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Drawing My Female (Anime) Self

Here's something fun that I came across via a facebook post that appeared on my wall feed. I saw this image that syllabicates your name into something that sounds vaguely Japanese, so I decided to try it out using my first name. I have two first names, so using them both would make the Japanese syllabication too long, so I just went with the first one, "CYMARK." When syllabicated using this table, it turns into Mifurin Kashime. So my first thought when I did this was, "whoa! That kinda sounds like a cute girl's name... unfortunately, I am not a girl -- although I do have a rather deceptively boyish prepubescent face." Anyway, I thought about taking this a step further and actually drawing myself as "Mifurin," so I took a pic of myself as reference. Ok, not the most girly pose in the world, but it's a nice, neutral stance that I can work off of. Also, the accessories I have help me to create a female version of this outfit much easier

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 486: Give Me An Apple Watch -- Review And Synopsis

She gets like one line in this chapter and she still gets the cover... oh well. Synopsis: 54 People chose Level 5 according to Miki and Hina's discussion. Also, Hina lies by saying she plans to donate the 150 million to needy children... well, I suppose Hayate is a needy child in a way as well -- aaanyway, back at the Sanzen'in mansion, Nagi discusses how she's chosen Level 5 and of course, Hayate tags along with her. Maria is the first to notice that Hayate can pay off his debt if he wins the Level 5 challenge. She asks if Hayate would quit his job as a butler if he wins and Hayate hesitantly says he wouldn't quit right away and adds that no one really knows if it would go well. Nagi is just a few pages away from being awesome here (again) wait for it... Meanwhile, Athena interrogates Mikado as to why Kananiwa has a King's Jewel, Mikado tries to play dumb, but A-tan is too awesome to fall for that and takes his precious beard hostage. Mikado explains th

On Fanfiction As A Creative Outlet

This is actually part of the "Author's notes"  for my Hayate no Gotoku! Fanfic, " Sore Ga Ai Deshou. " I'm putting it up here as well as a stand-alone post for those who just aren't interested in reading the fanfic. As someone who has dabbled in writing original fiction and creating English visual novels at some point, I'd like to say that from experience, it's often tempting to think of things in terms of gradation or scale. It's easy to think that making a visual novel is "superior" to writing original fiction and that original fiction is always superior to writing fanfiction such as this one. After all, objectively speaking, there are definitely several advantages to going "original" and even better, making a full-fledged visual novel, such as the capacity to monetize your efforts and the lack of any copyright issues with making derivative work out of someone else's stories and characters. Theref

それが愛でしょうSore Ga Ai Deshou - A Hayate The Combat Butler Fanfic

Disclaimer: This is a non-canon, fanfiction written by a fan of the manga and anime. I am not affiliated with Kenjiro Hata. I do not own any of the characters or places described in this fan-made fiction piece. Hayate no Gotoku! And all its characters belong to Kenjiro Hata and I make no claim of ownership on any copyrighted material expressly or impliedly mentioned/referenced in this fanfic.   “I love you.” The words were said quite bluntly without any hint of sweetness in her tone. Certainly not the kind of lovey-dovey voice that you would expect from a heartfelt confession – at least not from the teenage boy’s experience with other girls; and he did have quite a few confessions under his belt. Yes, most definitely, this was not the first time that Hayate Ayasaki had received a confession of love. Still, to dispense with trivialities, let us just say that this particular situation had come about as quickly as she had uttered those three important words and th

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 485: A Ten Year Introduction -- Review and Synopsis

I have no idea where this new arc is going eventually... Synopsis: It's the start of the new school term and Nagi is unusually enthusiastic this morning. She compliments Hayate on the breakfast that he'd prepared and after eating... promptly looks herself in her room with a "None Shall Enter" sign.  Lady Nagi is all ready to go to school! Of course, Hayate will have none of this and he somehow manages to coax her into coming to school together. They ride to school on a bike with Nagi sitting behind Hayate with a grumpy look on her face. ... is what she wants you to think. At school, the Hakuo baka-trio along with Kayura and Chiharu are discussing Hakuo's school trip and Chiharu says that she's fine with anything as long as it's together with everyone. Aika asks her if she's sure about that because the school trip this year will be one of Hakuo's five traditions as suggested by a certain Hakuo Board Member named Kananiwa-sama.

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 484: My Summer Vacation (Is Over) -- Review And Synopsis

I approve of this cover... as well as the Hakuo summer uniform. Synopsis: It's August 31st and it's the end of Summer Vacation. Nagi spends three pages lamenting this, which Maria does not fail to point out while breaking the 4th wall. We also get a nod to Heaven Is A Place On Earth. Anyway, Hayate suggests that they make some summer memories and Maria and Nagi tag along. Nagi is quite expressive. Hayate's idea of a fun time is participating in some kind of big parfait eating promo from Cafe Donguri wherein the parfait is free if you can finish it all within 30 minutes. Up to two people can share in the parfait, so it's no big deal. Maria breaking the 4th wall like a boss. Inside the cafe, Ayumu informs them that since it's the last day, you also get a 500 yen coupon if you finish off the parfait by yourself. At this, Hayate quickly orders three parfaits, one for each of them. The parfaits arrive and they are huge. Hamster starts the countdown. Wh