the Katsuras as well as Nagi. I wouldn't bet on Hayate at all, but you never know with someone like Hata.

Fanart Corner: Not much new art this week from me, so I'm sharing the current pages of our doujin as well as a little something I threw together.


  1. While Nagi getting hayate a room with her is nice, it loses a bit of value when you remember that hayate would have been second if he didn't have to go out looking for nagi. She probably knows that, by the way he acted when he got back.

    1. Meh, it was partly his fault for letting Nagi go off with Ruri in the first place. (Note, I said "partly."

  2. To this day I wonder what Hata was thinking when he drew 280's title page. <_<;


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