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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 494: The Wild Kingdom - The Real Jungle Cruise -- Review And Synopsis

Hmm... I'm getting used to the new art style. I like the faces nowadays.

Review: Ok, so we're now in the second orientation program and this time, the remaining participants are taken on a flight to South America.

The cash cards once again come into play here since the apparently has nocturnal guerillas and drug cartels... in additional to wildlife. Also, they apparently need to win new cash cards this time in order to stay at the hotel. Those who don't have any cash can stay in a jungle hut with only one bottle of water and no food.

Kananiwa explains via computer monitor as usual. The one who takes the picture of the most unusual animal wins.

Also, pseudo husband and wife pair Saki and Wataru have been brought in as judges. Wataru declares that the only way to win is by overwhelming victory. This time, the prizes are 10 million for the first place, 5 million for 2nd place and 1 million for 3rd place.
Dammit, Hata! Necks do not work that way!
Because apparently, winning is now a matter of life and death here, the participants have decided to form teams.  Risa is apparently with Hina and of course, Nagi and Hayate are together, but they need someone who is good with cameras, so Kotetsu comes along and presents himself as their third member.

The 34 remaining members naturally formed teams... except for Izumi who was left alone for some reason.

Review: Well, it was nice knowing ya, Izumi. Good luck dealing with those wild guerillas.
These two are really in sync at times.
Anyway, this was a transitory chapter, so there's not much happening. Just a lot of exposition about what we oughta expect in the coming chapters. One little nitpick I have is that Hayate oughta be pretty good with cameras himself if the chapter before the End Of The World Arc is anything to go by.... oh well.

Also, I am enjoying Kananiwa and her trolling ways. We can probably expect Ruri Tsugumi to butt in again sometime soon.

Fanart Corner: This one was made for an FB friend's birthday. Not much today, really. I did have some new fanart lined up, but this chapter came out earlier than usual. I didn't even have time to check out the raws this week.



  1. Hi, I really like your regular analysis of each chapter of hayate no gotoku, specially because I myself am a hayate x nagi shipper. There are very few fans of nagi and it feels great to read blogs which are, if I'm not mistake, written in a bit nagi centric way. I Iiked that you mentioned about hayate's recent neglect towards nagi although it has not yet been pronounced in the manga. For instance the skiing scene, where we saw hayate all of a sudden skiing with hinagiku. I really don't know why he did that instead of taking care of nagi who was struggling hard. I'm afraid that hayate had a subconscious desire to prove himself equally competent in skiing and he also unintentionally wanted to impress hinagiku. If, in the upcoming chapters this turns out to be true, my head will start splitting into two. Maybe the author himself realised this and to cover it up made hayate search for nagi for 30 minutes in the first orientation. Then again he got worried about nagi only after hinagiku mentioned about tsugumi not being a hakuo student. But he was unsure of it himself too. Yet he didn't question over tsugumi's identity and let nagi go with her depending on the vague desciption that tsugumi is a hakuo student. But even if he believed that, his butler instinct ( if he has any left ), should've made him stop them. He didn't even think that tsugumi might actually be a participant and might try to harm nagi and stop her from winning. Only after hinagiku told him of tsugumi not being a hakuo student did his butler instinct suddenly spring up again. This means that he trusts hinagiku more than his own instincts. The skiing incident and many others since the ruka arc shows a subtle hint that nagi may not be hayate's top priority anymore since he's showing interests in many events not involving her and actively indulging in them too. I really hope that I'm wrong and that the reason for hayate's neglect towards nagi turns out to be his growing interest in her as more than a friend and mistress and hence his slight avoidance of her.

    1. Well, of course! I'm definitely a Nagi x Hayate shipper, if that wasn't obvious enough. I wouldn't be worried, though. I'd say that even if Nagi is not Hayate's top priority anymore, then it would be a good development for his character -- since he's learning that he needs to place value in himself and his own desires as well. It's only once he starts to love himself more when he'll be ready to really fall in love again; is my opinion. Right now, Hayate places other people's needs too far and above his own, but in order to sustain a healthy romantic relationship, you have to be able to balance out your own personal desires with that of your partner's.

      Therefore, Hayate placing his own needs/desires above Nagi isn't a bad development for the Hayate x Nagi pairing. Once Hayate fully realizes that he has to love himself a little bit as well, that's when he'll be ready to really come to terms with his feelings and realize that he can fall in love with Nagi as well.

    2. Thank you for saying that. I really love hayate and nagi together because they seem to fill each other's inadequacies. I don't care how long it takes but if hayate does end up with nagi then I don't mind waiting for another 10 years or more.

    3. Well, we've only got a few months left in the manga's timeline if it does end in December. We're more than halfway through September right now... so perhaps the end is in sight. Maybe in 3-4 more years.

  2. Am I missing something, but didn't Risa quit?

    1. Oh man! You're right! She totally pressed her completer in the last chapter. I bet Hata just forgot about that.

  3. I think even though they quit, they still go with the others to the new arena and stay in new hotel. I don't suppose the ones that quit were left behind until everything is over. if that the case, then the quitters will be scattered all over the world at the end of the trip.

    1. Oh... that does make some sense. Maybe Risa can't win the level 5 competition anymore, but anyone can still freely participate in the orientation.


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