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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 423: Termination - Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Maria and Alice talk a bit about how hard Nagi is working. Maria remarks that Nagi always tries very hard when she’s decided on something but ends up losing anyway. Still, it’s okay because Maria will always be there to comfort her when she messes up. Meanwhile, Nagi is hard at work on her manga and even Chiharu is concerned as she’s taxing herself by working hard even though she’s a bit sick. We then get a little bit more into the Ojou-sama’s head and how she really feels about the entire situation. Basically, she’s doing things with a heavy heart because she realizes that Hayate has no reason to root for her to win in this competition even if she’s trying so hard. She laments how Hayate would indeed be better off with Ruka, especially after she heard that apparent confession he made in chapter 413 and how Hayate probably doesn’t care for her seeing as he’s never called even though she’s in so much trouble. She begins to doubt whether he would even come if she cal

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 422 Addendum: Ruka's Lie

Ruka: W-what? How dare you! I am a super idol! I haz no lice!  So... there have been various theories about what exactly Ruka was lying about in this week's chapter of Hayate no Gotoku! and  it just occurred to me that I haven't been able to formulate my own yet. Anywayz, reading through the various theories that people have come up with just gave me the idea that Ruka's lie might be about her falling in love in the first place. What I'm getting at is that the "lie" that Kayura was referring to might be of Ruka being in love with Hayate in the first place. In short, she might have just fallen in love with the ideal of "falling in love" and therefore isn't really in love with Hayate at all. Well... that's about it. It makes logical sense in the context of where the story is eventually heading to anyway. Dun really care to expound/elaborate on this as it was just a random thought that hit me and that I felt like blogging.

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 422: We Shimmer In The Hot Air - Review and Synopsis

Old Saber-Nagi fanart by me coz it's another Ruka cover for this chapter Synopsis: We see a few intermittent panels that Kayura is being sorta missed by her family back home while she’s staying in the Violet Mansion. Continuing the story that she began to tell from last week, Kayura tells Ruka a story about meeting an idol who was singing and dancing with feverish enthusiasm for a newly opened neighborhood supermarket. Of course, this idol was none other than Ruka herself. Kayura was genuinely touched by the idol’s performance; however, when she (Kayura) went closer to shake hands with the idol and get an autographed picture, she noticed that the idol was smiling bitterly and therefore, wasn’t able to keep things professional until the very end. She concludes that the idol, Suirenji Ruka is terrible at lying and therefore, she shouldn’t draw lies and apparently shows her the autographed picture that she received from Ruka that day. At this point, Kayura decides to help

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 421: What Makes You Happy - Review and Synopsis

Yandere Ruka by me :) Synopsis: Although Ruka made a bold claim to Nagi that she would win the contest and therefore end Hayate’s life as a butler by taking him for herself, her confidence is shaken when Nagi declares that she’s drawn a good storyboard based on the experiences she’d been through while on a trip. Ruka works on her manga alone for a while but gets nowhere as she’s feeling quite anxious. Thankfully, Kayura arrives and to help her out in full cosplay attire. Ruka asks if Kayura can draw manga and she responds by showing Ruka a manuscript that she made when she was 12.    Kayura: Brace yourselves, for I am about to become awesome! The quality of Kayura's manuscript totally blows Ruka away, although we never get to see said manga. Apparently, just like Ruka, Kayura was groomed by her parents at a very young age to one day become a professional mangaka – but she herself is not interested in pursuing this career path at the moment and adds that your obj

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 420: That Which I Can Grasp In These Hands - Review and Synopsis

We getz Nagi cover - Yay! Synopsis: Just like I called it in the previous chapter synopsis, it’s implied off-panel that Nagi allows Hayate to go and do whatever it is that he wants to do for Ruka. Hayate goes with Dr. Kurosu in her Lamborghini and Hinagiku tags along at the last moment for some reason. Since the Lamborghini is only a two-seater, Kurosu apparently makes Hayate ride in the trunk in the front of the car. Meanwhile, back in the Violet Mansion, Nagi ponders whether or not she should have asked hayate about witnessing him hugging Ruka from behind and apparently making a declaration of love by saying, “I will make you happy,” however, she realizes that she made the right decision by not asking because if Hayate had answered that he would marry Ruka in order to make her happy, then she would never have recovered. Nagi's imaginary scenario The solution for Nagi was pretty simple: all she had to do was win the manga competition and then Ruka would give up. Th

Paragon of Justice Crimson Ranger: Episode 9: Rise, Crimson Ranger!

All the previous episodes of Paragon of Justice: Crimson Ranger can be read here: I'll add them all to this blog... eventually. Episode 9: Rise, Crimson Ranger! It is said that time passes much, much slower in a dream than in physical reality. Thus, even though it might have seemed like several hours had already passed to Pete Robinson who was currently unconscious inside Wrath’s closed space, the truth is that he had simply been asleep for a few short moments – no more than a minute ever since Miss Vanity knocked him unconscious by clobbering him from behind as he was engaged in battle with Wrath. As Pete gradually regained consciousness, he felt as if he had been having a really incomprehensible dream about a super sentai team and a zombie-making nebula that some celestial author thought was actually funny. At that moment, Pete remembered a scene from some feminist movie that he’d seen wh