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Fate/Zero vs. Fate/Stay Night: A Comparative Review

Everyone is all hyped up about Fate/Zero nowadays and with good reason. Fate/Zero is simply that good!  No, really. In my honest opinion, it is simply one of the best anime series to date. The hour-long first episode sets the audience’s expectations just right for the epic plot-driven story that is to follow while also showcasing Fate/Zero’s vast array of characters and their particular motivations for participating in the war of the holy grail. Also, did you notice? Not a single battle scene in that ep, just lots and lots of talking. Was it epic? Definitely! Was it boring? You must have a bad case of ADD. Go see a shrink immediately, man! You got issues. Hey, guess what? Unlike every other Benasu-ridden (a little term that FIA, a friend of mine, coined for people who follow the author of Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night, Kinoko Nasu like a god.) fan out there, I used to not like Fate/Stay Night very much. I mean, the anime adaptation was ok, but it was just every other shounen

Let's Read: Hierofania

Doing a Let's Read of Hierofania, a visual novel recommended by a friend.Seems quite nice so far. I'll just give my impressions as I do this playthrough.

Let's Play: Advanced V.G. 2

One of the first games I ever had for my PS1. Still a pretty decent game as far as graphics and gameplay are concerned even by today's standards. I'm playing through story mode in this playthrough.

Let's Read: Of Love and You

This is a review and read-through of a visual novel that I had a small hand in bringing to completion. This review is merely copypasta of the same one I posted at the teacup and is addressed to the author. Honest Review I really liked how the opening and ending subtly tie in with each other, especially the metaphorical use of the bubbles without the narrator explicitly stating anything -- which would have been quite out of character and furthermore, I believe that explicit storytelling (E.G. I shot an arrow into the air. This arrow was the symbol of how our love for each other would soar powerfully, not to mention gracefully, throughout the heavens and then unceremoniously come to an abrupt halt once it hits something or if it runs out of momentum. This is how our love works.)  is tantamount to spoonfeeding and therefore underestimating the reader. The writing was solid and the dialogue flowed quite naturally between the two characters. The narrator-protagonist is an excellent